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Propa Beauty Brings The Heat & Helps Everyone Out There Find Their Perfect Red!

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Propa Beauty Brings The Heat & Helps Everyone Out There Find Their Perfect Red!

I did a review a while back about Propa Beauty and their nude lipsticks.  They were a new Black-Owned Makeup Brand (BOMB) on the scene, and they were blowing up in the micro-influencer community that I follow on YouTube.  I bought three of the shades, and I mentioned in that review that I would be interested in trying more from the brand if they did more with color – I’m not much of a nude lipstick kinda gal!

Well, Propa Beauty was all about making me put my money where my mouth is, because they came out with a stunning collection of red-toned lipsticks!  There are 7 shades in the collection, and they have the same creamy, glossy formula as the nudes in shades that are either bright red, or a red-toned brown or berry.  And for an indie brand with custom packaging, the price was ridiculously low: the lipsticks are only $12 each regular price, and they offer a number of bundles and collections to get a discount.  I bought these when the whole bundle was on sale for $50.40, and they also allowed the use of codes on sale prices!  So code ANGESCHKA (…from Sweden!) brought the price down to just under $43, or almost half off the already affordable price for purchasing all of the lipsticks separately!

I did the lip swatches on bare skin, and I also did a lip swatch of each shade.  Don’t look at the application itself (yikes) but rather at how the lipsticks sit on the lips.  I overdraw my lips, even for swatches, and if you do that as well I would definitely recommend using these with a liner as they are a slicker, glossier formula that can travel a bit and because it will help disguise your natural lip line vs. where you placed the color!  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.  The lip swatches are all done with no flash.

First up is Moxie.  This is a light pink-toned nude, very consistent in pigmentation.  This is a “barely more than nude” kind of shade, so if you’re nervous about reds, you can start here and work your way up!

Prime Time is a sort of deep terra cotta brown nude.  The lip swatch looked very berry, but it definitely has some orange leanings.  Another one that is very near the nudes, and a good and easy first step into more reddish tones.

Dynamite is a bright orange red.  This one is bold!  It’s got a nice orange tone to it and is just what you need if you’re looking for a fiery red option.  This one definitely stands out!

Unstoppable is a pretty middle of the road, standard kind of red, but the effect is glossy and not at all overpowering.  This is a true red, but the sheerness and the shine helps to make the statement a little more approachable for a lot of people.

Dream It is for the red lover who wants a little more drama: this is a blue-leaning red that has more depth and some notes of merlot.  This one has the same shiny application, but you get more of the depth.

Want a more vampy look?  Audacious is a plummy burgundy a bit of brown at the base.  This one can be a little bit inconsistent, so I definitely recommend a liner with this.  Because of the semi-sheer, glossy nature of these, they need a little liner to keep everything consistent, or apply more like a colored balm for a softer, less opaque sort of experience.

Last up we have Prowess.  This is the only one that doesn’t really seem to fit into the collection, at least for me.  This is a straight up tan brown.  There is maybe a hint of red, but not so much that you would see a huge difference between this and their other nudes.  It’s a nice enough color, but this one won’t really whet your appetite for red!

I’m really impressed by these red.  This formula isn’t really my favorite – it’s a little too semi-sheer and glossy for me to really love it – but I’m excited to play around with the more red shades in the line.  Some of the lighter and more brown shades will get passed on to people who I know will love them!  One other little complaint to note: the lipstick tip has a more exaggerated curve.  This is to make them easier to use with fuller lips.  I have skinny little chicken lips (thanks DNA!) and I ended up breaking off the very tip of the lipstick on 6 out of 7 during the application.  It’s not a ton of product lost, aspecially when you consider how many lipsticks I own and that I pretty much never work my way through a whole lipstick, but if you have thinner lips and you don’t want to waste that extra product (and have a weird chunk of lipstick on your lips!) I would recommend using a lip brush to start and  sort of “filing down” the tip of the lipstick until you flatten out that part of the curve a little.  It should only take one or two applications, and then you’ll be good to go!

I included Angelica’s video so that you can see these swatched on video as well, and you’ll get a good sense of the color compared to my shots.  Angelica and I have a similar foundation shade, though she is more neutral to warm where I am a cool pink beast!

While these are still not completely in line with my makeup wants and preferences and needs and desires, I really like this reds collection and I’m excited to play around with them a bit more.  I love that they came out swinging with a signature product and that they have now expanded their shade range to give us a bit more color.  I would love to see some gorgeous pinks from the brand, and maybe a wider range of finishes – these glossy lipsticks are rather unique on the market and give the brand a recognizable style as they are starting out, but super glossy lipsticks aren’t for everyone!  I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on Propa Beauty, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of their products popping up here on this site!

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