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Lunar Beauty Goes Dark With Eternal Eclipse Palette

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Lunar Beauty Goes Dark With Eternal Eclipse Palette

I’ve always been very clear that I don’t really enjoy Manny MUA’s YouTube content (I follow his advice at the beginning of his videos – I don’t like it, so I don’t fucking watch!), but credit where credit is due: the boy can make some pretty damn good makeup.

I was in the throes of my Black Friday makeup shopping (I’ll include the video below!) and I hadn’t really thought much about the newest palette from Lunar Beuaty, Eternal Eclipse, but then I was scrolling through Instagram and Audra At Home had done this amazing look where she did a light, “day” eye on one side and a deeper, smokier “night” eye on the other.  Even though I know that it’s a neutral palette with a few pops of blue, I was just amazed at how smooth and beautiful the colors looked.  I decided to give it a go!

First of all, the packaging.  Can we talk about this packaging?  This is absolutely gorgeous!  He went with the same style as the Strawberry Dreams palettes, with the raised holographic moon in the center, except instead of the pink cloudscape from the earlier palette, he’s got this dark, celestial vibe that’s like the Northern Lights.  It’s really beautiful.  The Strawberry Dreams palette is my favorite from the brand (though the other two palettes I have from Lunar Beauty, the Life’s a Drag and the Moon Spell, as both great as well!) and while I still like the colors in that palette more, I think this has taken the top spot on my list in terms of the packaging.  It doesn’t seem like worthwhile content to do a Makeup Thunderdome when I only have 4 palettes from a brand, but if he keeps putting out great products like these, it will definitely have to happen in the future!

Once I got into the palette and started swatching, the whole thing isn’t as basic and neutral as I thought.  The middle row is all neutrals, sure, but the top row is a bunch of gorgeous metallics, and the bottom row includes three blues and a couple of stately grays.  And once I started doing the swatches, I was really pleased to see how bright and interesting most of these shades were.

The swatches are done over the Morphe Eyelid Primer in Translucent with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lights with no flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.  I’m still learning my new cell phone camera, so if things are a little wonky for the next few posts, please forgive it, but I think the swatches are already starting to look better!

L to R: Flare, Adamantium, Meteor, Gold Dust, Desert Sky

Flare is a really pretty peachy champagne,  It has the least presence of this row of metallics, but it’s soft and feminine and lovely.  Adamantium is a steel silver, fairly bright and nice reflectivity.  Meteor is a gorgeous steel gray with brown tones.  Gold Dust is a vintage gold shimmer.  Desert Sky is a bronzey brown metallic.  This whole row is really nice and has a good deal of metallic shine and reflect.  They are a little thick when applying, but it’s not a hindrance.  I didn’t try it out, but the consistency suggests that these would be amazing with a little spray to foil them!

L to R: Dusk, Rosethorn, Sandstorm, Summer Sky, Earthbender

The middle row is our row of neutral mattes, and while that is never going to be my favorite part of any palette, I do think that these shades are at least a little different than most of the neutral mattes that you find in most palettes.  Dusk is a bright peachy tan.  Rosethorn is a dusty brown-toned pink.  Sandstorm is a medium tan camel.  This one is probably the least interesting of the group and the one you are most likely to have duped in a million other palettes.  Summer Sky is a burnt orange.  And Earthbender is a bit of a surprise: it looks like it’s going to be just your typical dark chocolate brown, but it has these amazing red tones that really set it apart from the other shadows.

L to R: Starry Eyed, Smoke, Deep Sea, Lagoon, Night Sky

Starry Eyed is a bright gunmetal gray shimmer with lots of silvery reflect.  Smoke is a medium matte gray.  Deep Sea is a gorgeous deep blue shimmer, not quite navy, but rich and deep like that.  Lagoon is a similar shade, but in a matte formula.  And Night Sky is a black with silver glitters.  It applied nicely with a brush (though use a glitter glue to prevent glitter bukkake from happening immediately) but it struggled a little with the finger application and stuck to the primer.  This isn’t the type of shade I would ever attempt to finger bang onto my eyes, but I like to mention it so you’re aware.  I don’t know your life, or your chosen application methods.

Overall, I really like this palette.  It’s not the typical sort of color story that I would go for, but I love that the neutrals are a little unexpected in tone and I think the metallics in this palette are absolutely gorgeous!  I love the blue/gray row, and I think you could make some gorgeous smoky eyes with that row alone.  It’s never going to be my go to palette for my big, colorful drag looks, but I am excited to play around with this and see what kinds of looks I can make with this.  The metallics are bright and gorgeous, and the deep tones are really rich, so I think I might use this palette to work on my skills with halo eyes.  By skills, I mean I can’t do a halo eye to save my goddamn life.  But here’s hoping…

Lunar Beauty didn’t have any sort of Black Friday sale on the Eternal Eclipse (it was the new holiday palette, so that makes sense) but they were running a special where every order of a certain value (I don’t remember what the amount was, but it was less than the price of the palette) you got a free Jupiter Moon Prism powder.  This is a rosy copper shade, too dark to be a highlighter on my skin, but I want to play with it as a shimmery blush and see how I like the formula.  A lot of the YouTubers I watch love these highlighters, so if I like the formula I might pick up a lighter shade or two.  I haven’t played with it yet, but it feels like it might be a similar formula to the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost (his OG highlighter formula).  It’s fairly dense but it has a nice shimmer to it.

I don’t think I’m going to be joining the Manny MUA fan club any time soon, but I’m definitely on board with what his brand is bringing out to the market.  The packaging is top notch (which frankly I expect from an influencer brand – who better to know the importance of Instagram-ability?!) and the products have great performance.  Except for his Goddess palette, which was neutral and boring AF, I find his color stories to be exciting and interesting.  For once, I feel like I’m saying “it’s about the makeup, not the person behind it” for a good reason!  Just because I don’t vibe with his social media persona doesn’t mean that we can’t be on the same wavelength in terms of products.

Eclipses are a rare event, but this palette has me ready to play in the darkness for a long time to come!

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