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March Low Buy Update: Somestimes Things Just Fall Apart

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March Low Buy Update: Somestimes Things Just Fall Apart

Alright, so let’s get really real for a second: March is where this whole low buy thing went haywire.

I cheated.  Like a lot.  I mean, seriously, a LOT.

But it’s like the hero’s journey: you can’t truly appreciate the eventual rise of the hero if they don’t fall first, and fall hard.  And this month, I fell hard.  I decided that if I was going to break the rules, I was going to break them hard and laugh at the carnage.  And let’s face it – once I started, it felt so good that I didn’t even want to stop.

Before I get into all of my bad behavior (and a little bit of a haul – since I bought it, I might as well show it off, right?!), let’s talk about why I think this all happened.

When I started this Low Buy Year, I wanted to accomplish several things.  I wanted to have less makeup sitting around in my house, not getting used.  I wanted to be more thoughtful about what I was purchasing, hopefully leading the way to better purchases and smarter purchases.  I wanted to save some of the money that I was currently throwing at the cosmetics industry as fast as I possibly could.  But I didn’t necessarily think about why I had developed those shopping habits in the first place, at least not in a way that was setting me up for success.

I’ve always admitted that I am an emotional shopper, especially when it comes to makeup.  The words “retail therapy” are no joke in my household.  And while I knew that this was an issue, I started the Low Buy year without any alternate plans or strategies for handling emotional turmoil.  Did I think 2019 was just going to be the year of not having any emotions?  Not likely.  I lurched into the new year with my usual level of stress and challenges, a couple of fairly lengthy work trips, and all of the emotional churn that’s been surfacing due to the introspective project I gave myself by starting my podcast series, Miss Jaye: The Renovation.

If this whole low buy thing is going to work, I need to have other sort of coping mechanisms that don’t involve plunking down my already overworked credit card at the nearest Sephora location.  But while I work on figuring out what those are, so I can rise from the proverbial ashes of my financial life like a Phoenix, let’s just enjoy all the pretty, sparkly things I bought in the meantime!

So let’s start with the legit stuff that I bought this month.  Even with my item slot rolled over from February, I had used up all 6 slots for March by the 9th.  Yikes!

For my first two purchases of the month, I decided to try out the new Morphe foundation and concealer.  I’ve been planning to do a big review and try out with Morphe anyway, and getting their face products gets me one step closer to the “full face, one brand” challenge.

For the foundation, I picked up the shade 2.10 and for the concealer I picked up C1.45, both of which are recommended in the first row of their Medium range for cool undertones.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to pick up the spot concealer or not (probably not), and I may just cheat with the powder when it comes to that step (I set with setting spray, so I mostly just use powder for baking, and most of that gets wiped away anyway, so it feels like less of a cheat than other products).  I haven’t worn them with a full face yet, but I’ve swatched them and I generally like the feel and the color was a pretty good match.  Look for more info coming soon!

Next up, I was super excited when I went to a different Ulta in Tempe, and they had a whole display of Smith & Cult products!  I’ve talk about my obsession with the brand Hard Candy, and my appreciation back to when they were a bougie nail polish brand in Nordstrom and Neimans all the way up to their newest incarnation as a darling of the makeup aisles exclusively in Walmart; well, Smith & Cult was started by the founder of Hard Candy, and while they also started with just nail polish and a few glosses, they now have a very vivid and exciting collection of color cosmetics to light up your whole face.  Specifically, I was interested in their chunky glitter creams – 2019 is the Year of Glitter after all, remember?! – so I picked up two shades: Blue and Bronze.

Blue has a base of blue microglitter and then big, round chunky glitter that is holo silver.  It mostly just looks silver until you apply it and spread it out a bit – then the blue starts to show through.  It’s bold and gorgeous, though I would have liked a fun shape for the larger glitter pieces.

Bronze is more of a coppery orange kind of experience, with a little bit of subtle pink shift for good measure.  I love the big square cut pieces of orange/yellow iridescent glitter, and the base beneath is really pretty as well.  I usually am drawn to cooler tones, but this little fireball had to be mine!

For item number 5, I decided that I was going to include this as an item slot, even though “tools” were not part of my original rules (generally, I don’t overspent on tools – in fact, if you look at some of my raggedy ass brushes, you might argue that I underspend on tools! lol).  I already have 5 mirrors from Jeffree Star Cosmetics (star mirrors in pink, aqua, lavender, and white glitter, as well as the red, white, and blue popsicle mirror from last summer), but when I saw the pink chrome, I knew I had to have it.  Why didn’t he just lead with that one?!  It’s gorgeous and perfect.

How do I know that it’s gorgeous and perfect?  Because I already have it.  I initially tried to join the crush and order on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website (they were offering a free liquid lipstick with each accessory purchase, and this bitch loves some shit that’s free!), but I dawdled and they were sold out before I could complete checkout.  So I headed on over to Beautylish and placed my order on Friday, and the mirror arrived at my house on Tuesday.  Seriously, why does anyone even order from his website anymore?!  If I had ordered from his site, I probably wouldn’t have even gotten a “your label has been created” notification by Tuesday, let alone actually receive the mirror.

Last up, I decided to get the newest eyeshadow palette from Beauty Bakerie: The Proof Is In The Pudding.

I’ve been more than a little critical of this brand from time to time (especially around their generally disappointing metallic Lip Whip formula), but I’m apparently a stan because I have almost every palette they’ve ever put out!  I’m planning a full face challenge video with Beauty Bakerie, and they can also be a part of my Black Owned Makeup Brand (BOMB) challenge video, so this mostly neutral assortment will be a nice addition to the Game of Cones and Do It For The Graham palettes.

I sort of cheated with the Beauty Bakerie order…a little, although as noted above I don’t technically consider tools a part of the Low Buy.  I had some credit from their loyalty program and I wanted to get to where I would have free shipping, so I also ordered the new black version of their Blending Eggs.

I’m interested to see how the black ones compare to the pink and teal.  The different colors in the original set were different densities, so I’m wondering if this will mimic one of those two, or give a third density option.  I’ll be sure to report back later!

My cheating on the Beautylish order was much clearer: to get free shipping, and also because I was feeling mildly butthurt about not getting my free lipstick, I decided to order one of the Lip Ammunition lipsticks in the shade Alien Tears.  It’s pretty sheer, but it looks like it will give a nice glittery shimmer over liquid lipsticks, especially for photos.

That was a minor transgression.  I also had a little bit of a shopping meltdown while I was in Arizona and added a few more items to my Hard Candy collection.  This didn’t feel too bad, because I was able to get 7 items (and two of those were lipstick and liner duos!) for less than $50:

I like the cream and powder cheek palette I had gotten earlier, so I decided to pick up another color variation that included some fun pink and purple shades.  I also wanted to try out more of their liquid lipsticks, so I picked up two more of the duos in Sugar Plum and Tulip.  I also decided to get a couple more of the Flashers lip glosses in Shocking pink, and a turquoise blue that wasn’t on the website when I went to grab images.  I don’t have it with me, so I don’t have the name, but it’s a pretty gorgeous color, darker and more blue than the one pictured above.  I picked up a liquid shadow duo in Supernova (with two lovely shades of green!) and a very predictable for me eyeliner pencil in a bright, grass green called Kryptonite.

Mama Champagne sensed that I was under some stress during my work trip, and since gift cards don’t violate my Low Buy rules she sent me an Amazon gift card for $100 that I promptly translated into an Ulta card and went shopping!  Although technically within the rules, given the amount of extra purchases I’ve made so far this month, it still felt like cheating.  Either  way, here’s what I picked up at Ulta – I think I did a pretty good job of making $100 go pretty far.  And my ending total was a few cents below $101 before tax, so I stayed within my rules for gift cards!

The Morphe 35G Bronze Goals is the exact kind of product that I created this whole gift card rule for in the first place – I was interested in it, kinda sorta, but I knew that I would never use one of my coveted item slots for it.  Same with the Zodiac Love signs palette from BH Cosmetics.  They are both fun, and I love the color stories, but they aren’t “Me” enough to warrant a full slot.  Bronze Goals is too warm and golden, though I appreciate that the tended toward more shimmer than mattes for this one.  Love Signs has some pretty colors, and I generally like the quality of the BH Cosmetics palettes, but it just didn’t have the wow factor that would make me use up an item slot.  But when it’s “free” with a gift card, sign me up!

The Pretty Mess collection from Too Faced mostly just looks like a mess (that eyeshadow palette is truly hideous – the colors are boring and those tiny little pans just scattered in that big palette? No ma’am!), but I’m always willing to give credit where credit is due: that color combo for the DSL lip kit is pretty gorgeous.  Also, I’m eyeing the highlighter – it’s super creamy and really, really pigmented, which is a nice change for Too Faced whose highlighters are inconsistent at best.  I picked up the lip kit with the gift card, but don’t be surprised if the highlighter also makes an appearance in my Low Buy updates at some point…

Finally I decided to get three drugstore lip options.  Catrice was having a BOGO 50% off sale, so I picked up two Prisma Lip glazes in Beetle Juice and You’re So Holo.  For a longer lasting look, I also got the Maybelline Super Stay Lip Ink in Escapist, a deep, gorgeous blue from the City Collection.

Now, here’s the stuff that was totally cheating.  Yeah, that’s right – we’re not done yet.  I told you this was a bad month for my Low Buy.  Just enjoy the ride.

I placed another order with Beauty Bakerie, picking up just a few odds and ends to complete my “full face, one brand” essentials:


First up, I’ve been wanting one of their mini loose highlighters for a while; I have their pressed highlighters, so I don’t really need one, but that packaging is just so stinkin’ cute, and Iced is a light pink that will work well with a nude or pastel sort of look.  Also in that nude vein, I wanted something more subdued in the lip department, so I picked up a matte Lip Whip in Salted Caramel Mocha and a lip gloss in Drive Me Glazy.

Finally, once challenge that I always face when planning for a “full face, one brand,” is that I shave off and redraw my eyebrows.  That means that a brand needs to have a brown pencil…or I have to get creative.  Beauty Bakerie does not have a brown pencil, so I decided to try out the BROWnies Eyebrow Gel in Brown.  I’m hoping that it’s just like a typical gel color, nothing too maxy or like a pomade.  I also picked up their SophistiCAKE Angled Brush – it was only $8, and it goes with the brow gel.  Let’s hope I can make that do what I want it to do!

Now for my final transgression (yes, there’s still more!), I decided to place an order with ColourPop.  That’s another brand I’m planning to do a “full face, one brand” with, plus I generally really like their pressed shadows and some of the newer palettes have some really great colors!  Most of their palettes I end up depotting and throwing into a magnetic palette, but their new 9-pan palettes are adorable and color-coordinated, so those I’ll be leaving alone.  Here’s what I got from ColourPop:

Like I said, I love the little 9-pan palettes, and I love that they have been putting out these little color-coordinated sets.  And the Just My Luck in green was basically designed just for me.  I picked that one up and the purple It’s My Pleasure.  I already have the pink Ohh La La and the neutral Brown Sugar palettes, so these are going to be a welcome addition to my collection.

I also appreciate that they changed the packaging of the Mar and Sol palettes to be the same colorblock sort of plastic, but those collections are not as consistent.  Luckily I have a shit ton of ColourPop shadows – I bought these so that I could depot them and make the blue/teal and orange/peach palettes of my dreams!  ColourPop’s palettes are all magnetized for easy depotting, and I appreciate that they made them that way for easy customization!  I also got the Through My Eyes palette just because there are a few shades from there that I want to put into the Mar and Soul palettes!

In terms of face products, I also had a couple of holes to fill in order to be able to truly do a full face justice.  I picked up a bottle of foundation in Light 75; I already have Light 60, so with these two cool-toned shades I shold have at least one match, or be able to mix to a perfect shade.  I also picked up a concealer in Light 12, a shade closer to my skintone.  The one I already had was much lighter and will be good for brightening, but this one will work for spot concealing and having a less extreme base highlight for specific looks.  I also picked up one of their cream stick foundations in Deep Dark 210 C.  Don’t worry – I haven’t gone crazy and forgotten that I’m pasty af, and I’m not planning to embarrass anyone with some inappropriate blackface looks like I’m some rich Republican douchebag.  I wanted something else to use for contour; I have a pressed blush that will probably work, but it’s light than I like, so between that and this I’m hoping to get some good balance to shape this Jabba the Hut face I have going on.

Finally, I picked up one of the Super Blur lipsticks, a new finish in their Lux Lipstick line that I’ve been wanting to try.  It’s supposed to be sort of pigmented but also diffused, sort of like that NYX Powder Puff Lippies or the Lime Crime Plushies.  This is the first time I’m seeing a finish like that in a stick instead of a liquid, so I decided to try it out in a hot pink shade called Super Bloom.

This month there is no question that my Low Buy went to the dogs!  But even though I spent way more than I intended, and I’m not happy about all of my “transgressions,” I still feel like the experience was worth it – I’m learning more about my shopping behaviors and how they are tied to and driven by my emotions.  I’m getting better at recognizing emotional triggers that send me into a shopping frenzy.  I’m not any better at resisting them so far, but hey, at least it’s a step in the right direction…right?  The new project is to control those shopping behaviors and find other coping mechanisms for emotional strain.

Although Jeffree Star just peeped his new palette and collection on Twitter, so I may be a lost cause.  Let’s just hope that come April, I’m less of a damn fool.

(Editor’s Note: between writing this post and it’s publication, Miss Jaye also took some of her sweaty titty money from the most recent Dakota Divas show and picked up the ABH Riviera palette, the Morphe x Jeffree Star brush collab, the Too Faced Tutti Fruiti banana setting powder, and two shades of the Too Faced Tutti Fruiti glitter liquid eyeshadows.  Clearly she is a monster who will not be stopped.)

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