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Miss Jaye Brings It Back To The Classics With Her First Tag Video Of 2021

Posted By on January 21, 2021 in Champagne Dreams | 0 comments

Miss Jaye Brings It Back To The Classics With Her First Tag Video Of 2021

Now that all of the year end wrap-up and predictions are done, it’s time to get back to the classics: this week, Miss Jaye is serving you another tag video, and this one is a golden oldie!

This is one of the tags that has been in Miss Jaye’s notes since the very beginning, and you can tell: she was inspired by Nerdy Girl Makeup, who hasn’t posted a video in almost two years, and the creator of the tag, Jordan Harris, has revamped their content several times and has now taken a step back from social media and content production.  That’s what happens sometimes when you take a long time to get your channel up and running – the world keeps turning and people keep living their lives!  No matter where it started, and where those creators are now, this is still a fun tag, and we hope that you enjoy it!

NOTE: in the video, Miss Jaye refer to Jordan Harris by their previous public name as the video was recorded before she was aware of the change.  We made a couple of notes about this in the video, but wanted to include a note here as well.  This was not done in an intentional or disrespectful way, but rather is just the product of recording an old tag created by a creator that Miss Jaye hadn’t been actively watching for some time.

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