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Miss Jaye Is Back With The Renovation Episode 5 – Nobody’s Perfect!

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Miss Jaye Is Back With The Renovation Episode 5 – Nobody’s Perfect!

It’s been a hot minute, but Miss Jaye is finally back at it again with another episode of Miss Jaye: The Renovation – Episode 5, Nobody’s Perfect!

Focusing on Jason Gay’s book of advice Little Victories: Perfect Rules for Imperfect Living, provided to Miss Jaye by her bestie Angela of Beautiful Eccentric.  Miss Jaye and Angie have been friends for well over a decade and know each other very well, so obviously she would pick a book that would be specially chosen for Miss Jaye’s personality and tastes…right?  Turns out, no so much.

Another episode packed with humor and heart, Miss Jaye is excited to be back working on The Renovation and continuing to fast track some positive change with her #Squad!

To check out the episode on Sound Cloud, you can follow this link HERE!

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