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Raising The Bar: Trying Out New Lip Products From BOMB The Lip Bar

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Raising The Bar: Trying Out New Lip Products From BOMB The Lip Bar

Ugh, do you ever have one of those experiences where you try out a new brand, and then you kick yourself that you didn’t try them out earlier?  That’s how I’m feeling about The Lip Bar right now.

I’ve known about them for a while, and I’ve even seen some of their products at Target, easily accessible to my impulse-purchase-prone little fingers.  I’m not sure why I’ve never tried them out, but it just never seemed to be the right time.  As there has been more discussion of black-owned makeup brands (BOMBs) and supporting black businesses recently, I was reminded about my desire to try out The Lip Bar, and placed an order.  Spoiler alert: these products are pretty good, the packaging is unique and elegant, and their price point is more than competitive.

I mentioned the brand in the beginning of my video “12 Black-Owned Makeup Brands (That Aren’t Fenty Or Pat McGrath)” as one of the brands that I was looking forward to trying – well, you can officially consider this my follow up to that statement!   I also used one of the liquid lipsticks in last weeks BOMB look for Face Friday, which you can catch up with HERE.

So what did I order?  They have expanded into face products, but I decided to stick with their lip products since that’s where they got their name: I ordered 3 liquid lipstick, 3 stick lipsticks, and 2 glosses.

Let’s start with the liquid lipsticks.  The three shades that I purchased are As If, Haute Mess, and Hot Mama.

I decided to stick with pinks and reds for my first order since those are the types of shades that I use the most often, though they did have some other gorgeous colors that I am definitely interested in trying – there is a bright purple shade called Crown Me that is already on the confirmed list for my next order!  I love the packaging on these, and for the brand in general.  The tops are just a lightweight plastic, nothing that feels particularly expensive, but the design is pretty and unique.  I’ve never seen anything with a cutaway design like this around the beauty space.  They remind me of wrought iron gates or trellises…is that the proper plural of trellis?  Doesn’t matter.  These are gorgeous little lipsticks, and although they are in smaller packaging, you still get a good amount of product and they start at only $13.

L to R: As If, Haute Mess, Hot Mama

As If is a soft petal pink, fairly neutral but still femme and very pretty.  Haute Mess is a warm, yellowy hot pink, though depending on the lighting it can photograph as almost a maraschino cherry red.  Hot Mama is a rich deep true red.

The formula dries down nicely, and I didn’t find it uncomfortable (though to be fair, I’m used to wearing liquid lipsticks all the time, and I rarely mind if they are a bit dry).  These still had a little bit of flex and movement on my lips but were mostly transfer proof when I tested them out.  I like this formula, and I will definitely be adding more shades to my arsenal!

For the stick lipsticks, I went with bright, bold colors: Icon, City Girl, and Bombshell.  I don’t use stick lipsticks a lot for shows, but I loved these colors, and now that I’ve been doing more YouTube videos and looks for Face Friday, it’s a chance for me to play with stick lipsticks again!

L to R: Icon, City Girl, Bombshell

Icon is a gorgeous bright blue shimmer shade, nicely pigmented, and not at all sheer like I tend to see with blue lipsticks.  City Girl is a satin matte shade in a bright peachy coral.  Bombshell is an electric bubblegum pink with a satin finish.  These apply really nicely, and I think the packaging on these is the most beautiful interpretation of the theme.  I’m not sure that I will stock up on a ton of these (again, I just wear liquid lipsticks so much more often than stick lipsticks) but if there are some colors that picque my interest I will definitely pick them up.  I love that they have created a gorgeous set of colorful, bold shades that have full pigmentation and go on smooth and beautifully.

Finally, I ordered two glosses to round out my experiments with the lip products (I didn’t get any liners, but I’m open to it – I just don’t use lip liners all that often, and I recently bought a bunch from Lime Crime in their summer sale, so…) and I like these.  Listen, I’m never going to be one who gets that excited about a gloss.  I like them, and every now and then I find one that really tickles me for some reason (again, I’m going to mention Lime Crime – their Wet Cherry glosses are some of my favorites, mostly because of their slick feel without any stickiness and their yummy scent!) but I don’t typically use glosses for shows or photo shoots.  I need products that hold up and don’t move around.  But since I’ve been doing more videos and looks for posts, I’ve been dipping my toes back into glosses, and these are pretty good!

L to R: Baddie, Trophy Wife

Baddie is a peachy pink with gold glittery shimmer, a little more subtle than the other shade, but pretty and the base pigment is stronger in this one if you want to wear it alone and still have a hint of color to the lips.  Trophy Wife is a sheer gloss with a shimmery pearl glitter finish.  Both of these are subtle in terms of the sparkle (at least in terms of my drag queen preferences!) but they are nice and slick without feeling sticky.  There is just a tiny amount of grittiness from the sparkle, but it’s not bad.  If you are super averse to any texture in your glosses, these might not be for you, but for most people it’s subtle enough that you will barely notice it.  Again, I’m not super into glosses in general, but if there was a sale, or if I had a specific look in mind, I wouldn’t hesitate to add a couple more shades to my collection.

I’m glad that I finally got around to trying The Lip Bar, and I am definitely kicking myself that I didn’t make the leap sooner.  I’ve been going pretty heavily on eyeshadow palettes the last couple of years, but typically if I want to get myself a little treat (hey soothe shopping, how you doing?!) I pick up a lipstick or a gloss to play with – and The Lip Bar is definitely going on my short list to check first!  They also have a wider range of products, including a foundation, and eye and cheek products, but their lipsticks will always have a spot in my collection!

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