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Miss Jaye’s 2020 Calendar Pre-Order Is Now Closed!

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Miss Jaye’s 2020 Calendar Pre-Order Is Now Closed!

Update: The pre-order has now closed and calendars are on their way to Miss Jaye!  If you would still like one, be sure to reach out to Miss Jaye directly on Facebook – but hurry, as there are only a couple left of each style!

It’s that time of year again, friends: time to start thinking about the inevitable passage of time, and get yourself hooked up with a fabulous Janessa Jaye Champagne calendar to get you through all of the days in 2020!

Like last year, there are three designs to choose from, and may we say that these are some of the best designs we’ve ever done?  I think we may.  I mean, we pay the rent on this site – who’s going to stop us?!

First up, CAKEFACE!

Here’s the cover, straight from the Vista Print “workbench” – don’t mind the little orange triangle, we uploaded the wrong file size and will fix it before printing!  This calendar features a ton of fabulous, iconic, and sexy shots from Miss Jaye’s summer 2019 shoot with photographer Miranda Roen of Roen Photography.  Miss Jaye and Miranda have been shooting together since all the way back in 2012 when we launched this site, and this newest collaboration is one of the most fun yet!  This calendar includes images that will also be promo images for season three of Miss Jaye’s podcast, Janessa After Dark!  Here are a couple of sample pages:

Not really in a blue mood?  We’ve also got our second design, DIRT & GLITTER!

This calendar features images shot by the amazing Brooklyn Ewing of Dirt Candy Productions!  Brooklyn and Miss Jaye have shot together several times, and this calendar brings together all of their sexiest shots, including images featuring hunky Travis – who not only moonlights as a male model, but is the lead singer of the band RATTAIL!  Better get your calendar now before the band blows up and he sues Miss Jaye for the rights!  Here’s a little taste of what’s inside:

Now some of you might be thinking, “But Miss Jaye!  These calendars are just too sexy for me to hang up in my office around the fragile masculinity and Midwest repression of my co-workers!”  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our third design, MSFW – MOSTLY SAFE FOR WORK!

MSFW features a retrospective of images from Miss Jaye’s work with Miranda Roen (as well as one month dedicated to the artistry of Brooklyn Ewing!) where we’re cut out all of that “objectionable” material: no half-naked men, no bulging packages, no poppers or props, just a big, fabulous drag queen in gorgeous outfits being photographed by amazing photographers!  Each page even has an inspirational quote so wholesome, it will have your local HR rep giving you the official thumbs up!  So why only “mostly” safe?  After all, it is still a big drag queen!  This calendar is a great way for you to tell who in your office is down to talk about last night’s episode of Drag Race…and who should maybe get the “business talk only” treatment!  Who knew a simple calendar could be so useful!

So, how do you get yourself one of these lovely calendar designs?  It’s simple!  By taking part in the pre-order laid out below!  We’ll explain all of the pricing as well as mailing and other delivery options, and give you links to submit your payment through Paypal.  If you happen to be at one of Miss Jaye’s upcoming events, like the Dakota Divas show on November 2 in Bismarck, you can also pay for them then!  Calendars can be expensive to produce, so while we always order a few extra of each style, your best way to ensure that you get to spend all of next year with your favorite diva is to take part in the pre-order!

See here is the pricing information as well as delivery information:

One Calendar – $15
Two Calendars (any style) -$25
Three Calendars (any style) – $30

All calendars are signed by Miss Jaye herself!

If you would like more than 3 calendars, please contact Miss Jaye directly for customized payment link.  Remember, calendars make great holiday gifts!

If you live in or near Grand Forks (or know someone who does) and want to meet Miss Jaye for delivery in the month of December, that can be done free of charge!  For those who would like the calendars mailed (one package to a single address), it will be an additional $7 and they will be mailed via Priority Mail flat rate envelopes.  Pre-order will go from now through late November (date will be announced later) and the calendars will ship out in early December.

Ready to jump into the pre-order?  It’s easy!  There are two sets of links, one for Grand Forks and surrounding area with free hand delivery and one for Out of Town/Prefer Mail.  Under that correct group, there will be links that denote how many calendars you want to purchase.  Click on the correct link for the number of calendars you want, complete the payment process, and just make sure to note in the comments section which style(s) you would like!  If you order 3 and leave it blank, we will assume you want one of each.

NEW THIS YEAR: Giving this calendar to fan of the House of Champagne?  We’re gagged, and they will be too when they open their calendar that is not only signed, but also comes with a handwritten card from Miss Jaye to the recipient!  Or get a card for yourself with your own calendar – you deserve it, honey!  Personalized cards are just $5 each – there will be a separate link down below, just make sure to leave a comment with your payment about who we should make it out to, any generic requests about what you’d like included (we’re not going to transcribe a novel, but we take some requests!), and you’re good to go!  If you’re buying three notecards to go with three calendars, you get the third at half off!  What a unique gift idea!

**Note: personalized cards are available with the purchase of at least one calendar.  We’re not offering just the notecards alone at this time.


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  1. lynette lunde 11/13/2019

    I didn’t see where to pick my two calenders but I would like One of the dirt and glitter and on MSFW I also f@$#ed up on the delivery I wanted themm to be mailed to me but how could I just pick them up I am old and can’t get my shit together all the time sorry

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