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Miss Jaye’s Top 20 Of 2020 World Of Champagne Beauty Is Here!

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Miss Jaye’s Top 20 Of 2020 World Of Champagne Beauty Is Here!

Hey Champagne Dreamers!

The end of a year brings with it a ton of review lists, and this is no different: Miss Jaye went back into the archives and looked at EVERY review published in 2020 to pick her top 20 of 2020 Beauty!  She did a whole video about this list that is available on her YouTube channel as well (which we’ll include below) but we also wanted to put the list together here with links to the original reviews!

A couple of notes on this list:

She created the list from products that she reviewed in 2020, not necessarily that were released in 2020.  So you may see some products that weren’t 2020 releases, and that’s ok – Miss Jaye isn’t afraid to review a product after the new-new wears off!

Also, a product had to have been reviewed on the World of Champagne in order to be considered.  That means that a couple of favorites from last year didn’t make the list because she never got around to reviewing the product.  She gives these honorable mentions in the video, so be sure to check those out!

Here is the list!

20. The Midas Cosmetics x Smokey Glow Palette

19. Devinah Cosmetics’ Iridescent Highlighters

18. The Beauty Bay x M-M-M-M-Mitchell Palette

17. Jaclyn Cosmetics Highlighter Palette In The Flash

16. JD Glow Galaxy & Metallon Singles

15. Milani Ludicrous Lights Highlighters

14. Melt Cosmetics x Beetlejuice Palettes

13. Devinah Cosmetics – 3 Sugar Collections

12. Kaleidos Highlighters

11. Sugarpill Fun Size Palette

10. Glamlite Cake Palette

9. Lipstick Apocalypse Glitter Gels

8. Give Me Glow 9X Highlighter Palette

7. Lip Bar Liquid Lipsticks

6. Kesha Rose FTW Palette (Hipdot)

5. Lethal Cosmetics After Dark Palette

4. Melt Glitter Liquid Lipsticks (Beetlejuice Collection)

3. Lunar Beauty Strawberry Dreams Palette

2. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Money Palette

Uoma Beauty Say What?! Foundation

There you have it: Miss Jaye’s list of the top 20 beauty products/collections that she tried and reviewed during the last year!  This dumpster fire of a year was hard for all of us, but let’s look back at the things that brought us joy and gave us something to smile about in the middle of the mess!  Let us know which of these products you tried, what you thought about them, or if there is something you think we left off the list!


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