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New Year, New Look: Announcing House of Champagne Designs!

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New Year, New Look: Announcing House of Champagne Designs!

Hey there Champagne Dreamers!  Miss Jaye here.

It’s just about time to put 2018 in the books and forge ahead into an exciting and challenging 2019!  A new year is always a great time to make changes and resolutions for the year ahead…unless that resolution is a diet, because that shit will get left behind before the first week of January is even a memory!

One of the changes I wanted to make this year is to overhaul and update my line of hand-crafted jewelry.  I originally called the line Fit For A Queen because I wanted to create jewelry where every piece was a statement piece in its own way: bright colors, interesting materials, and all infused with the playful, performative spirit of drag culture.  Under that label, I created several collections: Crystal Visions (a collection focusing on natural stone beads, pendants, and other natural materials), Kitsch Femme (a collection that is colorful and bright, feminine but with a sassy twist), Kitsch Femme: Every Day Is Halloween (an offshoot of the Kitsch Femme collection celebrating the BEST holiday of the year!), Myths & Mayhem (a collection featuring mythical creatures like mermaids, dragons and unicorns, as well as octopi and other creatures of the deep!), and Crown Jewels (a collection of more glam type pieces that doesn’t particularly focus on natural materials or specific themes).  These collections will continue to see new items and there may be some new collections launching, but I felt like it was time to change up the “branding” of the overall line and announce some exciting changes.

Fit For A Queen Designs will now be known as House of Champagne Designs!

Why the change?  This seemed like a good time to do some rebranding as we’re getting ready to launch the sister site to, LifeStyle by Janessa, which is going to make the various collections more readily available online!  There will be a shopping feature on the site that will be much more user friendly than my old system of just posting random photo albums on Facebook, coordinating everything through DMs, etc.  It was time to get with the times, girl!  As I was working on these new developments, it made perfect sense to connect the branding of my jewelry more closely with the branding of the website and other projects.

We’re also going to be working with an exciting new partner called Collective Modalities, a resource that is going to help connect people to products and practitioners for spiritual development: intuitive readers and energy work practitioners, products that help you heal and grow with intention, and more!  We’re still figuring out all of the details, but look for more news on that coming soon!

As part of this new collaboration, we’re getting ready to launch the first pieces in a brand new collection: the Enchantments collection!

How is this collection going to be different?  The Crystal Visions collection is all about working with stones and natural materials, and that has always been my favorite collection to work on (I know you’re not supposed to pick favorites among your “children,” but I just can’t help it – I love stones and crystals!), but the construction of the pieces was more about the look of the piece and not about combining stones that have specific energies or properties together.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t still benefit from the energies of the stones used, but it’s not as directed as a piece crafted with intention.

That’s where the Enchantments collection comes in: these pieces are not only going to have lots of beautiful, natural stones and materials, but they are going to utilize those materials in ways that are meant to tap into the specific energetic uses and intentions of the stones.  I’m very excited to work on this collection and create interesting combinations of stones that will not only be beautiful but that you can use to help with your spiritual growth and development!  The pieces will come with information about the materials used and the specific intentions behind it.

The first pieces in the Enchantments collection will be available starting in January, and look for lots of news about both LifeStyle by Janessa and Collective Modalities to come early in the new year as well.  Thank you to everyone who has supported or purchased my jewelry over the years, and I hope that you are just as excited as I am about this new collection.  2019 is going to be an exciting and glamorous year!

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