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Pill Poppin’: Getting Glam With SugarPill’s Capsule Collection Palettes

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Pill Poppin’: Getting Glam With SugarPill’s Capsule Collection Palettes

I’ve been waiting for SugarPill to do something to excite me.

Don’t get me wrong: I love, love, love their liquid lipsticks (especially the teal glitter-infused Arctic Sparkle collection!) but I got into SugarPill because of their amazing, pigmented, colorful eyeshadows!  Their Fun Size palette is great, but it was tiny and I think it’s limited edition, so it hardly feels like it counts.  They’ve been playing in Lip Land for a while, and it’s been great, but I just kept hoping for something new and exciting for my eyes.

They did not disappoint.  Enter, the Capsule Collection volumes 1 and 2 palettes:

Ugh – this packaging!  Some people hated it, and I don’t necessarily love palettes that have different sized pans of shadow, but these are stunning and so cute.  I’m willing to overlook any annoyance I might have had at the shape.  It’s so unique and cute, and while I don’t think you should buy makeup for the packaging, I would be lying if I didn’t say that this packaging would have been enough for me to purchase it.  Luckily, the product inside the packaging is also pretty bomb!

Swatches are done over the ABH primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lights with no flash and the bottom photo is the same lighting but with a flash.

Let’s start with volume 1:

L to R: Supernova, Babydoll, Glory, Radiate, Ember

Supernova is a white-based duochrome shade with purple and pink and blue shift.  This would be a great highlight as well as a stunning inner corner highlight.  Babydoll is a light lavender shade that almost seems to glow!  For such a light shade it has a lot of pigment and payoff!  Glory is a dusty rose sort of pink matte.  Radiate is a bright electric lime.  Ember is a shimmery yellow gold.

L to R: Melody, Cloud 9, Undone, Dream State, Slow Dive

Melody, the first blush that SugarPill has done (to my knowledge) is pigmented enough that it would work as an eyeshadow, but it’s a lovely bubblegum pink that can be applied more sheer for a wash of color.  Cloud 9 is a baby blue shimmer with white/silver reflect.  Undone is a bright violet purple.  Dream State is a gorgeous taupe champagne shimmer with silvery reflects.  Slow Dive is a bright electric blue; this one struggled a little, but it can be built up without too much effort and it’s a lovely statement shade.

Volume 2 is just as good, but more warm-toned:

L to R: Insomniac, Young Blood, Karma, Metro, Skyrise

Insomniac is a gorgeous lime shimmer with golden reflect.  Young Blood is a muted browned red matte, very 90s and grungey.  Karma is a bright peach matte.  Metro is a bright mustard matte.  Skyrise is a peacock blue shimmer that almost leans a little green in it’s reflect.  This half of the palette is a bright, early 90s fever dream!

L to R: Retrograde, Elevate, Double Shot, Moon Shine, Side Eye

Retrograde, the blush, is a bright springy peach.  Elevate is a light peachy shimmer with silver reflect.  Doubleshot is a chocolate brown matte.  Moon Shine is a gorgeous duochrome with a reddish brown base and teal/green reflect.  Side Eye is a cool-toned light taupe brown.  This side of the palette is proof that SugarPill can shift its attention to neutrals and still come up with gorgeous, impactful shades that delight and inspire!

It’s no secret: I am in love with these!  I usually don’t like palettes with different pan sizes (I’m looking at YOU, Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne!) but in this case, at least it has a purpose: the smallest pans are the matte shades, the shimmers are in the medium pan, and the largest pan is for the blush shade.  I love the way it looks like the little particles in a pill capsule.  It’s just gorgeous and stunning, and I hope we get more fabulous color stories in this collection before they decide to retire it!

Welcome back to the eyeshadow game, SugarPill.  You’ve been missed, and you’ve clearly still got it.

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