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Miss Jaye Geeks Out Over Her Horror Faves With The Who’s There Podcast!

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Miss Jaye Geeks Out Over Her Horror Faves With The Who’s There Podcast!

What’s your favorite scary movie?

No, Miss Jaye isn’t hiding in the bushes outside your house with a hunting knife to quiz you on horror movie trivia – she’s appearing on this week’s episode of the Who’s There? Podcast to talk about her favorite scary movie, Sleepaway Camp!

Allison, the host of Who’s There?, talks to a new horror fan every week in an attempt to de-stigmatize being a horror fan – and this week she talks to Miss Jaye!  In addition to Sleepaway Camp, they talk a bit about some of Miss Jaye’s early horror influences (some of which are outlined in a video on Miss Jaye’s channel that we’ll include below!), how Brooklyn Ewing’s She Was So Pretty tells it like it is, what she’d like to see in a Sleepaway Camp reboot (hint: she’s got a pretty solid prequel idea!), and why Japanese ghosts are the scariest ghosts!  It’s a fun conversation, and we hope you’ll love it!

You can listen to the episode on the Who’s There? Podcast website, HERE.  You can also search for it on Apple Podcasts.

If you want to follow them on Facebook to find out about future episodes and guests, you can do that HERE!

We hope you’ll join Miss Jaye for this fun little exploration of all the best things that go bump in the night!

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