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Me, Myself, & M-M-M-Makeup: Reaching Across The Pond To Get My Hands On A British Beauty Collab

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Me, Myself, & M-M-M-Makeup: Reaching Across The Pond To Get My Hands On A British Beauty Collab

I have so many rainbow palettes.  Sometimes I think about my collection and I’m a little bit overwhelmed by how many gorgeous rainbow palettes I have.

Does that stop my from buying more?

Hell no.

I decided to pick up the Me, Myself, & MMMMitchell palette for a few reasons:

  1. It’s from Beauty Bay, a British beauty retailer that is similar to an Ulta – they carry a bunch of other brands and also have their own store brand.  Except unlike Ulta, I keep hearing that their store brand is bomb as fuck!
  2.  MakeMeUpMissa, a Scottish YouTuber, just keeps making killer looks using this palette.  She is the queen of the cut crease, and I fell in love with every combination she put together.  I’ll include one of her videos at the bottom.  If you aren’t following her, I would suggest it.  She’s great!
  3.  It’s a goddamn rainbow palette, and I am a goddamn mess.
  4.  Oh yeah…and it’s Pride, and this palette is a collab with a queer creator.
  5.  But mostly, it’s just that I’m a goddamn mess.

The cover has some fun artwork and there is an iridescent overlay, which is cool.  I love that half of the palette is warm tones and the other half is cool tones (thought I would have liked more green options, obviously!).  The one thing I hate about the packaging is that they did that stupid thing that Urban Decay did with the Backtalk palette where the two sides are separated by a mirror that is magnetized and just sits in between the two sides.  The magnets are not that strong and so you have to pretty much hold it, if you want to use it, or set it aside.  It’s awkward and I hate it.  At least the Backtalk palette had a little channel for the mirror to sit in; this is just something you set in and then close the flaps to let it adjust itself.  Not a fan.

Luckily I am a fan of the shades inside!  For the swatches, I did them over the ABH primer with a brush swatch.  I didn’t do finger swatches with this one (except for two shades, which I’ll note) because this palette is 3/4 matte, and ain’t nobody fingerbanging these powdery mattes onto their lids.  There were just too many goddamn shades to do both kinds of swatches.  The top photo is under my studio lights with no flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

I’m going to start on the warm-toned side, top to bottom, and then switch to the cool-toned side, top to bottom.

L to R: Manchester, Macaroni, Modest, Melted

Manchester is a bright, sunshine yellow, pretty good coverage and not patchy, though the color itself is a little bit sheer.  Macaroni is a Dijon mustard yellow, a color I always used to describe as “baby poop” brown.  It’s a nice opacity, but it’s not a color I will probably use that often.  I need more experience playing with tones of yellows, especially those that lean into brown.  Modest is a matte peachy nude matte.  Melted is a bright, yellowy gold metallic.

L to R: Mental, Man-Made, Mixer, Muffin

Mental is a bright orange matte, a little red-leaning.  Like a blood orange.  Man-Made is a warm medium brown matte, but needs a little work around the edges.  Mixer is a marigold yellow, sort of like the “goldenrod” color from Crayola.  Do they still have that color?  It’s been 100 years since I colored with a box of crayons…sigh.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, Muffin is sort of an odd addition to this row, a white based duochrome with really strong pinky shift.

L to R: Muse, MMMMad, Mr. H., Meaty

Muse is a red-toned deep brown.  MMMMad is a bright coral red matte.  Mr. H. is a peachy coral matte.  Meaty is a red-leaning brown metallic.  I don’t know why these descriptions are so much shorter.  I like this row.  I’m not always sure what to do with red shadows, but I like them.

L to R: Minnie, Morning Glory, Milkshake, Michelle

This berry/pink row is definitely my jam.  See what I did there?!  Didn’t know you were going to get free Dad jokes with your makeup content didja?!  Minnie is a deep cranberry matte, a little patchy around the edges but you can blend it out.  Morning Glory is a hot pink fuchsia matte, very blue-based and a lot of impact.  Milkshake is surprisingly pale compared to how it looks in the pan.  It’s a light pink pastel matte.  Michelle is a hot pink fuchsia matte, very similar in tone to Morning Glory, but with a reflective metallic finish.

I really like the warm-toned side of this palette.  If I’m 100% honest, I think I like this side better than the cool-toned side!  It feels a little more coherent, both in individual rows and also as a collection of 12 shadows.

Let’s take a look at how the cool-toned shadows compare.

L to R: Main, Monday, Mafia, Master

Maybe one of the reasons I don’t like this side as much is that they kinda cheated and stuck this row of deep, warm-leaning neutrals across the top.  Think of how many gorgeous greens or lovely blues, or playful purples they could have put here!  I mean…well, 4, obviously.  But you know what I mean.  Main is a very red-toned medium to deep brown matte.  It’s deeper than Man-Made but I don’t know if they are different enough to both need to be here.  Monday is a deep, cairly cool-toned brown.  I love a cool-toned brown (they are my fave neutrals) and this one has good color, almost leaning a little green, but it’s not as fun as the rows below.  Mafia is a black.  It’s not terrible, but it’s definitely not gray.  It doesn’t come off as ashy or gray, but it definitely needs some building up to get significant depth.  ANd Master is a brassy gold metallic, fine for the type but not something that really needs to be here, especially when Melted is more bright and yellow and gorgeous.  Another wasted shade.

L to R: Mardy, Shmoney, Meh, Minty

Mardy is a deep forest green matte.  You know I love me some green makeup, and it hurts me to say that this was the patchiest, most inconsistent shade in the palette.  I was able to get a fairly decent swatch, but it took some work.  Shmoney is a bright-ish lime matte, and the second patchiest shade in the palette.  I would try to make the excuse that brights/neons can tend to be a little patchy and are hard to do…but there are other brights/neons IN THIS PALETTE that are much better.  There is no reason that the neon green needs to look like this when Manchester and Morning Glory are so bright and consistent.  Meh is a medium coolish camel matte.  Minty is a white base with a yellowy green duochrome flash.

L to R: Marine, Moody Mitch, Mist, Miracle

Marine is a white based shimmer with strong blue duochrome flash. I got almost nothing with a brush, but when I did a finger swatch it was bananas!  It’s a little creamy and the shimmer is sort of chunky, but with a finger or some spray you can get an intense payoff, just be ready for a little bit of cleanup.  Moody Mitch is a navy blue matte, really pretty.  I love it when navies still look vivid and blue, very jewel-toned, and not like a slightly blue-toned black.  This is a pretty shade!  Mist is a bright cyan matte, very consistent and bright.  Another example of how brights can be done, so there’s no reason for the lime…nevermind.  I’ll get over it.  Miracle is a bright turquoise matte.  I love this shade, and I can’t wait to play with it and some of the purples!

Speaking of purples…

L to R: Morgan, Myles High, Motto, Mega

Morgan is a bright electric purple matte, very 80s and I love it.  Myles High is a little more pastel and pale in use than it is in the pan, sort of like Milkshake.  it’s still a pretty color, but I was expecting more.  Motto is a bright plum purple, leaning a little red, and it’s matte but a little bit fussy to work with.  And then there is Mega.  Mega is the other shade I had to finger swatch.  I got almost nothing with a brush, but that finger swatch though…It’s a deep purple blue with a lot of shimmer.  The camera didn’t really capture the dynamic color of this shadow!  It’s really gorgeous and glittery.

Would I buy from Beauty Bay again?


This palette is pretty fantastic – there are a few weak spots, but none of the shades was a total dud, and most of my complaints are more about preferences than performance.  And it was only $36 for 32 2.8 gram pans, which when they are as generally consistent and beautiful as these shades are, is quite the deal indeed.

I don’t know that my hunger for rainbow palettes will ever truly be sated.  I am a monster and I’m unable to be stopped.  All I know is that this palette has done absolutely nothing to convince me that I shouldn’t keep right on buying the rainbows.  All of them.  All of the rainbows.

I don’t know what happened to make me like this.

But I like it.

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