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Miss Jaye Has Finally Made The Jump To YouTube!

Posted By on May 19, 2020 in Announcements, Champagne Dreams | 0 comments

Miss Jaye Has Finally Made The Jump To YouTube!

Y’all, you know a bitch has been talking about her dream of jumping to YouTube for a hot minute – several hot minutes in fact! – but she finally did it!

That’s right, you can now find Miss Jaye on her very own YouTube channel!

She’s coming in hot with two videos already launched on the channel: the Unpopular Makeup Opinions Tag, and a GRWM (Get Ratchet With Me) using a full face of Too Faced Tutti Fruitti collection products!

These videos were footage that she originally filmed in January with Beautiful Eccentric bestie Angie (who plays a surprisingly large role in the videos…especially the bloopers!) that she finally was able to get edited and uploaded to the site, but more content will be coming very soon!  In addition to new makeup videos and a channel intro video talking about all of her favorite things related to Glam, Geek, & Gore, Miss Jaye will also be working on transferring all of her podcast episodes to the platform as well!

Please go check out my channel and thinking about subscribing!  I’ve been wanting to do YouTube for a long time, and things just haven’t come together.  With everything going on in the world and with the opportunity to upgrade some of my equipment to make editing video possible, I decided if I didn’t do it now – then when?!  I’m super excited to start on this next part of my creative journey and I love all of you for coming along with me!  And I can’t wait to incorporate the World of Champagne into those new adventures in interesting and exciting ways! 

XOXO – Miss Jaye

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