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Made By Mitchell…But Is It Made For Me?!

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Made By Mitchell…But Is It Made For Me?!

You know me – I’m a sucker for beautiful green shadows!  So when I added Made By Mitchell to my list of brands that I wanted to try in 2021, I knew that I was probably going to get started with the Feet On The Ground palette: yeah, there are a fair number of neutrals, but there are also a wide range of stunning greens, a couple fun pops of yellow, and a blood orange that makes my heart sing!

Mmmmitchell is a UK-based influencer that I (like a lot of people) got to know through his collaborations with the infamous Jeffree Star.  He had a couple of collabs with P. Louise and Beauty Bay (I didn’t try any of the P. Louise products, but I reviewed the Beauty Bay palette HERE), but then he announced that he was launching his own brand with two large palettes, a mini palette, a line of liquid blushes called “Blursh” (gross), and some brushes and accessories.  I was intrigued, but the prices sort of put me off: the big palettes have 3 gram pans and there are 25 shades, but $52.50 for a brand I’ve never tried still makes me question.  Plus there is the possible collection to Beauty Bay that I’ll discuss more below.  I think I put them on my brand list for 2021 just to “force” myself to give them a chance!  I mean, if I said it in a video, I’ve got to do it, right?!

So let’s talk about Beauty Bay for a second.  They seem to be like a British version of an Ulta or Morphe; they have their own store brand products, but they also curate a selection of other brands.  They are based in the UK, but the shipping to US is pretty reasonable and surprisingly fast, so it’s a great way to try out some new brands that we don’t have available here through our collected retailers like Sephora or Ulta.  Like Ulta, their store brand is generally drugstore priced: while their collab palettes with Mitchell and NikkieTutorials were more expensive with fewer shades, they carry a wide variety of palettes ranging from less than $10 up to $20 for a large, 42-pan behemoth!  I tried a couple of the larger palettes, and found them to be a lot like Morphe palettes – not bad, and definitely good for the price, but not anything really spectacular.  The collab palettes were definitely hit and miss: while Mitchell’s palette made it into my Top 20 of 2020 Beauty, Nikkie’s palettes was kind of a dud.  I don’t mind taking that kind of chance on a $20 palette, but on a $50+ palette?  Not so sure…

So, why am I talking about Beauty Bay – this is a Made By Mitchell palette, right?  Well, that’s the thing.  Maybe I’ve just become suspicious because of all of the connection between Morphe and other brands/influencers, but the packaging looks a lot like Beauty Bay packaging.  Like, a lot.  The pans are very much like the pans from the collab palette and the construction not only looks the same, but the quality feels very similar.  Now, it absolutely could be that Beauty Bay’s store brand and Made By Mitchell could just be buying packaging from the same supplier, but I guess I’m just suspicious by nature.  But I pushed those to the side and took the plunge – here’s hoping that it works out for the best!

All of that makes me sound like I’m shrewd and thoughtful when planning my cosmetics purchases, but let me tell you the real story about why I decided that now was the time to check this brand off my list.  I mentioned above that the line included a line of liquid blush.  I don’t like liquid blush.  I’ve never been very good at using liquid blush.  I hate that ridiculous name, Blursh.  Beauty Bay offered a free blush with a purchase over a certain amount, but it was a specific shade – Mango Daiquiri – that is the most ridiculous shade of clown orange.  So of course, I did it!  I was interested in both of the large palettes, and while the Head In The Clouds palette has a ton of gorgeous pastels, I had to go with the greens and picked up this beauty!  And I got my hideous shade of clown blush…

The palette comes in this weird padded bag…I’m not sure why?  It’s one of those floppy bags like they sell for laptops, the kind that will protect your computer in a backpack but isn’t really enough of a bag on its own.  I guess the thought it that you could use it to make this large palette more “travel friendly?”  Clearly THAT was a pre-pandemonium idea!  I just don’t understand the point of it.  It makes an already large palette even bulkier in your collection, if you want to travel with palettes this large you probably already have a system for doing so, and it’s an odd shape to try to store/carry anything else.  Maybe some people love this little extra, but I would have gladly done without it and saved a few dollars off the price.

The packaging is nice, I guess?  I’m not really into camo print…anything, but there are little touches of holographic shine, and the logo seems to be the sort of mix of British reserve with feminine flair that I think of when I think of Mitchell.  It’s a lot, but it makes sense, if that makes sense…

Swatches were done over the Kaleidos Makeup Tone Activator eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Salt Bae, Limeade, Bored In The House, Angelina, Bless U

Salt Bae is a buttercream vanilla matte shade.  I will say right up front, so that I don’t have to keep repeating it, that the matte shades are not great with a finger.  The deeper the matte is, generally, the harder it was to get a finger swatch.  I don’t apply mattes with fingers literally ever, so this is not a concern for me, but if you like to fingerbang your mattes onto your face, this is going to be a concern for you.  Salt Bae tends to go on a little thicker than I would like – a lot picks up and it tends to deposit and stick.  It’s workable, but it’s not as smooth as I would normally like.  Limeade is a gorgeous light, bright green shimmer.  What I noticed with a lot of shimmers that was odd is that applying them with a finger tends to really sheer them out.  You still get a nice smooth application, but I got much more opacity with a brush.  They can tend to be a little chunky, so if it’s too much you can always foil it with some spray.  I like it the way that it is, and it blends like a dream!  Bored In The House is a deep cool-leaning brown matte.  Angelina is a shell pink shimmer with some subtle, rusty red undertones.  Bless U is a very yellow buttercream shimmer metallic.

L to R: R-kid, Chameleon, Chewlip, Ground, Breaking

R-kid is a bright yellow matte that has a sort of marigold look to it.  It looks a bit darker when applied that I would have expected.  Chameleon is an olive-infused khaki matte.  This one reacted with the priemr a bit and darkened at the edges, but otherwise it blended out nicely.  Chewlip is a cool wine matte with some brown tones.  Ground is a cool taupe-y beige matte.  Breaking is an extremely cool taupe matte.

L to R: Mama’s Garden, Earth Child, Descent, Tigerlily, Clay Baby

Mama’s Garden is a gorgeous bright grass green shimmer with yellow notes.  Earth Child is a medium army green matte.  This one also reacted with the primer and darkened a bit, leading to unever coloration in both swatches.  Same thing with Descent, a light medium gray matte.  This one was probably the most inconsistent as I was blending of all the shades in the palette.  I don’t use a lot of gray, so I’m not concerned, but if you’re a fan of gray shadows, this one will probably give you some problems.  Tigerlily is a stunning blood orange matte.  This is such a pretty shade, and that’s coming from someone who typically doesn’t like oranges!  Clay baby is a mustard yellow-brown matte.

L to R: A Mood, Bittersweet, Off-Roading, Fool’s Gold, Venom

A Mood is a deep grape purple matte.  Bittersweet photographs almost pale lemon yellow, but it’s sort of like that dayglo color of glow in the dark plastic – it has very strong green tones to it that aren’t coming through in the picture.  This is a fun shade, but definitely a little sheer.  Off-Roading is a medium chocolate brown, 100% Basic Becky.  This is the brown that’s in every palette.  Fool’s Gold is a gold shimmer that has strong hints of olive green.  Venom is a deep teal green matte.

L to R: Ammmmo, Grass, Ain’t, Greener, Chem Trail

Ammmmo is a matte black.  It’s a nightmare with a finger, but it’s not bad with a brush.  It does tend to go a bit satin with this primer, so that’s something to keep in mind as you’re planning your looks.  Grass is a deep olive shimmer with golden reflects.  Ain’t is a medium grass green matte, a perfect complement to Mama’s Garden.  Greener is a swampy, murky yellowed green with some brown tones.  Chem Trail is a bright neon yellow in pan, but it applies with just a straight up yellow look.  I appreciate the brightness and opacity though!

Overall – I have to say that I’m sold!  These shades are really lovely, and while there are a lot of neutrals in this palette, I don’t mind most of them.  They are at least fairly unique choices for neutrals, except for Off-Roading which is yawn-inducing.  I am definitely going to be picking up the other palette at some point, maybe the mini palette as well, so be on the lookout for those reviews somewhere down the road.  The price still seems a little high, even with this performance, but the shadows do perform very well with a brush and they blend together nicely.

If you didn’t see it, I used this palette for my most recent Face Friday look, creating a green 60s-influenced look for an audition!

Now let’s talk about the Blursh.  If we must.

I mean…I just…I don’t even have words.  To start with, I am a full on admitted #HookerClown, and even I’m like, “Who the fuck wears THAT shade of orange?”  Looking at how it looks blended out, I think maybe someone with a deeper skintone could get a nice orange glow that might look ok, but this is straight up the color of Cheeto dust.  It blends out to a much less aggressive but still very yellow shade of orange.  I’m going to try this out in a Face Friday, just to say that I did it,, but nothing about this experiment is convincing me that I need to change my stance on liquid blush.  If there is a deal where I can try a more reasonable color, I might give it a shot…who knows?  But for now, it’s a pass and I’m glad I didn’t spend any money on this.

I’m a fan of this palette!  I have been doing a pretty good job of working my way through my 8 brands – we’re just entering May, and I’ve already purchased from 5 and reviewed 4 (the Makeup By Mario review is coming, I swear!) – and I’ve been pretty impressed with what I’ve picked up so far.  Like I said before, I am definitely going to go back for the other palettes in this line, and I’m interested to see if there will be more releases this year.

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