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Photo Set By Miranda Roen, Roen Photography, 2012

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Photo Set By Miranda Roen, Roen Photography, 2012

For this gallery, we’re flashing back all the way to the very beginning of the World of Champagne: this was the first photo shoot I ever did with Miranda Roen, and my favorite images from this collection were first revealed at the 10 Years of Dreams launch party where we celebrated the beginning of the website as well as 10 years of my production company, Champagne Dreams Productions!  Six years later, these are still some of my favorite images and I’ll shoot with Miranda as long as she’s willing to point her camera at me!  I hope you enjoy this gallery of some of my favorites from the shoot!

And yes, that was an actual couple doing their wedding photos!  We happened upon them in the alley where we were shooting, and they asked if I would pose with them!  I don’t know who they are, but somewhere they’ve got a wedding album with a rando fabulous drag queen in it!  Just the way it should be…

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