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Monster Makeup: Cosmetics For The Glamorous Ghoul!

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Monster Makeup: Cosmetics For The Glamorous Ghoul!

Who says a girl can’t be creepy and cute?!

I know Halloween is over, but I get a little bogged down in the onslaught of Christmas cheer, so I decided this year, just in time for Black Friday sales, that I’d put together a post about some of my favorite creepy brands and monster collections that help make it a Halloween Spooktacular every day of the year!  There are lots of great indie brands out there that are keeping the beastly in their beauty, and even some more mainstream brands have been putting out chilling collections!  Let’s take a walk on the wild side!

Just a note: I didn’t include Etsy brands like Bitter Lace Beauty on here – I know they have sickening products, but I’m still a newb to Etsy, and I find that the indie brands on there tend to have more items out of stock, and for longer.  I know that’s a challenge that indie brands often face (and it’s generally a good thing, meaning their products are popular enough to sell out!), but I’m all about instant gratification.

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics

This brand has one of my absolute favorite formulas for liquid lipstick!  Not only that, it comes in some really outrageous and beautiful colors.  For you nude lovers out there, they did release a new collection recently with a few toned down shades, but with names like Coffin and Candelabra, they are sticking with their creepy theme!  Some of my personal favorite shades are Jupiter (shown above), a deep teal green matte; Spellbook, a blue-based fuchsia pink matte that is gorgeous and very bright; Wednesday, a black matte base with teal glitter in the formula; and 3 Witches, a very bright purple that leans a little blue but is nice and balanced, and very striking!  All of their shades are a thinner formula, they paint on beautifully, and the color lasts for ages!  Right now they only have liquid lips, but here’s hoping they expand – and that all of their future products are just as good as these!

LunatiCK Cosmetics Labs

This indie brand is another of my favorites, not only for their creepy aesthetic, but also for the quality of their products!  Their contour palettes are a drag queen’s best friend, and while they are a little pricey they are definitely worth it for the semi-pro performer to add to their kit.  And there is a sale going on as of this writing where you can get either Volume 1 (light to medium) or Volume 2 (medium to dark) for less than $45 each!  They are normally $74, so this is an amazing deal.  This brand also has two eyeshadow palettes paying homage to horror icons Elvira and Vampira, liquid lipsticks named for “final girls” Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp), a setting powder that looks like a Ouija planchette, and more!  The bullet lipsticks are the only products that I find a little ho-hum, and some of the vivid eyeshadows can be fussy (but definitely not impossible to work with), but overall this brand is absolutely amazing!

LA Splash Cosmetics – Classic Horror Collection Vol 2

This isn’t a whole brand, but rather a current collection from the brand LA Splash Cosmetics – the Classic Horror Collection, volume 2.  All decked out in classic, lurid movie poster packaging, the collection includes a 10-pan eyeshadow palette, 8 liquid lipsticks, and 9 different styles of lashes.  The collection is themed around the classic monster movies of the 30s and 40s, including Frankenstein, the Mummy, Werewolves, and more!  This collection is stunning, and though I try to keep myself from buying products just for the packaging, the gorgeous styling and the fun range of colors means that this box is probably going to end up in my collection (though the less hoarder-y buyers out there can also pick up items individually!).

Bitch Slap Cosmetics – 80s Horror Highlighters

Bitch Slap Cosmetics is probably best known for selling the risque highlighters that feature embossed penis and vagina images, but they also have a trio of classic 80s horror highlighters.  Featuring Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th Franchise, Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street, and Chuckie From Child’s Play, these highlighters are really great quality, and pretty big pan sizes (58mm) for $25.  There are also a couple of Ouija designs as well as a couple of skulls, or the scariest of all: a Donald Trump highlighter called “Make America Glow Again.”  For the less creepy obsessed who still don’t want to paint their face with genitals, there are some with food like Hamburgers or Cheetos, plenty of weed related highlighters, and some social media shout-outs include a deep gold with pink accents that says, “Lost a Follower – Bye Bitch!”  The highlighters are a lot of fun and make great collection pieces, but the makeup also performs really well if you can bear to make yourself swipe a brush and ruin the design.  The choice is yours.

My Pretty Zombie

Not to be confused with the lipstick brand above, My Pretty Zombie is also a fun indie brand with a creepy twist.  I found out about them when we did a screening of Heidi Moore’s amazing indie horror hit Dolly Deadly, and she sent me a full collection of makeup that was created as a tie-in to the film.  We gave away the set at the movie, but I was intrigued, and I love the irreverent goodies this brand is serving up!  Whether you get the Dolly Face line to go along with the movie or check out any of their newer products (under the appropriately titled “New Sh#t” tab), you will find something ghoulishly good to love at My Pretty Zombie.

Belladonna’s Cupboard

I wasn’t sure if I was going to include this brand or not when I started this post; I’ve heard they’ve had more than their fair share of drama surrounding theit Baphomet: Electrified palette, and I don’t own anything from this brand personally, but when I saw their gorgeous tentacle brushes from the Cthulhu collection, I new they had a place on this list.  Things happen, and everyone has to decide for themselves how best to spend their money, but this brand definitely has some super cute and creepy crawly items!  In addition to the controversial Baphomet palette, they also have two great highlighter palettes themed after Gothic tarot cards and a number of other creepy items.

Honorable Mention: Menagerie Cosmetics

Menagerie Cosmetics isn’t creepy, but I’m including them anyway; it’s my website, and I can do what I want.  Their previous brand, Makeup Monsters, was creepy and cute and was one of my favorite liquid lipstick formulas ever.  So far they just have their Dragon Child palette (which still has the Makeup Monsters logo currently; not sure if it will eventually receive new packaging or not) and their new Feral palette (which is gorgeous!), but word is that they are bringing back the liquid lipsticks and a new setting powder this January.  I’m hoping that they have the same formula and that the color range is just as wild as the previous brand – only time will tell!

Do you have any other brands that have a creepy vibe to them?  Share them in the comments, as I’m always looking for fun new brands and collections to try!  And remember – every day is Halloween with the right products!



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