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Makeup Thunderdome: Glamlite Vs. Bombshell Cosmetica – Who Will Be Crowned The Burger King?!

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Makeup Thunderdome: Glamlite Vs. Bombshell Cosmetica – Who Will Be Crowned The Burger King?!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Makeup Thunderdome post, but when I saw that there were two great indie brands who were both putting out palettes with a burger theme, I knew I had to get them both and compare them.  You’re probably thinking, “OMG – two more burger palettes?  Haven’t we had enough?!”  No, these are the two OG burger palettes that people have been talking about.  As usual, Miss Jaye is late to the party, and with some recent things happening at work, it took me quite a while to find the time to do my swatches and really put in some research to give you my thoughts on how these two palettes stack up against each other!  This is some Stephanie Nicole level shit happening here!

[OK, maybe not quite that thorough, but I wanted to give you as much information to compare these two palettes as possible!]

Now for this palette smackdown, I’m going to be putting the two palettes through several “rounds” based on criteria that I use for evaluating makeup and choosing my own winner for each round.  I’ll also explain how I came to my decision based on what I value; that way if you have a different way of approaching that particular attribute, you can decide your own winner.  At the end, I’ll give you my overall winner – which of these two burger palettes is truly the Burger King!

Here are the criteria that I’m using to evaluate the palettes:

  1. Packaging & Presentation
  2.  Cost
  3.  Color Story & Versatility
  4.  Matte Vs. Shimmer / Fallout
  5.  Shadow Performance
  6.  BONUS ROUND: The Collection!

Let’s do this!


First up, in alphabetical order by brand, is the Bomb Burger palette by Bombshell Cosmetica.

This palette features 16 all matte shades in a range of vivid colors and even a few neons.

Contestant 2 is the Burger palette by Glamlite, the brand credited with the current food-themed palette craze when they released their viral pizza palette.

This palette also features 16 shades, with a mixture of mattes and shimmers.

I knew I wanted both of these palettes in my collection, but that’s no reason not to crown a winner!  So let’s get to the competition!

ROUND 1: Packaging & Presentation

Both of these palettes have creative packaging that is trying to evoke the fast food dining experience, and I’m all the way here for it.  It’s just so cute!  Bombshell nails the looks of McDonald’s fries with the yellow and white striping inside the box the palette comes in, and the palette itself is a really cute cartoon interpretation of a juicy burger with all of the toppings.  The palette has a magnetic closure and the top, which detaches completely instead of being attached with a hinge, has a pretty large mirror.  Ingredients are listed on the back of the palette, but there are no shade names on the palette, on the back, or on any of the external packaging.

The Glamlite palette is much bigger and bulkier.  The top of the palette looks like an overhead view of a burger, with lightly embossed sesame seeds and a puffed up top.  The palette features a hinged top and the palette has a mirror in it, although there is a pretty larger border around the mirror itself so it ends up being similar in size to the Bombshell mirror despite a larger surface area to work with.  The inside of the palette once again looks like an aerial view, this time of a burger patty with cheese and other toppings, and the shade names do appear on the palette.  The bottom of the palette features the ingredients…and a warning not to eat the palette.  Just in case you were confused, or really, really, really hungry.

RESULTS: if I’m entirely honest, I’m not totally in love with either of these palettes in terms of their packaging.  I think they are creative and kind of cute, but neither is totally my aesthetic.  My dislikes?  For Bombshell, I don’t like that the top of the palette completely detaches, and I also hate that there aren’t shade names on the palette itself – there certainly is room for them!  As for the Glamlite palette, ever since the Jeffree Star Alien palette came out, I realized how much I dislike palettes that are puffy or have 3D features that make them awkward to stack for travel or storage.  It’s kinda big (though that’s mainly because of more generous pan sizes), and the mirror could be bigger given the space available.

WINNER: Round 1 goes to Glamlite!  I prefer having shade names for when I’m writing reviews (and just for the overall enjoyment of the palette), and I like that the lid stays attached.  I also thought the overall unit carton was better quality, with the red and white checkered paper wrapping like at a small town burger joint.  They are both cute, and I don’t really hate either one, but Glamlite has the edge in this particular round.

ROUND 2: Cost

For cost, I’m going to be using their posted retail price to calculate the cost.  I had to think about this for a bit; Bombshell Cosmetica tends to have higher stated retail prices, but things are almost always on sale – I don’t think I’ve ever paid the retail price on anything I’ve ordered from them!  But I decided that if that’s what they say the palette should be priced at, that’s how I’m going to calculate.  If you are marking your prices up just so you can “always be on sale,” that’s a pretty shady tactic, and we don’t reward that here in the Thunderdome!  Let’s see how the money shakes out for these palettes.

Bombshell Cosmetica Bomb Burger Palette

Price: $50
16 pans, 24 grams total
Price per Gram: $2.08

Glamlite Burger Palette

Price: $40
16 pans, 32 grams total
Price per Gram: $1.25

WINNER:  Round 2 also goes to Glamlite, with a price per gram that is $.83 cheaper than the Bomb Burger palette.  However, I do want to note that this round was decided on simple math – $2.08 is not overly expensive for an eyeshadow palette, and is much cheaper than most brands offered in Sephora and Ulta.  Most of the mid-range brands like Urban Decay, ABH, Too Faced, etc. have a per-gram price of $2-something to $4-something per gram.  Both of these are relatively inexpensive palettes when compared to those common brands.

ROUND 3: Color Story & Versatility

Up front, I want to say that this round is going to be very subjective based on what you are looking for in a palette.  This is my website, and this is based on what I look for in a palette, but feel free to disagree for whatever reasons you might like.

Bombshell’s color story is a little more varied – there are a range of brights and neons, as well as a few darker shades for darkening and blending.  It’s all matte, so there is some versatility that is lost there, but in general you could get a wider range of looks with this palette if you don’t mind doing all matte looks.

The Glamlite palette is less versatile in terms of overall color selection, focusing on greens, reds, and yellow shades.  Also, using greens and reds together can be tricky; because they are opposite on the color wheel, if you blend them together too much they will turn muddy and brown.  But the advantage with this palette is that the focus on specific colors means there is more variation within those colors.  You know I love me some greens, and there are 4 of them in here, two matte and two shimmer.  There is also a nice range of red sliding through orange into yellow.  So while you can’t get as many different color combinations (Bombshell’s Bomb Burger isn’t quite a rainbow palette, but it’s close!) you can get more depth and more combinations with the colors that are represented.

They both do something well: Bombshell’s selection is more varied and shows more range, where Glamlite’s is more focused and cohesive.  So in terms of which one you prefer, it depends on what you’re looking for: a palette that will get you a lot of different color combinations, or a larger number of combinations and tones within a more limited selection of colors.  Both are good options.

RESULTS: I’m going to do the unexpected here – even though I’m known for my obsession with green shadows, and the ones in the Glamlite palette are all stunning, and even though I generally enjoy shimmers more than mattes, I’m going to side with Bombshell on this one.  I think that there are enough similar tones (shades of blue into green, red into purple, etc.) so that you can do some pretty tonal looks as well as use the matte black and the matte white/cream shade to do a lot of different monochromatic looks.  Sure, I love a good shimmer moment, but I’ve never been the “one and done” palette kind of bitch anyway – I’m always adding in glitter or pulling in a shimmer from somewhere.  Plus the neons in this palette are really on trend and perform very well.

WINNER: Round 3 goes to Bombshell Cosmetica for a wider range of colors with more versatility.

ROUND 4: Matte Vs. Shimmer / Fallout

Bombshell is definitely at a disadvantage for this round – I prefer palettes to have a mix of mattes and shimmers, and if I have to have all of one formula I prefer an all shimmer palette.  An all matte palette isn’t usually an easy sell for me.  So there is no “ratio” to explore for this palette; it’s all matte.

In terms of fallout, there were a few shades that felt a little grainier and were a little drier, and they tended to have more fallout than the creamier shades, but overall I didn’t have much of a problem with fallout for this palette.  I’m not someone who worries a great deal about fallout anyway.  I expect there to be some in pretty much every palette, and I don’t consider it a problem unless it’s really excessive (think the Subculture palette where people hit pan the first time they swirled their brush in it.  You can say they were “using it wrong,” but I’m a brush swirler from way back, so that’s a problem for me), or if the shadows get the sort of flay, flakey fallout.  There was no excessive fallout from the Bomb Burger palette, and in general the fallout was pretty standard.

Glamlite’s Burger palette does better in terms of the matte to shimmer ratio – that is, it actually has one! – with 10 mattes and 6 shimmers.  My preference is usually more of a reverse of that (10 shimmers to 6 mattes), but I can work with that.  There were a couple of different finishes to the shimmer shades: a couple of them were more traditional, frosted kind of shades, but there were also a few that were a little softer and more of that flakey metallic formula.  These looked really nice when applied with a finger, and they didn’t do that bad with a brush, but those kind always do better with a finger or a wet brush to help them really foil and shine.

There was a bit more fallout with this palette, especially for the metallic shimmer shades.  The metallic tended to get flakey and they were a lot softer in the pan, to the point that I was worried that I might be a little too aggressive with my brush.  It ended up working ok, and the swatches were beautiful, which we’ll see in the next section, but definitely more of a fallout problem for this palette.

RESULTS:  I’m going to call this one a tie.  The Bombshell formula is really smooth and applies beautifully, and I was surprised at how great the neons were without a ton of dusty kickup.  They didn’t have any variety of formula, but they had less fallout.  The Glamlite had the advantage of showcasing several formulas in the palette, but it was still really matte heavy, and the fallout was more of an issue.  I didn’t have a strong preference in terms of either palette for this round, so I’m calling it a draw.

WINNER: Bombshell Cosmetica and Glamlite – tied.


Now it’s time for the real “meat” of this competition – didja see what I did there?  Meat?  Burger palettes?!  At least I think I’m funny!

Cute packaging and a nice color story is fine and all that, but what really matters is the performance.  I would much rather have a palette of disconnected colors that all perform beautifully than a stunningly cohesive palette of literal chalkdust.  You feel me?

Let’s take a look at the swatches for Bombshell Cosmetica.  There are no shade names, so I’ll just post the swatches in order from the top row to the bottom.

This row really shows off what this palette can do with mattes!  The teal shade is gorgeous and super consistent, as is the raspberry shade.  The orange shade, the first of what I would probably consider the neon shades, had a tiny little bit of inconsistency, but it wasn’t bad for a shade that bright and I can totally work with it.  The brick red shade on the end is another great option for darkening a red or warm-toned look.  The finger swatch is on the left and the brush swatch is on the right; I was impressed that there really wasn’t that much difference in the level of opacity between the finger and the brush swatch.  That’s pretty solid pigmentation!

I’m always the first to complain that not every palette needs to have a matte black and a matte white, but for this palette I think it’s a really smart move.  This palette has a few of the shades that go together, but including a matte black and a matte almost white means that you can combine those with any single color in the palette for a simple monochromatic look.  This isn’t the most pigmented black out there, and it almost seemed a little more charcoal than black on the first swipe, but it doesn’t take much to deepen up and really get a nice black shade with some presence.  The cool-toned tan is a nice option for lighter skintones to use as a transition without being too warm or peachy.  The red shade is a little bit yellow, not quite a true red, but beautiful and pigmented.  The turquoise shade was a little inconsistent, and it struggled a bit with the primer I used (The Crayon Case Glue Stick Primer) but it could be finessed and isn’t a terrible shade.  Just be ready for it too need more work than the others.

The pastel purple shade wasn’t bad, but it seemed to settle on the primer more than I wanted, and you can kind of see a “ghost” around the edges of the swatch that didn’t want to blend out smoothly.  This shade could pose a little bit of trouble.  The pink is lovely and saturated, and I have no complaints.  The matte white is actually more of a creamy off-white, but it’s close enough and without a strong enough yellowy undertone that you could use this with the black to create monochromatic looks without any problems.  The pumpkin orange shade was nice, but it was definitely smoother with a brush than with the finger..  You can build it up to a good saturation with a little work, so I would skip the finger application with this one.

The blue shade here is really pretty, true blue and bright, but would pair really nicely with the turquoise or teal shades.  The neon green is a little patchy, but not more than neon shades tend to be because of all the white pigment used to achieve the level of brightness, but it blends nicely and you can build it up to get a pretty good punch of color.  A white base is the best bet for this shade and the electric yellow beside it.  I would suggest using a white base like Nyx’s jumbo pencil in Milk and then setting the base and then packing on the color instead of swiping.  I usually don’t set primers, but with neons I find that if the base is too tacky, it can grab the shadow and darken it and turn the whole thing to a muddy mess.  By making the surface drier and focusing on patting instead of swiping, you can get brighter, more consistent color.  The brown at the end looks really basic with these three bright neighbors, but I like that it tends to be a little cooler in tone and it’s a nice basic.  A little bland with a finger, but with a brush it looks deep and mostly consistent.

Overall, the performance here is really good.  There are a couple of shades, especially the lighter and brighter ones, that are a bit fussy but nothing really terrible.  The problem child is definitely the turquoise in the second row, but it’s workable, and if you blend it with the similar shades, like the teal or the blue, this can make it fade into a really beautiful gradient.  Overall this is a solid collection of mattes.

Now on to the Glamlite Burger palette.

L to R: Pickles, Mustard, Bacon, Sweet Potato Fries

Pickles is a really pretty Kelly green shimmer, bright and a little yellow at the heart.  It applies like a dream with both a brush and a finger, though I would recommend a finger or a wet brush for this and all of the other shimmers in this palette for the best result.  Mustard was a little patchy; even blended out with a brush it was a little powdery and inconsistent and the product tends to gather around the edge of the swatch.  Bacon was a nice copper brown.  What’s strange with this one is that the brush swatch appears a little deeper and more pigmented than the finger swatch – it’s usually the other way around!  It’s a nice shade, but that’s a weird way for a foiled shadow to behave!  Sweet Potato Fries is a little dusty as well, but it blends out more easily than Mustard.

L to R: Tomatoes, 1000 EYEland, Caramelized Onions, Cheddar

Tomatoes is a bright popsicle red, almost neon shade, but it swatches and applies really beautifully with both a finger and a brush!  This is a wonderful shade, and it’s a definite contender in my never-ending search to find products that remind me of OCC’s Lip Tar shade Harlot (may she rest in peace!).  1000 EYEland is a pretty duochrome shimmer that is a pinky peach base with a golden peach shift.  Not the most unique shade, but it’s a really well-done version of the shade.  Caramelized Onions was a hot mess – I don’t know what happened here!  It was so patchy, and the finger swatch would not blend out for anything!  I don’t know if I had too much primer (although it didn’t affect Tomatoes, the other matte in the row) or what, but I even used a bush to try to even out the finger swatch, and all I got was that inconsistent mess.  This shade did not behave like the other colors in the palette, and I’m at a loss to explain why.  Is there anything more basic that a medium chocolate brown matte?!  Cheddar is a nice yellow gold shimmer shadow, bright and metallic and perfect for the representation of cheese!

L to R: Blue Cheese, Avocado, Red Onions, Onion Rings

I’m a green lover from way back, but Blue Cheese is my favorite shade in this palette!  It’s so pretty, a deep indigo blue with this really pretty silvery and pale blue shimmer.  It’s a pretty unique shade, not one you run into every day.  Avocado is a nice medium toned matte green.  It’s a little weak with just a brush, but you could put it over a white base or a concealer to really punch up the color.  Red Onions is a cool-toned deep red, almost raspberry.  It’s a little patchy with the finger only, but was fully saturated and beautiful with the brush which is my preferred method for applying mattes.  Onion rings seemed to grip the primer a little more than I liked, but it wasn’t terrible.  it’s a nice basic, and a shade like this is never going to make or break the palette for me anyway.

L to R: Lettuce, Spinach, Ketchup, BBQ Sauce

Lettuce is a pretty spring green, yellowy and sparkling and pretty consistent.  Spinach is a little inconsistent, especially with a brush.  That’s disappointing, given that greens are my favorite and this one really needs some work to make it happen.  Ketchup is a bright, electric red, just a little bit darker than Tomatoes.  Frankly, I don’t think Ketchup and Tomatoes are different enough to both need to be in this palette.  I would have preferred a blue/green sort of shade to help beef up the looks you can do with Blue Cheese.  It might have been hard to come up with an ingredient that would work with that color, but it would have been worth it for the color story.  BBQ Sauce is a deep maroon shade, maroon and pretty consistent with a brush, though the finger swatch tended to chunk up a little bit.

This palette overall was much more inconsistent.  The shades that were good, especially the shimmers, were really beautiful, but when a shade was bad it was much worse than any of the shades in the other palette.  There were a few that were ok, but needed some finesse, and the inconsistency between brush and finger swatches was much more noticeable with these shadows.

WINNER:  I really thought I was going to love Glamlite better, with those gorgeous pans of green, but Bombshell was much more consistent overall, and the problems that were there were much smaller than those with the Glamlite palette.  Both are good, and you can make them work, but Glamlite is decidedly fussier to work with.  This round goes to Bombshell Cosmetica!


Obviously we’re just looking at how one palette compares to another, but I thought it might be fun to throw in a bonus round and talk about the collections that these palettes were a part of.  Why release one product when you can create a bunch of related companion products and (hopefully) increase your profits?!  It’s all about that impulse shopping, baby!

Bombshell Cosmetica did something a little different with their palette: not only were there a few pairs of lashes in food-related packaging, they actually released three palettes together in a Malt Shoppe Collection.”  It makes more sense to have the Burger palette as a collection of all mattes when you know that there was a companion palette, the Strawberry Milkshake palette, that was 10 shimmer shades.  You could go for just matte, just shimmer, or get both and pair the matte and shimmer shades together.  There was also a Fresh Baked Cookie palette that had 12 shades in a mix of matte and shimmer, but they were darker and tended towards more jeweltones.  When you consider the whole collection, the palettes can be used together or alone to get a much wider variety of looks and to suit a wider range of customers’ preferences.  It’s a heftier investment if you want more than one palette (I was tempted by the MIlkshake palette, but I decided to stick with just the Burger as I already have a ton of shimmers I can use with this palette) but it allows for it to be a little more tailored to your likes than just having one palette and some lashes.

Glamlite has expended the items in the collection over time; when it launched, there was just one style of Fry lashes, but they have since added a bunch of Burger lashes and even a bright pink Milkshake Lips lip gloss.  They seem to do that – put out one or two related products at launch and then add to it as they go (they did something similar with the Pizza palette, with pizza lashes launching later) – and it can be frustrating for those who want to get all of their items at the same time, or may be looking for something to boost them up to a free shipping threshold.

WINNER: Even if the timing is inconsistent, I think I prefer the Glamlite collection.  I like that they at least have a lip that you can pair with the palette, though the blue-toned pink shade isn’t the best match to all of the looks in the palette (especially the warmer, more yellow looks), and the lashes come in a variety of styles from more subdued to really dramatic.  I like the Milkshake palette, and it may still end up in my cart, but the collection is much less cohesive than some of their previous releases and I wanted accessory products, not just more palettes.  Sorry Bombshell, this round goes to Glamlite.


This is such a tough one.  As I reviewed all of these different elements of the palettes, I was reassured in my decision to go ahead and purchase both palettes.  They are such different color stories, and both fit into my collection in different ways.

Let’s review the winners of the individual rounds:

  1. Packaging & Presentation – GLAMLITE
  2.  Cost – GLAMLITE
  3.  Color Story & Versatility – BOMBSHELL COSMETICA
  4.  Matte Vs. Shimmer / Fallout – BOMBSHELL COSMETICA & GLAMLITE – TIE!
  5.  Shadow Performance – BOMBSHELL COSMETICA
  6.  BONUS ROUND: The Collection! – GLAMLITE

I went into the review thinking that I already had my mind made up.  But when I looked at all of the categories, I realized that I was having an upset in the results internally!  Look, I love cute packaging as much as the next queen, and while both of these palettes have it, Glamlite’s packaging is clearly on another level.  Also, Glamlite’s Cost was better by almost a dollar per gram, and the collection that Glamlite released to support this palette was more complete (can’t forget a hot lip product y’all!).

With it’s four green shadows I thought I was going to prefer GlamLite’s color story but the more I looked at the shades, and especially the groupings of the rows, the colors in the Bombshell palette really grew on me and I do think they are more versatile.  Glamlite is more focused and cohesive, but some of the shades feel a bit repetitive whereas there are some related shades but nothing really feels like a repeat.  In terms of matte vs. shimmer and fallout, the both had their ups and their doubts, so that round was a tie, but Bombshell had a much more consistent and beautiful application.

And isn’t that what really matters?  Sure, cute packaging looks nice in an Instagram post, but what you really want to shine is your look!  It was a very close competition, and both palettes were fine contenders, but there can only be one winner…

Bombshell Cosmetica’s Bomb Burger Palette!

What do you think of our result?  Is this the burger that sates your color cravings?  Or do you want second helpings of Glamlite’s focused color story and more generous servings of shadow?  Let me know in the comments below how you feel about this contest, and give me suggestions for what type of Makeup Thunderdome you’d like to see next!

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