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Now Serving Cake Face, But For Real! GlamLite’s Tasty Cake Palette

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Now Serving Cake Face, But For Real! GlamLite’s Tasty Cake Palette

I always joke that I love serving cakeface (and to be fair, it’s kinda the only face I can serve – this is an industrial application!), but now thanks to GlamLite Cosmetics, I can up my dessert game with a tasty new confection: the Cake palette!  This 20-shade rainbow palette is an amazing addition to their food themed makeup offerings and I’m excited to dig in!

I don’t know why I didn’t take any pictures of the inside layout, but I didn’t.  I was probably too entranced by the gorgeous look of the cover image.  I would eat the shit out of this cake.  I’m not a big fan of maraschino cherries, but everything else on this cake is working for me!  The palette came in an adorable pink oven box, and there was a card inside saying that the cake image was based on a real cake made by Nick Makrides from The Scran Line.  Ummmm, is he single?  I want that cake!

So since I don’t have an image of the palette laid out and I don’t want to steal any from Google (i.e., I’m a lazy thief) then we’ll just dive into the swatches.  I’ll start at the top row and work down and you can sort of imagine what the palette looks like all together, mkay?  Great…

The swatches are done over the ABH eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is my studio lighting and overhead office lighting (which is usually off during the pictures, but I was working on something else that required them to be on) without a flash; the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Banana, Pineapple, Strawberry, Lavender, Blueberry

Banana is a bright yellow shimmer, leaning a little bit gold but still a nice complement to the matte shade Pineapple, which is a bright matte yellow.  Pineapple was…weird.  It was oddly chunky and it went on with a weird texture on the skin with both a finger and a brush.  This was the only matte shade in the palette that behaved like this, and I know that MakeMeUpMissa had a similar experience when she reviewed the Artist palette which also had a similar matte yellow; I’ll include her video below so you can see the gorgeous rainbow look she created as well as compare the colors in that palette with the Cake palette.  There is definitely some overlap!  Starberry is a blue-toned medium pink shimmer.  Lavender is a shifty light purple with a blue duochrome kind of look.  It’s like a toned down version of Asphyxia by Urban Decay.  Blueberry is a deep blue-toned purple shimmer, very nicely pigmented and applied smoothly.

In general, the shimmers applied easily without wetting the brush, even though this primer is extremely dry.  I was impressed with the quality of these shadows, with the exception of Pineapple, which swatched mediocre and was just too textured.  That shade will need a lot of finesse and should probably be used in small areas to keep the patchy look to a minimum.

L to R: Guava, Peach, Cranberry, Ube, Purple Frost

This row is so gorgeous together, and a look with these shadows would be right on trend with all of the pinky purple palettes that have been coming out the last couple of months (like the Natasha Denona Love palette).  Guava is a light baby pink shimmer.  Peach is a coral matte shade with nice pigmentation and blended very smoothly.  Cranberry is a berry red with a little bit more powderiness than the other mattes, but still really beautiful and blended out really well.  Ube is a pale lavender matte.  Purple Frost is a red-leaning medium to deep purple matte, a little bit powdery but it applied gorgeously!  People always claim that purple eyesahdows are hard to make, especially in a vegan formula, but you’d never know it from looking at these beauties!

L to R: Carrot, Raspberry, Red Velvet, Birthday Cake, Icy Mint

Carrot is a really pretty orange shimmer shade that has a reddish base that gives it a very interesting and unique depth.  Raspberry is a bright, very blue-toned fuchsia pink.  It was a little powdery, but nothing you can work out with a brush – it was just the finger swatch that got a little messy!  Red Velvet is a true red, a little bit weak with a finger but blended out nicely with a brush.  Birthday Cake is a bright medium blue, a little closer to cyan than true blue.  Icy Mint is a lighter, brighter true cyan blue matte.  The two blues were a tiny bit fussier to work with and needed a little more TLC than the other mattes, but no so much that you would realy notice, and as you can see you can get some beautiful opacity and bright colors.

L to R: Dulce de Leche, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Blue Raspberry, Key Lime

Dulce de Leche is a butternut squash kind of orange matte, overall pretty nice though it did need a little building up to get full color payoff.  Cinnamon is a bright cold shimmer, but it seems to have some sort of undertone – maybe a brown or plum? – that is subtle but still gives it an interesting depth, like a toned down companion to Carrot.  Chocolate is a medium to deep brown matte, not overly warm or cool in tone.  Blue Raspberry is a bright true blue shimmer.  Key Lime is a matte electric lime green shade.  It needed a little building, but the color is pretty intense after you give it a little attention.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with this palette.  The shadows are at least as good – if not a little better! – than the shades in the Burger palette (which I reviewed in a “Makeup Thunderdome” with Bombshell Cosmetica’s Bomb Burger Palette HERE) and the shimmers were especially impressive!  I used a dry brush over a notoriously dry eye primer, and they still gave me beautiful, consistent quality in the swatches.

The one drawback to this palette is that it is very similar to the Artist palette from GlamLite.  Here is MakeMeUpMissa’s review of that palette, so you can see the issue she had with the yellow shade in that palette as well as compare the two color stories.

I like the food-themed collections that GlamLite has been releasing, and I think it’s something different: I mean, we had to sit through 15,000 fucking unicorn products for a couple of years there, so y’all can settle the fuck down and sample a small buffet of food-themed palettes!  Their quality is pretty good, and I like that overall the consistency is there – with matte yellow seeming to be the glaring exception!

Are you living for this food-themed brand?  Do you want to eat this cake, or is the sugar rush just too much for you?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments!  If you have any suggestions for other products or brands you’d like me to try, let me know that too and you might just see your fave here in the LifeStyle section!


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