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Pretty Rich? Actually, Pretty Basic PLUS Bonus Review!

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Pretty Rich?  Actually, Pretty Basic PLUS Bonus Review!

I’ve stopped trying to figure out exactly what is going on at Too Faced Headquarters these days.

In this case, it’s not like they aren’t doing the kind of thing that other brands are doing: take a single product that is doing really well and build a collection around it.  Kat Von D did it with her popular lipstick shade Lolita, launching a palette, a liquid eyeliner, and a Glimmer Veil lip topper.  And as someone who gives Too Faced more than a little flack when their products aren’t that great, I will give credit where credit is due: the original Diamond Lights highlighter was amazing!  I think it was helped out by the fact that it followed two pretty poor highlighter releases from the brand (the blend-into-nothing Love Lights highlighters and the true atrocious cream to powder mess of the Peach Frost), so expectations were low, but even without considering that it was a pretty solid release.

But…it was already part of a collection.

The original shade of the Diamond Lights came out with the Chocolate Gold palette, the gold lip topper, and the gold glitter (was there a glittery bronzer too?  I can’t remember).  I don’t think that collection had a specific name, except maybe Chocolate and Diamonds, but it was definitely all marketed together as a collection.

Now Too Faced has released the Pretty Rich collection, which adds two new shades of Diamond Lights highlighters, a 16-pan eyeshadow palette, and 6 lip glosses.

This review is going to focus on the eyeshadow palette; I’ll talk more about the other products at the end.

First Row: Diamonds 4 Breakfast, It’s Designer!, Fancy That, Filthy Rich
Second Row: Clutch Your Pearls, Princess Cut, Diamond Glitterati, Highly Selective
Third Row: Fluent In Diamonds, It’s Cashmere, Don’t Carat All, Oh That’s Rich!
Fourth Row: Coal Under Pressure, Silver Spoon, Set The Jewel Tone, Diamond Life

Before we get into the swatches, let’s talk about the palette in general.

First, the packaging is gorgeous.  If you don’t like bigger, bulkier packaging this is going to drive you crazy, but I think it’s nice.  I loved the ring box packaging of the Diamond Lights highlighter, and this has the same sort of design.  It’s a little bit extra, but I think it’s cute, and even though I don’t decide whether or not to buy a product based on the packaging, and I really try not to buy products solely because of the packaging, I appreciate when products have a nice aesthetic presentation.

In terms of the col0r selection…well, that’s where you lose me.  There are some nice colors in here, but there is nothing here that isn’t in a dozen other Too Faced palettes, and isn’t in a hundred other palettes.  It’s cute, and the color story is cohesive, but it’s also basic as fuck.  The performance isn’t the best, but it’s not bad; some of the shades are actually really good.  But I don’t really understand the colors in this palette.  If you don’t own a lot of makeup, you might not have these colors, and then this palette is going to offer something to your collection.  But if you don’t own a lot of makeup, are you going to buy this palette?  There is something about this that just doesn’t scream starter palette to me.  Maybe I’m out of tough with the makeup consumer of today, but I feel like if you’re trying to get started, you’re going to look at this palette, with the glitter shades, and then pass it by for something a little bit more straightforward.

Now despite that little rant, I don’t hate this palette.  There are some decent shades here.  I swatched the glitter shades separately, so let’s start with the matte and shimmer shades from the top two rows.  All swatches were done over ColourPop All Star face primer (how ironic is it that I’ve been using Too Faced Shadow Insurance for ALL of my swatches the last couple of months, and then the time comes to review an actual Too Faced palette, and I’m completely out of it!) with a finger swatch on the left followed by a brush swatch on the right.  Top photo is under my studio lights with no flash, bottom photo is the same lighting with flash.

L to R: It’s Designer, Fancy That, Filthy Rich, Clutch Your Pearls, Princess Cut, Highly Selective
(Ignore the photo in the middle, as I centered it on the wrong two rows.  I’m a mess.)

It’s Designer is the most basic of all basic cream mattes, but I do have to say that it has the best performance of any cream matte that I’ve tried in a long time.  That brush swatch is amazing, and that was almost how it painted on with the first stroke.  This cream shade is in every single damn Too Faced palette ever, but this formula is a definite improvement over what they’ve done in the past.  Fancy that is a cool taupe-y brown, and it’s really pretty but also not anything unique.  Filthy Rich is a coppery brown shimmer, only ho hum.  It swatches nicely, but it doesn’t have the sort of saturated look that I like in a metallic shimmer.  Clutch Your Pearls is a white-based pink duochrome, one of my favorites in the palette.  It’s got a nice solid base and the duochrome really comes through.  Princess Cut is a coral pink with gold shimmer; there are definitely better versions of this shade out there.  It’s pretty, and if you like these kind of pinky coral sparklers, this one won’t disappoint, but definitely not unique.  Highly Selective is a rose gold, almost bordering on a light burgundy, that’s nice but doesn’t have enough pigment to really make a strong impression.  It’s a little patchy, but I guess you can finesse it and make it behave if you really need to.

L to R: It’s Cashmere, Don’t Carat All, Oh That’s Rich!, Coal Under Pressure, Silver Spoon, Set The Jewel Tone

These two rows are a bit more promising, but still nothing earth-shattering.  It’s Cashmere is another basic tan matte that is in every g.d. palette on the planet.  I’m bored to tears.  Don’t Carat All is a basic shimmery gold, another one that’s a good performer but I’m sure you already probably have this a million times over.  Oh That’s Rich! is a deep chocolate brown, and it tended to cling a little too hard to the primer; I was able to get a good swatch, but it took work and more time than I should have to devote to a basic brown matte.  Coal Under Pressure is one of those shades that Too Faced loves to do (that nobody asked for) that’s a matte with glitter in it, and while this one actually seemed to hold onto the glitter better than other variations on this formula, it still left glitter all over the place.  I’m sure if I were working on an actual eye look and doing even more blending, the fallout would have been more extreme.  Silver Spoon is a nice gunmetal, a little too dark and broody for this collection.  I wish they had really embodies the name and given us a bright, shimmery silver.  Set the Jewel Tone is a nice blue, but it’s a little patchy, and not that unique.  There is actually a similar blue that performs way better in the palette I’m including as a bonus review down below.

The other products in the collection are a bit of a disappointment.  Sorry, but I’m not sorry about it.

The lip glosses are fine, but I’m way past the days where I’m going to get super excited about a gloss.  Glosses don’t work for my typical drag makeup, so I only use them if I’m filming something or occasionally for photos.  There are 5 shades and they are sparkly and pretty, but nothing you haven’t seen before.  Don’t expect these to change your gloss life.  I did end up buying one – All The Stars, the lightest shade – but I didn’t feel the need to swatch it.  It’s a light, opalescent gloss.  Imagine one that you’ve seen before, and this is probably like it.

If I sound salty, it’s mostly because of the two shades of highlighter that were added.  I was hoping that they would be the same sort of formula as the original, just in two new colors.  Unfortunately, that’s not what happened.

Pink Diamond isn’t bad, but it doesn’t have the same performance as the original.  It’s much more powdery and has a whitish cast to it that wasn’t super flattering when I swatched it in stores.  Canary Diamond…ugh.  The image looks so beautiful, and then you swatch it and it’s a sheer base with straight up craft glitter.  I thought it was awful.  If they had been the same as the original I would have thrown all of my money on the counter and bought them without regrets, but these just are not the business.  Which is a damn shame.

Oh yeah.  And there was a brush.  For $30.  So there’s that.

So am I going to just shit on Too Faced and peace out?  Not today, kittens!  I’m including a bonus review of another Too Faced palette: the Then & Now anniversary palette!

I got this palette before Christmas when Sephora had it on their Weekly Wow for 50% off.  I was never in a million years going to pick it up for $59, and I stand behind that (it’s good, but it’s definitely not sixty smackers good), but I’m very glad that I added it to my collection for $29.50.  There are 20 pans, but actually 22 colors as the pans on the end are two shades baked into one pan.  The top row are 10 shades from the original line in 1998 (but with apparently new formulations) and the bottom row are “companion” shades that were inspired by the OG shades.  There’s a lot of glitter here, as the original shades were all glitters and some of the new shades are as well, but overall I like the selection.  I’m glad they didn’t feel the need to include a matte cream.  It wasn’t needed in 1998, and it’s not needed now.  I think this is still available on the Too Faced website, though I think Sephora is sold out.

For these swatches, all the same “rules” noted above still apply, except that they are all finger swatches.  I wanted to do the OG and the new shades next to each other, and there are 22 shades total, so I didn’t want to also have to do two swatches of each shade.  That’s how I roll.

L to R: Twinkie, Glitter Donut, Pixie Dust, Lost Boys, Dirt Bag, NSFW, Rizzo, Gretchen, Zsa Zsa, Reality Star

Twinkie is a bright, brassy gold, and the new shade, Glitter Donut, is even more bronze and even more glittered.  Pixie Dust is a yellowy spring green shimmer with some glitter, and Lost Boys goes way dark with a deep emerald green shimmer.  Dirty Bag is a shimmery chocolate brown, maybe a tiny bit red-leaning, and the NSFW companion shade is a cooler toned taupe brown.  Rizzo is a medium brown sugar, and Gretchen is a cool-toned brown matte.  I think Gretchen would serve as a dupe for Fancy That from the Pretty Rich palette.  Zsa Zsa is a bright, bubblegum pink shimmer, and Reality Star deepens it into a fuchsia shimmer metallic.  The payoff on all of these is gorgeous and I love the glitter and the shimmer of the non-matte shades.

L to R: Temper Temper, I Can’t Even, Trixie, Gigi, Villain, Shady Bitch, Ice Queen, Chill Out, Ooh and Ahh, Ooh La La

Temper Temper is a pretty, slightly subdued reddish brown.  I Can’t Even was the only shade that gave me real problems – it stuck to the primer and had to be worked 4 or 5 times to get the swatch that I did, and you can still sort of see the fade around the edges.  It’s a deep brown with slight red tones.  Trixie is a baby pink shimmer, and Gigi is a dusty pink matte.  Villain is a purple/blue duochrome.  It’s so pretty in person and doesn’t photograph as beautiful as it is.  At first I thought I had accidentally forgotten to clean off my finger after swatching Chill Out and mixed the two, but it really is a stunning duochrome with lots of shift!  Shady Bitch is a deep royal purple shimmer.  Ice Queen is baby blue with lots of glitter, and Chill Out is the lovely true blue metallic shimmer that Set The Jewel Tone in the Pretty Rich palette hopes to be when it grows up.  Ooh and Ahh is a matte black with some silver glitter (apparently that matte with glitter in it thing was there from the beginning! smh) and a bright icy silver, and Ooh La La opts for a plain matte black without the glitter and a champagne shimmer.

It’s not perfect.  I Can’t Even was a pain in the ass to swatch and still looked a bit of a mess, and there was a fair amount of glitter fallout.  The split pan shades were a pain in the ass to swatch and I ended up with a little cross contamination between the two.  But overall, the pigmentation is there and the shades are bright, unique, and interesting and the pairings between the OG shades and the new companion shades are actually really well thought out.  The packaging is a bulky mess – I think it’s bigger than the Kat Von D Metal Matte Monstrosity from a couple of years ago – and there is way too much black space with how they’ve placed the shades, but I’m glad that I was able to find this on sale and add it to my collection.  Too Faced has been hit or miss in the eyeshadow department the last couple of years, and this one was definitely more of a hit for me.

The packaging on mine, which I ordered from Sephora, has the original Too Faced logo; if you find it at the Too Faced website, just know that instead of this logo there will be a pair of cartoon eyes that also appeared on their early packaging, and the inside cardboard is covered in black instead of gold.  This was a Sephora Exclusive, so if you can’t find it either of those places, you’ll have to trek off to ebay and see if someone has it for sale!

Let me know what you think in the comments – are you living for either of these palettes?  What has been your favorite Too Faced collection of the last couple of years?  Are you a brand stan, or are you giving them a pass until something irresistible comes along?  How do you feel about the brand and it’s sometimes controversial creator, Jerrod Blandino?  Spill it below, lovelies!

As for me, I’m loving the Then & Now, even if I was only willing to love it at a deep discount, but I’m just not feeling spoiled by the Pretty Rich collection.  If they could have recreated the magic of the original Diamond Lights highlighter this could have been really amazing!  Sadly, that was not to be, and this collection ends up being pretty basic instead of pretty rich.

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