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Portion Control: Glamlite Serves Up Tasty Mini Versions Of Their Popular Food Palettes

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Portion Control: Glamlite Serves Up Tasty Mini Versions Of Their Popular Food Palettes

It’s almost the end of January, so a lot of the resolutions to get fit and look hot (or whatevah) are falling by the wayside.  But in the world of food-themed makeup, Glamlite is here to give you just a taste with their mini food palettes!  If you loved their Burger and Cake palettes, you’ll definitely love their Pie, Donut, and Burger Slider palettes for a smaller, more curated cosmetic treat!

For the haters: yes, these are MORE food-themed palettes from Glamlite, and yes, they have packaging that is puffy and round and potentially hard to store.  If that’s going to bother you, then you knew that before you opened this review, so I don’t have anything else for you.  I don’t mind weird and elaborate packaging, so that didn’t bother me and I actually think their food themes and how far they take it with the presentation is actually really unique.

The Pie and Donut palettes (along with the Chocolate Donut palette that I reviewed in my look at the Glamlite Chocolate Factory Foodie Box, which you can find HERE) are palettes that not only have eyeshadows but also each contain a cheek product (a highlighter in each of the Donut palettes and a blush in the Pie palette).  I did all of the swatches over the Ulta Matte Eyeshadow Primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with no flash.

Let’s kick things off with the Donut palette, because this is probably my favorite color story of the three.  This palette and the Pie are arranged in a circle, so the first set of swatches is the top 5 shades in the palette and the second set is the highlighter and the bottom 4 shadows.  That worked out pretty well for this palette as it kept the pinks and purples togethers as well as the blues together (though the two brown neutrals did end up in different set).

L to R: Grape, Strawberry, Jelly, So Sweet, Maple

Grape is a bright shimmer purple with great metallic shine.  A lot of the shimmers can tend to clump up a bit if used with a dry brush, so I would recommend a finger ot a touch of spray, but this one was the one that did that the most.  The swatch is beautiful, but I think you can see in the pic that it’s pretty thick.  Strawberry is a bright blue-toned fuchsia pink shimmer.  Jelly and So Sweet are bright mattes that coordinate with those shimmers, though they are each a touch lighter than their shimmer match.  Jelly in particular was a little bit sheer when applied, but it blended nicely and it had a beautiful tone, just had some fading around the edges.  Maple is a bright brown shimmer with coppery sparkle.

L to R: Glazed (highlight), Sprinkles, Eye-cing, Frosty, Chocolate

Glazed, the highlighter, is a bright white highlight with a pale yellow glow.  This shade isn’t super unique, but it’s a really nice interpretation of this kind of color and has nice glowing reflect.  You could probably sheer this out with a lighter application…but why, though?!  Sprinkles is a bright cyan shimmer.  Eye-cing is a pale baby blue matte, a little bit sheer and fussy like the pink matte, but not unworkable.  Frosty was also a little bit of a fussy shade, a pale aqua turquoise matte.  Chocolate, unsurprisingly, is a medium chocolate brown matte.

I love the shimmers in this palette and I think they are on par with the shimmers in the other palettes I have from the brand.  The mattes were a little disappointing; they weren’t terrible by any means, but they just didn’t have the same sort of power and performance of other bright mattes from other palettes in their line.  There is some potential duplication between all of the palettes, so if you’re not sure about this one but you still want some brights (and you don’t mind spending a bit more), I would suggest the Ice Cream Dreams palette instead.

For the Pie Palette, I did the swatches the same way as the Donut palette, with the blush leading off the second set of swatches.  In terms of the packaging, this one is also padded, but it’s more flat compared to the domed covers of the Donut and Burger Slider palettes.

L to R: Peach, Sweet Potato, Apple Pie, Nutty Pecan, Blueberry

Peach is a really pretty shimmer shade with a pale pinky base that is pretty sheer and a lot of golden metallic sparkle.  Sweet Potato is a bright coral pink matte, a little fussy, but overall better than the mattes in the Donut palette.  Apple Pie is a bright brassy gold shimmer.  Nutty Pecan is a coppery brown shimmer, Blueberry has a red base with purple shimmer and a golden shift.  Blueberry is probably the most unique shade in this palette, and I think it’s a great contrast to the other more straightforward warm neutrals in the palette.

L to R: Cherry Pie Blush, Blackberry, Mixed Berry, Pumpkin, Mud Pie

The Cherry Pie Blush is a peachy pink, and it’s fairly sheer though you can build it up to get more color.  This isn’t as pigmented as the eyeshadows, so you can really get a soft look from this if you want, or go a little more ham like me and pack it on for more punch!  Blackberry is a bright pink shimmer with a reddish undertone.  Mixed Berry is an electric pink with the same red undertone, but in a matte.  Like a neon popsicle red/pink.  Hard to describe, but very beautiful.  Pumpkin is an electric orange matte, nice opacity and blends well.  Mud Pie is a pretty standard chocolate brown matte, boring AF but it applied and blended nicely, and pairs well with the other shadows in this palette.

This is a great warm neutral palette with some fun pops of electric brights, and the performance on this was pretty good.  The pinks in the second set of swatches as well as Blueberry as my favorites (obvi, since they are the least neutral!) but I think this whole palette is a nice staple that can create a couple of more colorful options as well as some more neutral options.  Versatile, baby!

For the Burger Slider palette, can we just start by talking about how cute this little thing is?  The other two palettes are a little bit more cartoony (I’m not sure why the Donut palette packaging is sprinkled with diamonds, but here we are…) but this one mimics the sesame seed bun of the larger palette and also comes in a little waxed paper fast food wrapper!  This is so adorable, I can’t handle it.  This is the energy I need in 2021.  Make it so.

Glamlite was nice enough to arrange the shades in this one in three rows, so that’s a bonus as well, though it does mean some wasted space (though I’m not sure that the circle arrangement in the other palettes, considering the size of the pans and the palette) really left us with that much less empty space, if any.  In fact, I think those might have more wasted space…

L to R: Avocado, Lettuce, French Fries

Avocado is a bright blue, leaning teal, with a green glittery shift to it.  It reminds me of a Lit Cosmetics glitter that I have (I think it’s called Mother Earth).  It’s pretty, and I love the way the shade applies.  Lettuce was a little bit of a let down.  It’s a gorgeous bright lime green matte, but it’s a little bit sheer, and you can’t really ever build it up to full opacity.  If you really want this color to be solid, I would suggest using some sort of cream base (green would be best, though white would probably do the job as well) and then tapping this into it.  French Fries is a bright medium brown with a golden champagne shimmer.

L to R: Bun, Blue Cheese, Patty

Bun is a muted terracotta orange matte, a little sheer around the edges, but not hard to work with.  Blue Cheese is a bright blue shimmer.  This one is lighter than Avocado and doesn’t have the green shift to it.  Patty is a medium brown matte, a little patchy but fine.

L to R: Red Onions, Tomatoes, Onion Rings

Red Onions is a popsicle red matte, a little bit sheer so it almost looks like the stain you get on your lips from a popsicle…but, like, on your eyes.  You know what I mean?  It’s a pretty shade, but I like colorful mattes to have more body and presence.  Tomatoes is a bright copper brown shimmer.  Onion Rings is a light camel matte.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was a little underwhelmed by this palette.  The color story is a bit of a head-scratcher, and I’m not sure that the neutrals work as well with the greens and blues as you might think they would.  On top of that, the two bright mattes, Lettuce and Red Onions, are very sheer and would probably need a base to really show up, and this palette just feels like too much work to me.

My qualms with some of the matte shades aside, I’m loving these somewhat smaller interpretations of the large food palettes from Glamlite.  I am here for the food theme, and I think it’s unique and fun.  They aren’t the only brand using food as a theme (Hey Beauty Bakerie!) but they do push it further with the packaging and presentation of the products.  there is definitely a certain amount of duplication in shades if you own every single palette from the brand, but I think the colors are beautiful and they have great performance, so I don’t mind if there are some similarities here and there.

Be on the lookout for a video coming soon to my YouTube channel where I rank all of the Glamlite food palettes.  I mean, they are all cute – only one can be the queen!

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