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Prelude To Venus: You Knew She Wasn’t Really Gone…Right?!

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Prelude To Venus: You Knew She Wasn’t Really Gone…Right?!

In a move that surprised literally no one, Lime Crime recently returned to their signature Venus eyeshadow palette line with two “Prelude” palettes.  They had previously announced that they were retiring the Venus line with the Venus Immortalis (which I reviewed HERE).  Then, during holiday 2019, they did a “just kidding!” move and released three of the Venux XS mini palettes…but swore that this time, like, for real, they were ending the Venus line.  But makeup is like Hollywood: is something is successful, a sequel is inevitable.  Or in this case, a prequel.

From the Lime Crime website:

The Prelude Collection imaginatively explores our goddess Venus’ origins. Born from the god of the sky cast at sea, this is the prequel to her remarkable reign over love and beauty. We couldn’t end Venus’ reign without completing her legendary story and paying tribute to her birth!

Supposedly this is going to “end [her] reign” for real real this time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is actually a subtle hint that they are thinking about revamping and revamping the entire Venus collection.  If that happens, just remember that you heard it here first!

With these Prelude palettes, I have to admit that I was torn.  The completionist in me wanted to grab them immediately; after all, I have every palette in the Venus line so far, including all of the small, limited edition XS palettes.  I like them, and they are generally good palettes, but did I need to buy two $38 palettes just to complete a set?  I rarely have that impulse to have to get a whole collection, but for some reason, these palettes do that to me!

I managed to resist for a couple of months, but Lime Crime recently had a spring sale and I was able to snag the Chroma palette for 50% off.  If they had had both palettes in stock, I’m sure I would have gotten both, but the Exposed palette was actually out of stock.  It’s still available on Ulta’s website…but I haven’t seen it go on sale.  So far I’ve managed to hold off at regular price (nudes aren’t exactly my thing, so the Chroma palette was the one I was much more interested in anyway) but if it goes half off I will probably end up completing the set.  I’m nothing if not predictable.

So let’s take a look at the Chroma palette from the Prelude collection.  Swatches are done over the ABH eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting without a flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Nymph, Eros, Sea Foam, Triumph

Nymph is a coppery metallic shimmer,  Eros is a bright, brassy gold shimmer, very metallic.  Sea Foam is a little sheer, but it’s a lovely duochrome shimmer that would look great over another shadow to add some green/turquoise reflects.  Triumph is a cream base with peachy gold shimmer reflect.

L to R: Cyprus, Saturn, Olympia, Genesis

Cyprus is a lovely, pigmented eggplant purple matte.  Saturn is a steely blue metallic shimmer, Olympia is a cool-toned peachy beige matte.  Genesis is a very deep blackened teal matte shade.  It was a little rough with a finger, but with a brush it looked gorgeous and applied beautifully.

As with most of the Venus palettes, I think the strongest shades are the shimmers, but they also tend to have the most problems.  They tend to get hard pan when you use a finger (and sometimes with a brush as well) so you definitely not to baby them.  But the metallic finish is really love.  The mattes in this palette are really gorgeous, and I love the deep purple and teal shades.  I was drawn to this palette because this color story is sort of a take-off of those grungy colors of the 90s but in a more cool-toned interpretation (eggplant and teal instead of cranberry and mustard!).  I like the Exposed palette in the way that I like most neutral/nude palettes: I appreciate the harmonious color story, but I struggle to imagine how I would use it for a look on me.

I love the  Venus line at Lime Crime, and I’m not mad about seeing it make its return.  I do wish that they wouldn’t do this whole “It’s gone!” thing over and over and over again.  It’s one of your best-selling lines, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to continue it.  So if you’re going to be done, then just be done.

After all – everyone knows the remake is never as good as the original!


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