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Redesign Series #1: Natasha Denona & Lunar Beauty

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Redesign Series #1: Natasha Denona & Lunar Beauty

Now, I don’t know who started it, but Makeup Struggles on YouTube has given me life with her videos of palettes that she would redesign; I was so inspired, that I started to play around with the concept myself, and before you know it I had almost a dozen new designs!  Some of them are the palettes that I wish I owned, and some are just meant to be improvements on what the palette’s theme is supposed to be, but they are all an attempt to take some of the boring palettes I’ve seen and take them to the next level!

In this first installment, I’m going to show off my redesign of the new Natasha Denona Gold palette as well as the Life Is A Drag palette from Lunar Beauty.  I don’t own either of these palettes, though the Life Is A Drag has been tempting me since it came out, and even though I’m not a huge Manny fan, I may have to end up with it in my collection.  We shall see.  So let’s dive right in and see what I came up with!

(Click the photo to see an enlarged version!)

Natasha Denona was already trying it with her expensive ass palettes, but with the Gold palette this heifer done lost her damn mind!  $129 for 13 shades of gold and brown, with two teal greens?  Nope.  So I decided to play around with what I thought a gold palette could – and should! – be.

Rather than just doing slightly different variations on gold, I thought it would be much more interesting to include some duochromes that are fun pops of color with a strong gold shift!  In the first row, I took out that first shimmer brown shade and instead put in an indigo shade with a gold duochrome.  I left the dark teal, then added a deep wine red with gold duochrome.  I left the brown matte (I suppose you have to blend with something, basic bish!) and ended the row with a grass green with another strong gold shift.  The duochrome concept doesn’t really work with how I did my redesigns (I’m super low tech!) and so I found a shimmer base color, and you have to imagine the gold shift.  You can do it!

In the second row, I kept the first four shades; I actually really like that teal shimmer and the mustard yellow with the bright gold metallic, and the deep brown matte will be good for darkening a look.  On the end, I put in a lime green, another duochrome with a greeny-gold shift.  While the other four duochromes would all be a pretty straightforward gold shift, this one would be a bright green base and then have more of an olive-y gold for the shift.

In the last row, I kept that first light gold metallic and added in a dark banana shade to have a matte to match it.  I also kept the third shade, a brassy gold metallic.  In the last two spots, I added in a sort of cantaloupe orange duochrome and a matching matte.  I wanted there to just be the three main metallic gold shades (row 2 in the middle, and the first and third in the bottom row) with coordinating matte shades, and then some colors that would work well with and expand on the possibilities of the gold theme.

I hope you like it – let me know what you think down in the comments!

Now for the infamous Life Is A Drag palette!

A lot of people were peeved when this came out because Manny himself is not a drag performer.  I’m going to leave that one up for the individual consumer; as a drag queen myself, I think the art form should be open to anyone who has a desire to play with and encounter gender in our culture, so I wasn’t upset about that at all.  What I was upset about is that he gave us a fairly boring ass palette that wouldn’t be all that useful in creating drag looks!

I decided to redesign this as sort of a “Drag 101” palette.  I’m a firm believer in there not being any single right or wrong way to do drag makeup (if there were, and if people had listened to that, we wouldn’t have icons like Divine, RuPaul, and Trixie Mattel to just scratch the surface!), but there are some basic techniques that beginners can use to get fierce looks when they are first getting into drag and are trying to find their persona.

The basic building blocks for a beginning drag eye look are white and black, so I left Cake Face and Shady, and I also left Trade, in case you wanted to darken a look with a cool brown instead of black.  In place of that beige boring of Sickening, I added in a cool taupe – I ADORE cool tones for drag looks, and I think they can be really fantastic!  Once you’ve got the “structure in place, it’s all about adding color!  The only color I kept from the rest of the palette was Kiki, and I moved it over next to the taupe.  Then I put together groupings of colors that would allow someone to make a monochrome eye look, using just black and white with the various shades of a third color, or that would also pair well together.  Along witht he mint green matte that was already here, I added a medium tone green shimmer (silver shimmer base to keep its coolness, as this green can lean a little yellow) and then a cool emerald matte.  Underneath those, I added three pink/red shades: a bubblegum pink shimmer, a medium, Barbie pink matte, and a cool red with blue shift – think Sugarpill’s F@#$!%.

For the last four shades in the palette, I decided to take Manny’s shade Fishy and make it a bit darker and pair it with a denim blue shimmer with silver and gold shift.  It doesn’t look it in the image, but I really wanted that shade to have some dimension!  I also replaced Pageant Queen with a lavender and silver shimmer and Snatched with a royal purple matte.

This combination of colors would give you a wide variety of potential drag looks (that could also be “toned down” for everyday wear – if that’s what you really want!).  The black and white could be combined with the greens, the pink/reds, the purples, or the blues for monochromatic looks, or you could mix two color groups together.  I love mixing pink and green shadows together!  I also like to do “peacock eyes” with a mixture of green, purple, and blue.  And don’t forget that you can also swap out Trade and Sickening with the black and white shades to diversify the looks even more.

Are you living for this redesigned palette, or do you wish it would sashay away?  Let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoy this first installment in my redesign series – I’ve got a lot more where that came from!

And just for fun, I’ll include one of Makeup Struggles’ redesign videos so you can see where the inspiration came from!


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