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Lunar Beauty Brings Pastel Perfection With Strawberry Dreams

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Lunar Beauty Brings Pastel Perfection With Strawberry Dreams

I know I’m super late to the party and nobody gives a shit, but when I got the Lunar Beauty Strawberry Dreams palette I knew I needed to do a review.

Gurl.  This palette is really good.

I actually am pretty impressed with all of the products that Lunar Beauty has been putting out.  I am not really a Manny fan – when he says, “If you don’t like me…don’t fucking watch!” I’m like “Don’t have to tell me twice!”  But even if I’m not a fan of his content, I can still appreciate the gorgeous products he’s putting out.  I had avoided his brand for quite a while, but while I was in Arizona for a work trip I had the chance to visit a Morphe store in Scottsdale.  They had the Life’s a Drag palette in stock, and when I swatched it I was pretty impressed with the quality, and the shades were much more interesting than I had given them credit for looking at promo images online.  I skipped over the Green Goddess palette (too neutral), but I was intrigued by the Strawberry Dreams palette.  I’m not sure why I didn’t pull the trigger when it was released, especially since all of the YouTubers who usually talk me into buying shit had it and were raving about it, but I didn’t make another Lunar Beauty purchase until the Moon Spell palette came out this past Halloween.

Honestly, I can’t even remember what finally convinced me to pull the trigger on this palette (I think I bought it as part of the beta test for Sephora allowing you to use loayalty points for cash credit) but I’m so happy that I have it in my collection.  It’s a gorgeous pink and red color story with surprising pops of blue, a couple of golds, and a flaky, gorgeous glitter shade.

Before we even get to the shadows, I’m going to echo every review I’ve seen of this palette and note that the packaging is absolutely stunning!  It’s pink and soft and gorgeous, the raised moon with the iridescent effect is very cool, and I love the little shadows of purple and blue.  The biggest critique I saw of this palette was that people didn’t really understand the inclusion of the two blue shades, but I think they are brilliant: pink/red and blue make purple, so having those two shades of blue allow you to mix shades and make even more variations of purple to mix with the reds and the pinks, or mix in some blue to give a pop of color.  I love the color story.

Now to the swatches.  These were swatched over the Ulta Matte Eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top pic is under my studio lighting with no flash; the bottom pic is under the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Blue Diamond, Sweet Dream, Ruby Skies, Horizon, Nightfall

Blue Diamond is a white base that applied mostly sheer with blue glittery flash.  It’s a loosely pressed flaky kind of shade, but it really does pack a shimmery punch!  Very glittery and pretty.  Sweet Dreams is a pale pink metallic shimmer, a little bit of glitter in the finish but also a gorgeous metallic shine.  Ruby Skies is a ruby red metallic shimmer with some glittery reflect.  Horizon is a brassy gold metallic shimmer.  Nightfall is a maroon metallic shimmer.

L to R: Cloudy, Skyline, Sunrise, Sunset, Strawberry Moon

Cloudy is a pale, baby pink matte.  Skyline is a light pink matte, like the color of strawberry milk.  Sunrise is a gorgeous red matte that is pretty true to a primary red, maybe leaning a little bit blue.  Sunset is a berry-toned red matte.  Strawberry Moon is a burgundy red matte.  All of these mattes are nicely pigmented.  The formula is a little dry feeling to the touch, but they blend out well, and I didn’t really find them to be patchy at all.  Also, speaking of Strawberry milk, the palette is lightly scented (though the scent does seem to fade after a couple of weeks) and the smell is just like strawberry Nesquick!

L to R: Lightning, Pink Flash, Blue Sky, Haze, Storm Cloud

Lightning is a candlelight sort of shimmer, a white base with pale yellow gold shimmer reflect.  Pink Flash is a matte neon pink.  It’s a little difficult, but not unworkable and great color payoff.  Blue Sky is a bright vivid blue matte, probably the most fussy shade in the palette, but also not unworkable.  It’s got a gorgeous color to it, and it blends out nicely.  Haze is a bright neon blue matte, very dry and needs some building, but you can get a really gorgeous vibrant payoff from it.  Storm Cloud is a matte bruise purple, almost brownish in tone.  This is a great shade for darkening pretty much any of the other shades in the palette.

I really do love this combination of pinks and reds, and I think the other colors are actually really smart complements to the overall story.  There are so many gorgeous pink and red shades, so you can make any sort of pink and red combination that you would want, mixing and blending the shades together, and the top row gives you a few pink shimmer options to add some sparkle.  The inclusion of shades like Strawberry Moon and Storm Cloud mean that you could go for a deeper, more bruise-y purple smoky look, and you could even do a look without any pink or red at all: with the blues and the golds, maybe darkening with Storm Cloud, you could get an unexpected look that doesn’t have any of that pinky, romantic feeling.  The mattes are a little drier than I typically like, but they build up nicely and they have great pigmentation with either a brush or a finger.

In case you missed it, I did use this palette in a Face Friday post where I create this Harley Quinn-esque pink and blue look:

I don’t think I’ll ever really jive with Manny as a content creator, but if he keeps putting out products on this level then I will definitely be stanning this brand!  This is my third palette from Lunar Beauty, and I would say that it’s the best of the three.  It’s definitely giving me sweet, sweet dreams!

Editor’s Note: At the time of writing this, I went to grab the link from Sephora, and I see that it is currently on sale for $29 (regularly $48).  I’m not sure if this is a temporary reduction; I checked the Lunar Beauty site and it is stull full price there, and nothing on the site indicates that it is being discontinued.  I think this palette is a good buy at the regular price, but if you can get it for under $30, that’s an even better deal!

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