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Melt Really Made My Day-O With Their Holiday Release: The Beetlejuice Collection!

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Melt Really Made My Day-O With Their Holiday Release: The Beetlejuice Collection!

Y’all, I just have to say that if Melt knows how to do anything, it’s make a huge splash with their holiday releases!

This years collection, Melt Loves Beetlejuice, was a fabulous collection of unearthly colors and fabulous products that paid homage to the classic horror-lite comedy!  A friend and I decided to go halfsies on the PR box when it launched at the beginning of November, but I should have known better – once I saw the products, there were several more that I just knew I needed to add to my collection during the Black Friday release!

Between my half of the PR box and the products I went back for later, here’s what I’m going to be reviewing in this post:

The Recently Deceased palette, The Waiting Room palette, three shades of liquid lipstick, two gel liners, and two lipsticks.  I also have a couple of brushes and an eyelash curler, but I’m not great at reviewing tools so just know that I have them and I generally like them without having enough strong feelings (or enough smart words) to include them in this review.  Included in the pictures above are the plastic inserts that came with each palette that are made to look like stills from the movie.  I love this!  Lady Gaga did something like this with the insert for her Stupid Love palette, and I think this is a nice touch.  Normally those plastic inserts just get tossed in the trash (except for the people who keep them in their palettes, but those people are monsters and not to be trusted!), so this makes the inserts into something collectible and adds to the overall value of the product, rather than just adding to the amount of waste.

So let’s start with the palettes!  For these swatches, I laid down some of the Morphe Eyelid Primer in Translucent, and then did a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash; the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

Recently Deceased

L to R: Betelgeuse, Paranormal, Draw A Door, Neurotic

Betelgeuse is a bright acid green matte, nicely pigmented but able to be sheered out and blended at the edges.  Paranormal is a deep blackened green shimmer that applies nicely, though the shimmers don’t apply as well with a finger as I might have expected.  I recommend foiling these with a little spray to get the best coverage and application, though the dry brush application looked pretty good.  Draw A Door is a mustard yellow with some green undertones.  Neurotic is a chartreuse shimmer shade, same sort of performance as Paranormal.

L to R: Recently Deceased, Lost Souls, Little Accident, Bio Exorcist

The purple row does get a little same-y same-y, but there is some variation and the performance is good.  Recently Deceased is a deep rich purple shimmer, definitely more balanced between blue and red tones.  Lost Souls is a bright purple matte, maybe a touch reddish in tone, and a nice complement to either of the shimmers.  Little Accident is a reddish purple shimmer shade with blue shimmer to create depth.  Bio Exorcist is a lighter blue-leaning purple matte.

I recently did a video where I ranked my Melt Cosmetics palettes twice, and the reason I ranked them twice is because I felt like I had one grouping for them based on their packaging, presentation, and color story, and another grouping based on actual performance.  I am so happy to report that these Beetlejuice palettes are the best of both worlds!  I wrote in my recent review of the She’s In Parties palette that I hoped that it was a sign that Melt was heading in the right direction with their formula because that palette had the best performance of any Melt palette I had tried up to that point.  If these are any indication of what’s to come in the future, they have definitely nailed it!  The mattes are still a somewhat dry formula, but they are much softer and have a silkier blendability to them, and the shimmers aren’t chunky and hard to work with like some of the previous palettes.  There is some room to improvement here (it would have been nice to see a little more shade variety in both palettes), but the quality is amazing and this packaging is sturdy, well-designed, and absolutely gorgeous!

Here is my video ranking the Melt palettes in my collection at that point (Vida & Muerte, Smoke Sessions, She’s In Parties, Radioactive, and Millennial Pinx).

The Waiting Room

L to R: Obituary, No Exit, Sawed Girl, Dante’s Inferno, Lydia

Obituary is a lighter brick red matte shade.  No Exit is slightly deeper and also matte.  These two are way too similar, and it really feels like a missed opportunity, especially for this being the larger of the two palettes.  Melt has a history of creating really provocative color stories, so it would have been nice if there had been a couple of interesting contrast shades to go along with these gorgeous reds.  Or maybe instead of No Exit, an electric maraschino cherry red shimmer?  Just…something.  Sawed Girl is a deep berry base with lots of pink shimmer and coppery undertones.  Dante’s Inferno looks maroon in the pan, but it has a brown resonance to it, as well as a beautiful golden copper shimmer.  This is a really unexpected duochrome moment, and the consistency is absolutely perfect.  Lydia is a true red shimmer, very reflective and beautiful.

L to R: Char Man, Tombstone, Shrunken Head, Juno, Sandworm

Char Man is a gorgeous deep black.  This is a good black, if you like them deep and very pigmented.  This might scare off the timid or unexperienced, but if you like true, deep, suck-in-the-light-around-you black, this is your girl!  Tombstone is a deep gray matte.  Shrunken head is a slightly lighter gray matte.  Once again, we have two shades that are different, but not really different enough to justify them both.  I would have loved if they had taken one of these gray mattes and one of the red mattes and given us a really fun, interesting pair of contrast shades – maybe turquoise/green shades like the sawed girl’s skintone?  Or, if they wanted to stick in this more monochromatic style, take the deeper gray and make it a similar color but in a shimmer, maybe with an interesting duochrome shift.  Juno is a light taupe gray shimmer, a little weak on the finger, but lovely either foiled or even just with the pressure and control of a dense brush.  Sandworm is a matte white, and this is the best of the best when it comes to matte whites – very pigmented, but soft and blendable.  This one is definitely a winner.

These palettes are fantastic, and I really do hope that this is a preview of the quality, in terms of both formula and packaging, that we can expect from melt in upcoming releases.  This is the first time that I feel like I would have them in the same place on a ranking list for both attributes, and that is right at the top!  My friend Amy D and I did a Don’t Drink & Drag episode on my channel where we used these palettes to try and create the looks above (from the Melt Cosmetics IG, feat. the brand’s two owners) while under the influence of very strong cocktails.  Want to see how it went?  I’ll include it here!

Now let’s move on to some lip products, starting with the liquid lipsticks in the collection.  For all of the rest of the swatches in this post, the lighting is the same, but the swatches are done over bare skin.  I typically do this with lip products, and for the liners I thought I would just do them on bare skin as well because there are uses for them all over the face, not just places where you would likely use an eye primer.

L to R: Weirder & Weirder, Strange & Unusual, It’s Showtime!

Weirder and Weirder is a deep navy base with purple and blue shimmer.  Weirder and Weirder is an electric pink with definite blue notes to it.  It’s Showtime is a bright neon purple.  All of these dry down to have some degree of metallic shimmer.  The metallic shine goes from the least to the most in the colors from left to right above.

These. Are. Amazing.

I absolutely love these!  The colors are fantastic, and I love the glitter combined with the metallic shine.  So many brands struggle with making a metallic liquid lipstick, and this is the blueprint they need to follow.  These have an element of also acting as a bit of a stain when you remove them, so be prepared for that, but if you don’t mind that, the color when they are applied fresh is absolutely out of this world!  I would love to have this formula in other colors, especially green or teal.  Yummy!

L to R: Ghost With The Most, Miss Argentina

Ghost With The Most is a deep army green, very matte in application.  Miss Argentina is a bright popsicle red, matte but with a lot of color and flare.  I don’t love the Melt Lipstick formula – it’s way too dry and stiff in the tube, and a bit hard to apply – but these colors are gorgeous.  If I hadn’t gotten them in the PR box I’m not sure if I would have purchased them on my own…well, maybe the green one because I am nothing if not predictable!  I don’t mind having them in my collection, but they are just typical lipsticks, and much stiffer than I prefer when I do use stick lipsticks.

L to R: The Afterlife, Utterly Alone

The gel liners were the biggest surprise to me – I loved these!  I used both of them in the Don’t Drink & Drag episode: I used Utterly Alone as the base color for the eye look (before layering on shadows from the Recently Deceased palette) and The Afterlife was used to create a base for laying down my green eyebrows.  The Afterlife is an acid green that almost seems to have a slight reddish brown tone that shows through at the edges.  Utterly Alone is a bright red-toned purple base with an amazing blue metallic element that creates a gorgeous play between the two ingredients for purple.  These had so much pigmentation, and they were so much easier to use than typical gel colors like this.  The left swatch is just a finger swatch, and the right swatch is laying down the color with a small detail brush.  I’m terrible at eyeliner, so I don’t use them for that, but I imagine I might use them for more targeted application with a detail brush, so I decided to go with that.  I just did the finger application when I used the purple shade for the look in DD&D.

I am LIVING for this collection!  It’s colorful, it’s fun, and unlike my heartbreak with last year’s Amor Eterno palettes, the performance is every bit as good as you would hope when looking at the amazing packaging.  The palettes were a little too repetitive for my taste – just one or two shades swapped out in each palette would have fixed the issue – but overall I am in love.  I sometimes rag on Melt for being too expensive (and even with this stellar performance, the palettes feel at least $10-15 too expensive for what you get) but this is one collection where they really promised you a colorful, immersive experience related to the collab partner, and they absolutely delivered.

Unfortunately, you can’t just say Beetlejuice three times for these items to re-appear: this was a limited edition collection and as of this writing, the only products still in stock are The Waiting Room palette, the mascara that released with the collection, and 4 tshirt styles.  But Melt is absolutely heading in the right direction in terms of their quality and performance, so I’m very excited to see what’s coming in their future releases.

(I like to meme myself and this time I did it using the finished eye look from the Don’t Drink & Drag episode!)

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