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Ombre Lips…Or At Least, Trying To – Feat. Glam Vice Cosmetics!

Posted By on May 4, 2020 in LifeStyle | 2 comments

Ombre Lips…Or At Least, Trying To – Feat. Glam Vice Cosmetics!

Y’all, I didn’t even go to Glam Vice Cosmetics looking for liquid lipsticks!

Recently, one of my fave YouTubers, Emily Hanhan, was talking about some neon pastel cake liners that she was trying out.  I don’t love cake liners (really, any sort of eyeliner is my nemesis!  I just can’t get it right!) but I love neon and I love pastel so I wanted to check them out.  I was also tickled by the cute faux freckles that she did using several of the shades.  So I went to the site, only to find that a pre-order for the liners set to come in on 5/1 was already sold out.  I put it on my short list to keep an eye out for, but decided to poke around their site to see what else they had, and I found their Vivid Matte liquid lipsticks.


They had a really impressive range of shades including some nude options, lots of pinks and reds, and plenty of wilder shades like gorgeous greens and beautiful blues.  I decided to order in a handful and give them a try.  And as I was looking at the shades I was placing in my basket, I just started imagining using them to create some lovely ombre lip looks.  So this post is a little bit of both: a little bit review of the products by themselves, and a little bit a discussion on how to create an ombre lip look (though I struggled…more on that later!).

First up, here are swatches of the 8 shades that I picked up:

L to R: Cash Out, Lime Kiss, Skyline, Sunday Morning, 80s Soul, Daring, Candy Sky, Can’t Even

Cash Out is a gorgeous true green.  Lime Kiss is a lovely lime green, and went on without any trouble.  A lot of time shades like this can be a little streaky, and while it wasn’t perfect, I actually found the coverage really good.  Skyline is a pale blue pastel.  Sunday Morning is a cool-toned cream/bone shade, a perfect shade for mixing with other shades to lighten them up as there isn’t much base pigment.  80s sould is a bright, electric peach, a little streaky but the color is stunning.  Daring is a bright coral pink.  Candy Sky is a mid-toned bubblegum pink.  Can’t Even is a cool-toned popsicle red.  They all went on with pretty good coverage, and while there was a little bit of streakiness, especially in the lighter shades, it’s definitely a workable formula.

If you like a thinner, more watery formula of liquid lipstick these will definitely not be your jam!  They are a more mousse-like texture and they paint on thick and while they dry down, they didn’t feel crackly or overly drying to my lips themselves.  However, the thickness did make it a bit more challenging when trying to create the ombre looks.

I paired up Can’t Even and Candy Sky; the bubblegum pink was a perfect complement to the deeper but still blue-tonged red.  There was a little less contrast between 80s Sould and Daring, but the peachy and coral shades blended together really well.

Typically, when I’m doing an ombre, what I do is put on the deepest color out to the edge of where I want my lip color to be (remember, you’re natural lip line is merely a suggestion!) and fill in most or all of the way in to the middle.  I let it sit for about 10-20 seconds, but I don’t want it to dry completely.  Then I apply some of the lighter color in the middle and tap outward into the darker color.  That usually works very well, but because the formula on these is much thicker, it tended to goop up a bit.  On these, I used a small detail brush to apply the lighter shade, and that helped a bit, but it was still a bit of a struggle.  If I try this again, I think I might let the bottom layer dry completely, and then use a detail brush to apply the lighter color, and just use my finger to do more blending to help the color fade out.

With Skyline and Sunday Morning, the lighter color mostly melted into the blue; you still get a bit of an ombre effect, but it’s very, very subtle.  This is one where I would definitely let the bottom layer dry more before adding the lighter layer on top.  The greens were more successful: Lime Kiss melted very nicely into Cash Out and created a pretty good gradient.  This is a combo I want to play around with more.  Greens are tough to do and get full opacity, and these are both pretty good colors!

If I hadn’t struggled so much, I was planning to do a few more combinations, but that may have to wait for a later post – once I’ve had more of a chance to play around and experiment with technique.  For these, I paired shades that were pretty similar, mostly just different in how dark they were.  But you can get some fun gradients with colors that are different or that contrast, allowing them to mix and change in the middle.  Here are a few of the combos I was thinking about trying out:

While these may not be my favorite new lipsticks for creating a stunning ombre lip combination, I am pretty impressed with the formula itself.  I think it shines best when the shades are used on their own – that way you can apply them as thinly as possible and still get good coverage.  They dry down to a matte finish but aren’t overly dry or cracky, so that’s a plus.

And trust and believe – one of these days you will see a review of those neon pastel cake liners!  I just have to up my “makeup stalking” game to get them before they get sold out AGAIN!


  1. Brida 07/21/2021

    I just found these lipsticks and if you want more they’re $4 at the minute! Ps glad to have found your blog again, will be subbing if site allows, will be back regardless.

    • Janessa Jaye 07/26/2021

      So glad you found your way back! We’re still plugging along!

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