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Miss Jaye’s 2019 Calendar Covers Revealed!

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Miss Jaye’s 2019 Calendar Covers Revealed!

2019 is going to be one super glamorous year as Miss Jaye has just revealed the covers for her annual calendar!

And this year, you have three amazing styles/themes to choose from!

First up, Miss Jaye: Pop Culture Queen!

Featuring inspriational and uplifting quotes on each page (nothing too cheesy, we promise!), this calendar features pictures from Miss Jaye’s adventures on the horror convention scene.  Miss Jaye is so thankful to have found her second family through Days of the Dead, and this calendar is a reminder that it’s never too late to find your community.  It’s cheeky, it’s fun, and it features some amazing “guest stars” in its pages!

The second design is The Secret Garden!

This calendar features some amazing work by Miranda Roen of Roen photography from a shoot that was done this summer in downtown Grand Forks!  Green is Miss Jaye’s favorite color and she’s been wanting to do a shoot, and an accompanying calendar, in a gorgeous green gown for ages!  And now it’s here – Miss Jaye is inviting you to explore her secret garden!

Finally, we have Janessa Jaye Champagne: Gilded!

The third design from Champagne Dreams Productions, Gilded, features a cover image by Brooklyn Ewing of Dirt Candy Productions and is a sort of combination of the first two.  It’s part glamour shot, part pop culture, and all fabulousness!  This calendar features photography by Brooklyn Ewing and Miranda Roen, as well as pictures from Miss Jaye’s private collection.

Miss Jaye has worked hard to make each design as unique as possible, but there is a chance that some images may appear in more than one calendar, though in different layouts, sizes, croppings, etc.  She’s still tinkering away to make sure each one is a special experience, and the final design (including small atlerations to the covers) may occur until the actual order is placed.

Look for a pre-order to be announced soon!  The pre-order is always the best way to ensure that you get the style you want, as only a limited quantity of each style will be available beyond the pre-order amounts.

So get ready to spend the year with Miss Jaye!

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