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Mystery Mayhem: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Slays Halloween (Finally!) With Mystery Boxes

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Mystery Mayhem: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Slays Halloween (Finally!) With Mystery Boxes

NOTE: As of July 2020, the World of Champagne will no longer be reviewing or featuring Jeffree Star Cosmetics on the site.  For more information on why we’ve made this decision and what this means for the site and its content, please check out Miss Jaye’s post, Goodbye, JSC.

I can’t think of a makeup brand or brand owner who would be more suited to Halloween, so I’m actually low key surprised that Jeffree Star Cosmetics hasn’t done any sort of Halloween collection before now.  When I heard that his Halloween specials were going to be Mystery Boxes, I was a little leery; after all, we all know that mystery boxes are usually a way for brands to clear out excess stock on items to recoup some investment and keep products from aging out, and I already have so many Jeffree Star products that I figured I was bound to end up with a ton of duplicates.  With the last set of boxes I was mildly intrigued because he said that he was going to have an exclusive mystery shade that was being included in the boxes and never produced again, but I figured it would probably be a nude or something kind of oddball – after all, why bother producing a color only once for a small audience if it really does represent a gap in your collection?  And I was right: the “?” shade was a pretty basic nude shade, so I didn’t really feel like I missed out.  But when Jeffree started previewing and talking about some of the exclusives for the Halloween boxes, I decided this was finally the time to dive in and give them a try.

There were three boxes available:

  • Premium: 4 items, $82 value, $40
  • Deluxe: 8 items, $186 value, $75
  • Supreme: 13 items, $339 value, $160

So all three together cost me $275, with a declared value of $607 – but it’s only really worth that if you use/want/like all of the items, so you have to look at the contents and decided for yourself.  I went into it expecting that I would get a fair amount of duplicate items, because of my Jeffree Star collection, but I was surprised that I actually got a lot of shades in products that I didn’t already have.  I was mainly buying it for the exclusive items that I will talk about more below.  There are a ton of videos out there that will show you what was included in each box, and I did Facebook Lives where I opened each box as it arrived, so I’m not going to detail everything, but I have to say that compared to what I saw in previous boxes, this one was really well done and even though I had some duplicates or somethings that didn’t work for me, I think it’s a fun box and I’m not mad about the money that I spent.  In addition to the exclusive items that I was really gunning for, I got two shades of Lip Ammunition bullet lipstick that I didn’t have, one shade of The Gloss, one shade of the Supreme Frost, and one shade of the Liquid Frost.

Let’s dive into the exclusive items, starting with the merch and ending with the makeup.

First up was the reason that I decided to dive into the boxes in the first place: the orange mirror.

I am obsessed with the star mirrors…like, probably in an unhealthy way.  So far I have 10 of them, and I have more on my wish list.  Who needs that many damn hand mirrors?  Me, that’s who!  I love Halloween and when I saw that there was an orange mirror with black, I knew that was my favorite, and that’s the one that ended up being in the mystery boxes.  I misheard what he said on Instagram and thought it was only going to be in the biggest box, but it was actually in both the Deluxe and the Supreme so I ended up with two.  I was thinking about putting the extra in a giveaway, but I’ve always wanted to have one covered in crystals, and it might be fun to get some green and purple stones and do a Halloween-themed blinged out mirror!  I’ll post pictures when it’s done!  I love this item, it’s what I was gunning for, and it looks as wonderful as I expected.  I don’t expect most people to go as overboard as I do, but if you are looking for a hand mirror for yourself these are actually really good, and they come in a pretty wide variety of colors.  They are nicely weighted and the mirror is big and useful, despite being an odd shape.  I recommend them.

The Supreme box also had a black star-shaped record featuring Jeffree’s single “Prom Night” as well as a remix.  I don’t have a record player, but I do have some random records that I have picked up here and there at thrift stores, mostly for the art but I would love to be able to play them.  I think I might have to invest in a small, simple player.  I thought this was a pretty cool addition to the largest box, and right now it’s decorating the walls of my office!

The Supreme box also had a metal straw, because we sometimes care about turtles (don’t get me started on selective outrage around plastic consumption!).  JSC doesn’t typically sell individual straws, but a pack of 3 with a cleaner is $20, so since you get 2 of the 4 pieces I would say the retail on this can be assumed to be $10.  It’s a simple and easy add in, but I’m glad it was this and not a Pop Socket this time!

The Can’t Relate shirt with the skeleton hand and Halloween manicure is adorable!  And unlike the track suit which was sadly too small for me to appear anywhere even remotely public wearing it, this one should fit just fine.  The design is cute and very Halloween, though if I’m honest I thought the zombie hand design that released separately from the box was cuter.  But this is a great play on his signature merch and I’m not mad at it.

Now let’s get to what you came here for: the exclusive makeup items!  There were two exclusive shades of liquid lipstick, with Soul Sucker in the Premium box and Zombie Kiss in the Supreme box, and the Deluxe box had an exclusive Skin Frost Highlighter in the shade Mystery Frost.  I had seen a black and white sneak of Jeffree’s IG, and I was pretty close in my guesses about the colors: I guessed that they would both be metallic or glitter shades, that one would be black or gunmetal and the other would be purple or green.  I mean, I’m no Nancy Drew – the stickers in the post were clearly the textured ones that are on his glitter and metallic shades, and the colors are super in line with the “spirit” of Halloween, no pun intended.

Here are the swatches, on bare skin, under my studio lights both with (bottom) and without (top) flash:

The first two swatches are a single layer of Soul Sucker and a single layer of Zombie Kiss.  Zombie Kiss is pretty solid with just one layer, but what the hell happened to Soul Sucker?!  It’s super patchy and weird, which makes no damn sense because Jeffree Star Cosmetics has one of the best matte black liquid lipsticks on the market, Weirdo!  It got a little better with two layers (the second set of swatches, but it still wasn’t up to the usual JSC standard.  It had chunky orange glitter in it, which was cool, but it was too sloppy and inconsistent, so there’s no reason to use this over any other good black liquid lipstick and putting glitter on top.  The Zombie Kiss shade, however, is just as good with a second layer, and although it doesn’t photograph that way it also has some subtle orange glitter.  That’s a fun metallic that is pretty consistent and dries down nicely.

The final 3 swatches are from the highlighter, Mystery Frost.  The first swatch is me swirling my finger around in the pan, the second swatch is focusing on the lighter shade, and the right is me focusing on the darkest shade.  That’s right, in case you missed it above, Mystery Frost is a marbled shade!  So technically you get a couple of different ways you can wear this highlight.

The little bits of black just disappear into the formula, darkening it a little perhaps but not giving you black streaks or anything.  I’m glad that he did something unexpected with this shade, and I love the marbled pan.  When I first saw the sticker, I was like, “Oh another gold highlighter.  Revolutionary.” *rolls eyes*  And truth be told, the color isn’t really all that different from his myriad other gold shades, except maybe leaning a little more orange with that deeper coppery shade.  But having the unique pan look really made this a different experience and I’m glad I have this weird little highlighter in my collection.

What do you think of the Mystery Boxes?  Do you think that mystery boxes are a good idea in general, or is it a trend that you hope will go away?  Do you think you’ll get in on mystery boxes from this brand in the future?  Are you living for the lipsticks and the highlighter, or were you hoping for something else?  Let me know your thoughts down in the comments!

Personally I’m glad that I snatched these boxes up when they went live, but I don’t think I’m going to be a regular Mystery Box shopper.  There is something cool about getting exclusive items, and I’m a Halloween/Horror freak so this was right up my alley, but I have a ton of JSC products so I’m never really going to get the full value of the box without getting some dupes or colors I don’t want.  They can be fun, but like subscription boxes I think they can start to become a habit that leads to people spending more than they want to for products they won’t necessarily use or enjoy.  I’m not saying they are bad – I’m always a proponent of the idea that we are all responsible for the financial choices we make, regardless of how sweet the marketing enticements might be – but be aware of your own collection and what value you think you’ll get from the products you receive.  If you’re realistic and don’t mind the possibility of duplicates (like getting three versions of a palette you already have!) then I say go for it!  It’s exciting to get a surprise, and they are a good selection of products, but it can be just as fun to curate a well thought out and carefully chosen collection.

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