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Promising ‘Til Death With The Collective Cosmetics’ February Decadence Box

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Promising ‘Til Death With The Collective Cosmetics’ February Decadence Box

Alright Champagne Dreamers – it’s time for another check in on my latest subscription box adventure: The Collective Cosmetics.

I moved up my subscription to earlier in the month, but I didn’t think of it until the 9th, and with the postal service still struggling with the effects of Mean Miss Rona and pretty blatant mismanagement from its Trumpster Fire appointee Postmaster General, I didn’t get a chance to review this until after the time to order a box is past.  The customer service has been great so far, and I’m going to move my date to the very beginning of the month and hopefully I can get the reviews out while the boxes are still available.

Anyway, let’s talk about the February box: Til Death.  There are 4 pressed shadows, a pressed highlighter, a liquid lipstick, and this month’s accessory item (which I didn’t get a picture of) is a bath bomb.  This was an interesting choice for an accessory, and I enjoyed it.  It had a strong, gorgeous floral smell, and I used it the same day that the package arrived.

As for the makeup, I really enjoy the selection of colors in this month’s box.  Last month’s box was pretty and I loved all of the colors individually, but I felt like they worked a bit better individually.  This color story feels more complete, and I can imagine working these four colors together into a romantic look.

The deepest shade, Borrowed, is an interesting and complex color.  It’s a deep navy and it appears to have some reddish glittery shift in it, but sometimes as I look at it, it seems to have a greenish undertone.  This one is my favorite of the group, and I think it’s the most complex.  It wasn’t a great finger application, but that’s not how I typically apply shadows anyway, and with a brush it had a lovely, opaque application with a consistent finish.

Cupid’s Bow is a deep brick red with a red shimmer, very rusty and with a great satiny shimmer reflect.  This had a similar application to Borrowed; the finger application wasn’t bad, but it’s definitely more sheer and diffused.

The Veil is a peachy champagne with a subtle golden shimmer shift.  This is a really lovely shade, and the shimmer pretty.

Disavowed is an ashy gray matte.  It’s got little white flecks in the powder, but these blend out into the matte gray.  It’s got a good opacity, but it can be blended and sheered out fairly easily.

The highlighter, Gafter, is really beautiful and it’s my favorite piece of the collection.  The stamping in the pan is a rose design and it’s really beautiful.  The powder is sort of a mottled peach and silver, and it combines to a really gorgeous pale peach champagne with glittery sparkle.  It’s a nice subtle wet look with a light glitter when it’s used lightly and blended out, but you can apply it more thickly to get a stronger, more obvious application.

The lipstick, Stolen Moment, is a sheer brown liquid lipstick.  It has a sheer application but a fair amount of pigment.  It’s like a blotted lip sort of effect.  I’m not a huge fan of blotted lips (I’m a Easter parade float, I need full coverage ma’am!) but the color is pretty.

I’ve really been enjoying the Decadence boxes from The Collective Cosmetics.  They definitely have a more hand-crafted feel that some people might not appreciate, but they are definitely different from other, more mass-produced products.  They can be a little rough, but you have a sense that real work and effort went into every piece.

This collection is a fun new addition to my collection, and I’m excited to see what the rest of the year brings.  It might not be Til Death, but until this year is over, I’m excited to be reporting on the monthly collections of this great hand-crafted cosmetics brand!


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