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Pretty As A Peachy Queen: Two New Palettes For 90s Babies & Halloween Hotties!

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Pretty As A Peachy Queen: Two New Palettes For 90s Babies & Halloween Hotties!

These palettes may both have different moods…but each one is presenting a total #Mood!

I’m talking about two palettes from Peachy Queen: the 90s Baby palette and the new Spirit Board palette.  One is bright and neon and nostalgic.  One is dark and shadowy and sultry.  But whether you prefer to bo bright or go home, or you want to go over to the dark side, both feature Peachy Queen’s fun color story and overall quality.

I have reviewed one other Peachy Queen palette, the Kush Queen palette, and while I didn’t think it was entirely consistent, it did have some really lovely and vibrant shades, especially the shimmers which were generally better than the mattes.  I feel like I had a lot of the same thoughts about these two palettes, though the mattes were maybe a step up from the earlier palette.  Let’s start with the neon dreams of the 90s palette, and then we’ll consult the Spirit Board palette and get spooky!

How could I not start this section with Jaime French’s amazing 1990s Beauty Guru video?!  This made me laugh.  It reminded me of so many things from the 90s, and the 90s Baby palette is filled with a lot of very nostalgic references and familiar colors.

The mid to late 90s are where grunge started to take over and things got darker and plaid-er, covered in cranberry and mustard and army green.  But the early 90s still had some bright neon remnants held over from the 80s with a few more jeweled tones slipping in to signal the shift, and that’s the vibe this palette is giving.

For the swatches in this post, it’s the usual deal: first I put down a primer (The Crayon Case’s Eye Glue Stick) and then apply a finger swatch on the left, followed by a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with my camera flash.

L to R: VHS, Jellies, Furby, Tiger Beat

This top row best exemplifies to me what the colors of the early 90s were all about – still lots of brightness, but starting to shift away from true neons and the bright vivid colors of Lisa Frank, and turning either into saturated pastels or more muted, shadowy colors that would be staples of the grunge look.  VHS is a deep wine shimmer, with just a hint of silvery reflect.  Very pretty.  Jellies is a bright Malibu blue shimmer, lots of metallic shine on this one.  Furby is a lavender shimmer, a little thin with the finger swatch, but lovely with a brush and would foil gorgeously.  Tiger Beat is a bright saturated yellow gold, almost turning a little toward green (but some of that is probably from sitting in the palette next to Trolls!).

L to R: Teen Spirit, Polly Pocket, Tamagotchi, Trolls

Teen Spirit is a bright matte purple, a little weak compared to some of the other shades in the palette, but not unworkable.  I like it, and it can be built up to work away the patchiness and get good payoff.  Polly Pocket is a lovely peachy coral with a lovely gold shift.  Tamagotchi is a satiny blue with a little bit of silver undertone and maybe some glitter.  It looks shimmery in the swatch, but that’s a trick – it’s a little shiny but not nearly as much as Jellies in the row above.  More of a slightly reflective satin.  Trolls is a matte electric lime, a little patchy, but not bad for a shade as bright as this one is.  Use patting motions on a white base, and this shade is going to be straight fire!

L to R: Caboodle, Floppy Disc, Scrunchie, Ring Pop

Caboodle is a shimmery orchid shade, another one that is foreshadowing the dominant colors of the second half of the decade.  Caboodle is a peachy champagne shimmer.  Scrunchie is a bright blue shimmer, a couple steps up from navy and with lots of silver sparkle.  Ring Pop is a vivid raspberry matte.

I love this color story!  I think these colors are so evocative of that time – still some remnants of the neon 80s but starting to shift into dustier colors and softer pastels.  It went a few different directions, and this palette has a little bit of everything.  Overall the shadows are pretty good, and even the troublemakers aren’t that bad and can be built up to get some really good color.

Now let’s check out what the glamour ghouls will be wearing this Halloween: the Spirit Board palette!

Yeah, yeah, yeah – I know you shouldn’t buy makeup just for cute packaging, but I’m still a little disappointed that I didn’t end up with any of Kylie Cosmetics’ Halloween Collection from last year; that’s my favorite holiday, so products that celebrate already have a leg up in my shopping agenda!  So when Peachy Queen announced a limited edition Spirit Board palette with a freaky fun Ouija board print on the cover, I knew it had to be mine.

The color story of this palette is obviously a lot darker, shadowy and peppered with jeweltones and lots of dark shades.  I love it.  The top row especially is a gorgeous combo all by itself!  This one has a larger number of mattes than the 90s Baby, but I think that’s in keeping with the theme.

L to R: Oracle, Conjuring, Yes, Possessed

Oracle is stunning!  It’s a taupe-brown-gray sort of mixture with a satiny shimmer.  I feel like I’ve seen everything, but this shadow is pretty unique – I would be hard-pressed to find a true dupe, even in my expansive collection!  Conjuring is a bright purple shimmer, very deep and rich, and it applies saturated and beautiful!  Yes is a silvery white based silvery gray, lighter when applied with a finger, a little more brushed nickel when applied with a brush.  Possessed is the matte sister of Conjuring.  It’s pretty good, though it tended to fight the primer a little bit, and I would have liked maybe a shade or two separation between this shade and conjuring to allow for more of a gradient if used together.

L to R: Fate, Planchette, Channeling, No

Whether doing a uniform look or even a glam Captain Marvel, this row feels like it was tailor-made for militaristic looks!  The deep navy matte Fate is good, though it did need a little blending to settle its ass down.  Planchette is a rich, sort of brassy gold metallic shimmer.  Channeling is a deep, not quite wine red matte.  No is a sooty black, a little dusty but still pigmented enough to not look like a sad gray.

L to R: Mystical, Occult, Spirit, Goodbye

Mystical is a light lilac shade with a slightly pinkish undertone, like a lightened up orchid shade.  Occult is a rich brown, but it didn’t want to play well with the primer.  It’s a nice enough shade, but it turned out kind of patchy and it’s such a basic shade, I’m sure you already have this a dozen times over.  If it doesn’t cooperate, tap it out and get to work.  Spirit is a bright blue matte, another one that wanted to fight against the primer, but I love the depth of the color once you apply it.  Still waters, and all that.  Goodbye is a rich burgundy shimmer, whose red undertones really show through when applied with a finger, and stay pretty well tucked away when applied with a brush – alter your application depending on which kind of shade you prefer!

I now have four palettes from this brand, and I have to say that I’ve been liking what I see!  They’ve done a variety of color stories and have been pretty successful with all of them, so I’m excited to see what else they come up with.  There really isn’t a central, coherent theme to the brand, but I think that’s ok.  I like seeing what creative ideas they come up with and how they tie their colors together.  Where else can you pick up aliens, occultism, cannabis, and 90s nostalgia all in the same place?!

What are your thoughts – have you tried any palettes from Peachy Queen?  Are you living?  Do you like the light and bright colors of the 90s Baby palette, or are you ready for some spooktacular glam with the Spirit Board palette?  What do you think about holiday-themed makeup – are you a fan, or is it gimmicky?  Do you think more brands should do Halloween-themed palettes or collections?  Tell me everything in the comments below!

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