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OMFG Cosmetics Brings Indie Halloween Realness

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OMFG Cosmetics Brings Indie Halloween Realness

Break out the candy corn, bitches – the high holy day of Halloween is almost here!

I’ve always loved Halloween, and this was the year where I felt like a whole bunch of brands did Halloween collections, and I’m all the way here for it!  I mean, everyone also put out their holiday collections in September, so it’s a clusterfuck out there, but if the end result is a recognition of fabulous Halloween-themed makeup then I’ll get over it.  I love greens and purples, and so many of the collections feature those shades prominently.  It’s a beautiful thing.

In addition to getting to celebrate my favorite holiday, I also got to discover a brand new indie brand.  I was watching a makeup review from Nerdy Girl Makeup on YouTube when she pulled out a candy corn highlighter from OMFG Cosmetics.  I was instantly in love!  I love candy corn (come at me, bro!) and I love yellow highlighters, so I knew that was going in the basket.  When I got to the site, I found they had a whole selection of creepy crawly goodies!

Here’s what I picked up:

Clockwise from Top Left: Loose Pigment in Witchy Cackle, Candy Corn Pressed Highlighter, Happy Halloween Eye Palette, and I’m Frosting Pressed Highlighter. 

I paid for the Halloween items, and the brand threw in the I’m Frosting highlighter as a special treat, and I thought that was an amazing surprise – that’s a $16.00 freebie!  In fact, all of their prices are pretty good – the loose pigment was on sale for $8 (originally $12), the highlighter was $16, and the palette with 9 pans was only $28!  I will definitely be placing another order with them because not only was I impressed with the prices but also with the formula and performance of the products.

The palette includes 9 pans of mattes, shimmers, and one glitter shade that is basically just glitter in some sort of sticky base – not like the Vaseline-like base they use in super cheap glitter palettes, but more of a glue adhesive.  It felt almost like the gluesticks I used to use to glue down my eyebrows!  That was the only shade I didn’t love in the palette, and honestly you can make it work but there are easier ways to do a fierce glitter look.  And definitely use your finger or a sponge tip – you will fuck your brush up good with that base!


L to R: Cauldron, Cemetary, Jack-o-Lantern

I was feeling all Stephanie Nicole bougie when I was doing these swatches and I decided to do finger and brush swatches.  Look who thinks she’s fancy!  Finger is on the left with brush on the right.

Cauldron is a really nice black, not totally matte but not exactly a satin either.  It’s got nice opaque shimmer and it blends nicely with a brush.  Cemetary is a medium gray shade, a little patchy with a brush but you can manipulate it and play around with it…it certainly wasn’t terrible.  This one tends to have the most color difference around the edge of the swatch.  That can be a problem if you want a very solid, one color effect but it’s actually an asset if you’regoing to be blending it in with surrounding colors.  I don’t use a lot of grays, but this is one I would definitely break out if I did!  Jack-o-Lantern is a nice bright orange satin/matte (I think it’s just supposed to be matte, but everyone seems to abuse that word to within an inch of its life!)  It’s got some yellowy undertones that pair nicely with the other shades in the palette.


L to R: Poison, Trick or Treat, Spectre

If you didn’t already know that Poison was going to be my favorite shade in the palette, I feel like you don’t know me at all!  I love this shimmery lime green with gold reflect – it’s the perfect glam witchy green, and it’s got great pigmentation and blends out nicely.  Trick or Treat is the glitter shade, and frankly I would do without it.  It’s a kind of boring orange glitter – why not a mix of orange and another color like purple or black?!  It’s a wasted pan, but the glitter does coordinate well with the other shades in the pan, especially Jack-o-Lantern and Pumpkin Spice.  Just not for me.  Spectre is another standout shade for me, a bright shimmery white that isn’t the least bit chalky or powdery.  I love this shade, and this with Poison is amazing!


L to R: Pumpkin Spice, Potions, Glowing Eyes

Pumpkin SPice is a slightly more golden orange than the shade in the first row, and it’s really pretty.  I don’t really use orange shades that much, but this palette is giving me all kinds of ideas!  Potions is a gorgeous purple shimmer with silvertone reflects.  This is another great shade to pair with Poison to do a purple and green look.  Glowing eyes is good, but I really wanted it to be more of a popping yellow.  It’s a little too pastel for me, but I still think it’s gorgeous and the shimmer is lovely.  I love when palettes include yellows that aren’t too warm toned or too mustardy, so this is lovely but I just wanted a touch more vibrancy.

A minor quibble with the sticker on the bottom of the palette: they print the shades in the opposite order than they appear when you are looking at them – that is, they print them as if the shade is sitting right on top of the name.  Luckily they also color code them, or I might have gotten this review all kinds of fucked up!

See how name Cauldron is on the right, but when you look at the shades, the black shade is on the left.  Words are hard, so I hope you get at what I’m saying!  It’s a pretty minor point, and I managed to figure it out (I guess that masters degree wasn’t a waste after all, mother!), but wanted to mention it.  There are some type A people out there that might go a little crazy when they get their orders!

The Candy Corn highlighter is lovely, and I loved striped highlighters like this where you get multiple shades, or you can swirl them altogether to get a new shade.

Another little minor quibble: the highlighter is scented, but it definitely doesn’t smell like candy corn!  It’s got a spicy/sugary scent that I can’t exactly place…something like a gumdrop mixed with cotton candy?  It’s a pleasant enough smell, and again if these are the only complaints I can come up with, the products have got to be pretty good!  Here’s how the highlighter swatched:

On the left is all three swirled together, and then individual shades: white, orange, and yellow.  Sorry for my janked up arm, but I had swatched the eyeshadow palette first because apparently I’m an idiot and acted like I’ve never swatched glitter before, and I had to find a new swatching place on my body!  The white shade ended up over a spider bite that’s finally going away.  it’s a glamorous life I lead out here on the prairie.

The highlighter is a little more subtle than I usually like (I mean, hello – I’m a huge drag queen!) but you get a good deal of shine.  It’s not a nothing highlight, you definitely get some shine, but you can make it a little more subtle if you’re going to church or whatever, you dirty heathens!  You can also build it up and get some low level blinding color.  But it’s definitely much more subtle than the other highlighter I’ll show off in a sec!

The Witch’s Cackle loose powder is a nice pea soup sort of green with a very subtle sparkle – it’s not a shimmer exactly, but there is a little something there.  Again, think subtle.  You can build this up to get some nice coverage with the green, but if you really want to sparkle, I would suggest adding another shimmer or a loose glitter to it to punch it up.  It’s not my favorite green…but it’s still green, so it’s wonderful.  That’s how I roll.

The freebie was actually the most impressive piece in the order – check out that icy metallic highlight!  Now that is a blinding highlight!  This is the I’m Frosting highlight, and it smells just like true, honest to goodness, harden your arteries buttercream frosting!  None of that disgusting “Better Cream” bullshit here!  I’ve never smelled a scented product that smelled that much like the real thing; usually they will end up with a fake, candy smell that reminds you of the food, but is clearly an imitation.  Not this – I think this smells like the real deal!  It’s a gorgeous silvery highlight with just a faint hint of purple.  They have this same formula in other colors; the last thing I need is more highlights, but I’ve already picked out at least two more that need to end up in my collection (Gummy Bear and Unicorn Horn – green and pink!).  Their packaging is simple and cute, and it’s a lovely pastel color (except for the palette, which was in a glossy black component).

One of the things that I love about Nerdy Girl Beauty on YouTube (seriously, you should check her out!) is that she’s one of the few channels where I still discover new brands!  So many of the channels I watch, large or small, only cover the mainstream brands that you find in Sephora or Ulta, or if they talk about an indie brand it’s one that I’ve already found on Instagram.  I don’t know how OMFG managed to get past me for this long, but I’m super excited to see what else they come up with!  These products are really fantastic and the prices are really reasonable.  I recommend you check them out if you get a chance!

What do you think?  Are you stanning for this collection?  Have you tried the brand before?  What are your thoughts?  Let us know in the comments below!


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