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Neon Love: Photo Set By Photos By Breeze, Fall 2020

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Neon Love: Photo Set By Photos By Breeze, Fall 2020

What a year this has been!  After I managed to get away on what would turn out to be a very important vacation to Atlanta in January, before the world fell apart, like everyone else I spent most of the rest of 2020 on lockdown!  I’ve been in extreme “bunker bitch” mode and just haven’t been feeling safe or comfortable with any live performance or light travel.  I’ve been keeping myself busy by painting my Face Friday looks every week – well, almost every week! – and with focusing more on my YouTube channel, but I had been itching to do a photo shoot and get some new images for the site!  Miranda, my usual photographer, has been going through some life changes and unexpectedly moved to Michigan before we could get together; luckily, my friend Amy knew another photographer who was available and willing to get out the wide angle lenses to capture all of these enormous new ta-tas!  So I’m very excited to show you my first gallery of images working with Photos by Breeze!

Here are some fun facts about this photo session:

  • The breastplate was an impulse purchase on ebay.  I had found a few options that were slightly under $200, and there was one that was listed as being a “plus size” so I decided to give it a shot.  They are listed as a G-Cup, and they are enormous!  They are filled with a cotton fiber instead of silicone, so while they are heavy, they aren’t as unwieldy as they could have been!
  • The unicorn light is something that I picked up in Seattle at the Nordstrom Rack and I’ve been holding on to “just in case.”  I’m known for buying things that are a pain in the ass to fly with when traveling, and this light was no exception!  I actually had to leave behind an old pair of shoes to get this to fit into my luggage!
  • I wanted to make sure that I incorporated masks into at least a few shoots from my session with Breeze.  The world is still on fire, and we need to be safe and take care of each other.  And if we have to wear masks, why not make them fun!  The rhinestone-studded mask that I’m wearing in this set was made by my lovely friend Angie of Beautiful Eccentric.  And yes, that’s the same Angie that you sometimes hear in the background of my YouTube videos!
  • The witch in the cauldron was a last minute addition to the shoot.  It’s something I found at the Dollar Tree, and it made me laugh!  It’s supposed to be a cauldron with a witch’s legs in the air, but to me it looks like the witch is lying on her back and…well, I think you can guess the rest.  Give “Enter If You Dare” a whole different meaning!
  • The neon yellow wig is one that I purchased and styled myself!  It was only $12 on Amazon, and it was a flat, no volume mess!  I’m still figuring out this whole wig styling thing, but I’m excited about the progress I’ve been making!

That’s it for this gallery – I hope you enjoyed it, and be on the lookout for more images from my session with Photos By Breeze coming soon!


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