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Midas Cosmetics Has Me Bitch’N About My Lack Of Cake Liner Skills!

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Midas Cosmetics Has Me Bitch’N About My Lack Of Cake Liner Skills!

Hello Champagne Dreamers and welcome to yet another opportunity for me to show that I am a walking disaster.  If you want to put a positive spin on it, this is me saying that we’re all always learning and growing, so even though I’ve been painting this clown face for more than two decades, I still run into new products and techniques that I find challenging – but it’s about the journey!

That’s how I felt while I was playing with Midas Cosmetics’ new Bitch’n Cake Liner Palette.  I am fascinated by cake liners, and I deeply want to be good at them, but I just struggle!  This is an extension of the fact that I’ve never really been able to master any sort of liquid eyeliner, especially the coveted winged liner.  But a lack of skill is never going to stop me from buying and trying new products, so when I saw that Midas’ spring collection included a 9-pan cake liner palette with beautiful shades of green and pink, I was all over it!  The collection also included two lipsticks and two liners, and I loved that you could build your own lip duo with the shade of each that you wanted (and for only $16, a good price for just a lipstick these days, and that includes the lipstick and liner!).

All of the swatches were done on bare skin.  For the cake liners, I used some MAC Mixing Medium that I had set up for another review that will be coming soon.  I used a snall chisel brush that I think came from Beauty Bakerie to draw a straight line and a zigzag.  For the lipstick and liner swatches, I jsut applied them directly to the skin.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Whatev, Check Ya Later, Dork

Whatev is a bright baby pink.  Check Ya Later is a yellow-leaning coral pink.  Dork is a bright lime green.

To try and get the most opaque pigment, what I typically do is put a little mixing medium down on my makeup table (or on a mixing palette if I’m trying to be classy, which I’m usually not!), dipping the brush in, and then swirling the brush in the cake liner, going back and forth to get more liquid as needed.  Even doing that, quite a few of the colors still looked somewhat watery and inconsistent, so if there is a better technique to use, I’d love to hear about it because I really do want them to work (and I’m more than willing to believe that at least 50% of my struggles are my fault because of my general lack of skill/experience with liners!).  Whatev had pretty good opacity when I was drawing a straight line, and managed to keep most of the opacity when I did the zigzag.  Check Ya Later was pretty opaque though not as vibrant as I would have liked.  The swirl was a little inconsistent with product tending to collect at corners.  Dork was the one that I struggled with the most: this one looked fairly sheer and product tended to collect at the edge of the brush, leaving thicker streakier lines.  The swirl had a lot of bare spots.

L to R: Peace Out, Gag Me With A Spoon, Going Around

Peace Out is a bright cherry red.  Gag Me With A Spoon (love the throwback name!) is a bright metallic lime green.  Going Around is a deep wine berry shade.

Peace Out is one of the shades that I had the best performance from of the palette – it’s opaque and consistent, and I was able to draw the swirl shape without much clumping or inconsistency.  Gag Me With A Spoon was more consistent than the other green, but it still had a few patches that were more bare than others.  The metallic is nice, but this one just seemed a little more watery than the others in the palette.  I mixed it the same as the others, but maybe the metallics need a different ratio of mixing medium?  Going Around is a little bit sheer, and I did get some gathering at the edges, but it’s a nice bright color and not unworkable.

L to R: Hard Core, Hot Pants, Jiggy

Hard Core is a bright bubble gum pink metallic.  Hot Pants is a medium mustard tan.  Jiggy is a very blue-leaning raspberry pink.

Hard Core was the most difficult to work with; no matter what I did, it ended up very watery and sheer.  You can see in the zigzag how the shape bled and basically “melted.”  The color is really pretty, but it’s hard to get it to show up.  Hot Pants is a nice opaque shade, but I’m not much of a mustard fan.  I’m sure there is a 90s nostalgia lover that would go gaga over this shade out there, and I’m super happy for them because the performance on this is fantastic, even for a novice like me.  But for me, the color just isn’t what I’m looking for.  Jiggy was gorgeous, and performed really well.  I was able to get a rich, opaque line, and the zigzag is mostly consistent.

Like I said before, I’m chalking up about half of my struggles to the fact that this is a type of product that I’m not a master at, but I am a little concerned with the inconsistency from color to color, especially the metallics.  I would say that this product is definitely not beginner friendly, but if you’ve mastered cake liners then you will probably love this bright springtime collection of colors.

Now let’s take a look at the lip duos:

L to R: What’s Poppin’, Naughty

What’s Poppin’ is a light neutral pink, with a nice satin finish.  Naughty is a deeper browned red, nice and rich.  Both lipsticks have a comfortable wear and a satin finish that has a little bit of shine without being glossy or reflective.

L to R: Stone Fox, Tight

Stone Fox is a bright ruby red.  Tight is a brown-tinged purple berry shade.  These liners are nice a creamy and very comfortable to apply.

I absolutely love that they did the customizable duos where you could pick the lipstick and liner shades.  People have all different styles and preferences for their makeup, and this is a simple way to offer a duo while making it less likely that someone is going to get a product they don’t want.  The website even had pictures to show the lipstick and liner shades together in the four possible combinations.

(from the Midas website)

I wish more brands would do this!  I’ve talked about this before in terms of face palettes, but I am often frustrated when brands try to curate different products together for me.  I love a good blush palette or a highlighter palette, but I’m not your typical makeup wearer and when face palettes have “coordinating” shades I often find that I can’t use all of the together.  I want to be able to pick and choose and put them together in the way I like.  That applies here as well!  Someone might want a very similar red liner for the red lipstick, or them may want the liner to be be deeper than the lipstick.  Some people might want the pink lipstick with the lighter red liner, but I might want a bigger contrast to make a fun ombre with the light pink and the deep purple.  See what I mean?  I love that Midas gives you the choice – and made the price perfect so that monster like me could buy all 4 products!

I’m still struggling to get the hang of cake liners; in addition to this palette, I have the neon cake liners from ABH and the neon pastels from Glam Vice Cosmetics.  They are so versatile for creating interesting wings and other details with your eye looks to adding other details to the face like faux tattoos or fake freckles.  I’m determined to master them – or at least have fun while trying!

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