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Queen Of The Night: Photo Set By Dirt Candy Productions, Atlanta, 2020

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Queen Of The Night: Photo Set By Dirt Candy Productions, Atlanta, 2020

We are so excited to be bringing you another photo set by the amazing photographer Brooklyn Ewing from Dirt Candy Productions, shot at the lovely Sheraton Hotel Downtown Atlanta during Days of the Dead in February 2020!  For this shoot, Miss Jaye decided to bring some sexy vampire vibes mixed with over the top glam, and Brooklyn brought her signature vintage-inspired style.  We think you’ll agree that the combination is absolutely stunning!

Here’s a few fun “behind the scenes” facts from this shoot:

  • The shoot was done Friday night, and Miss Jaye is wearing the outfit that she sore to host the Boulet Brothers panel on opening night of Days of the Dead.
  • The cocktail dress, featuring transparent sequin paillettes in gorgeous blood red, was custom made in Thailand by a company called Sequin Queen.
  • Miss Jaye was shedding paillettes all day – in fact, several people tagged their “drag droppings” on Instagram!
  • This dress was the same one Miss Jaye wore for the promo pictures for season 1 of Miss Jaye’s podcast Janessa After Dark, shot by Miranda Roen!
  • Miss Jaye is a bit of a prop queen – the “Glampire” handbag was purchased specifically for this shoot and has been added to a collection of props from previous photo shoots.  Maybe someday she’ll open a museum!
  • It may seem a little extra, but Miss Jaye brought two fans to match with this outfit!  The reason?  The “Don’t Kill My Vibe” fan was the one she wanted for this shoot, but it’s by Clack That Fan.  Each season of Dragula features a special sponsored challenge by a competing company, Dirt Squirrel.  Miss Jaye didn’t want to risk offending the Boulets by repping a competitor\s fan, so she ordered a fan (a black fan declaring “You’re Cancelled!”) from Dirt Squirrel specifically to have at the panel!
  • All of these photos were shot in Brooklyn’s hotel room – which was the adjoining room to where Miss Jaye was staying!  There was no advance planning or special requests – it was just luck of the draw!

We hope you enjoyed this sexy, sultry shoot as much as we did!  And this isn’t all of the goodness – Miss Jaye had a second, longer shoot with Brooklyn on Saturday of the weekend as well!  Look for those images to be coming soon!

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