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Miss Jaye’s 2019 Calendar Pre-Order Is Now Open!

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Miss Jaye’s 2019 Calendar Pre-Order Is Now Open!

Hey there Champagne Dreamers!  Ready to spend another glamorous year with your favorite plus size diva?  This year Miss Jaye is offering 3 amazing calendar designs – and now the pre-order is officially open!

And here’s the pricing deal we have for you:

1 Calendar = $15

2 Calendars (any style) = $25

3 calendars (any style) = $30

6 calendars (any style) = $50

The first calendar is $15, get a second for only $10 more, and buy three calendars and get ALL THREE for only $10 each!  And you don’t have to pick certain styles for any of the deals!  If you want all of them the same or one of each, that’s totally up to you!  And as a special deal for those who might want to give the calendars as gifts, you can get 6 calendars in your choice of styles for only $50!  That’s 5 calendars at $10 each and one FREE!

Shipping for the calendars is only $6 (free if you’re in Grand Forks and want to do in town pickup) for up to 3, and free with the purchase of 4 or more!  Calendars will ship out in early December and everyone should have them before Christmas, so it’s the perfect holiday gift for the glamorous people in your life!

How to Order

Hey everyone – the calendar pre-order is now closed!  Please reach out to Miss Jaye through Facebook directly to see about available inventory!

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