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Neon Nightmares: Ruby May Cosmetics Stumbles With Messy Neon Lights Palette

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Neon Nightmares: Ruby May Cosmetics Stumbles With Messy Neon Lights Palette

So I’ve generally been jiving with the vibe from Ruby May Cosmetics: the Hashtag palette collection were a little fussy, but fun color stories and great shimmers, and the Pop Zombie palette was an improvement on the previous palettes with a super fun and bright selection of shades.  I also have their Purple Kush palette that I haven’t written about but am planning to include in an upcoming video project.  When I went to buy the Pop Zombie palette, they were actually having a special where if you spent $30 or more, you got the Pop Zombie palette for free!  I figured I would give the Neon Lights Glitter and Shadow palette a chance.  I’ve liked what I’ve gotten from Ruby May so far and I love neons and glitter, so nothing could go wrong, right? Right?!

Wrong.  Oh, so wrong.

Looks cute, but looks can be deceiving!  When I opened it, some of the thicker glitters looked to be ready to just fall right out of the palette and there was immediately glitter everywhere.  Pressed glitters are just that: loose glitters pressed into some sort of binding agent.  I’m not sure what they used for this, but there is not nearly enough of the binder and this just starts to crumble and go everywhere when you even look at it.  I don’t have a strong love for pressed glitters anyway, but if they are well made then I can begrudgingly admit their right to exist in my collection.  These however, are just too messy.

For swatches, I knew that the glitter would get everywhere when trying to wash in between swatches, so I decided to do it differently: instead of going row by row, I did all of the pressed shadows, then the smaller milled glitters, and finally the chunky star glitters.  As anticipated, my arm was a mess when I washed off the smaller glitters, so I had to use a different part of my arm and hold the camera wonky to get the pictures.  So if those swatches look odd, that’s why.  here’s the carnage on my arm after the first set of glitters:

This was after a fair amount of washing and trying to scrub.  It almost looks like a very glamorous rash.  Classy.

Anyway, here are the swatches.  The powders are done over a primer (Crayon Case Glue Stick eye primer) with a brush.  I didn’t do finger swatches this time around.  Glitters are swatched with a finger on bare skin.  In all images, top photo is my studio lighting with no flash and the bottom pic is the same lighting with a flash.  There are no shade names, but I’m pretty sure you can look at the palette and tell what’s what!

These are fine if a little sheer.  It’s kind of a waste to buy the whole palette for these neons, especially as long as the Alien Queen palette from Peachy Queen is still available – that palette has more shades and the performance is pretty amazing!  These are fine, and it’s pretty much a full rainbow of shades (although they went for a dark turquoise over a true blue neon), but there are better options out there that don’t have the glitter mess we’re about to get into.  The green shade got a little weird and I don’t know why?  There is kind of a dark spot that looks like something happening underneath the shadow, but I swear it wasn’t there before I did the swatches.  Someone call Robert Stack, we got an Unsolved Mystery!

There are some pretty colors here, but as I mentioned above there aren’t enough binders so it’s hard to keep some of the shades contained, and they immediately start moving and transferring.  Definitely not a replacement for a glitter gel from Lemonhead LA or even the Glitterally Obsessed from ColourPop.  Pretty but not that functional.  But these can be worked a bit.  Let’s look at the chunky star glitters:

These…oh Jesus.  They just went everywhere and it was impossible to get anything even resembling an even application.  If you think the mess was bad from the previous watches, this one was just glitter stars falling everywhere.  When I put my finger in the pan, it was like the product just separated and barely wanted to stick to my finger.  The glitter started trying to escape to other pans.

There just wasn’t enough binder to keep this from being a total disaster.  I love the selection of colors, and if these had worked I would have been a stan for these hardcore, but they are just a disaster.  If you are looking for glitters for your drag looks, I suggest the cosmetic glitters from Lit Cosmetics (a little pricey, but they are cosmetic grade and come in a huge array of colors!) with an adhesive (the Lit adhesive is wonderful if you want a liquid adhesive, or the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue is great if you prefer a cream formula), or get some of the Lemonhead LA glitter pastes – they are amazing, and you can even order your own custom colors if you want!

So what do you think of this glitter monstrosity?  Do you want to fight me?  Are you loving this neon fantasy, or shocked by the nightmare fallout?  Do you love neons or is this a trend you wish would burn out?  Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments!

While this is a palette that I would never recommend to anyone ever, I’m still excited to see what kinds of products Ruby May brings to the market.  I’m still percolating on picking up their Street Art palette and they have some loose powders and multichromes that look really amazing.  It’s fine for a brand to have a misstep…and what the hell do I know?  Maybe this will become a staple in some makeup collections.  Makeup is personal and so much is tied up in how you use it and what you pair it with.  Have fun and keep it light – it’s not that serious.  Now let me throw this palette immediately into my declutter pile.  She tried it, but she failed!

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