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Low Buy Year – January Update

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Low Buy Year – January Update

Well, it’s the 15th of January and I’ve already used up my 5 item slots for the month AND used my special birthday gift slot.  Oy.

Let’s back up.  If you read my previous post, I decided that 2019 was going to be a low buy year.  I’ve set certain limits for myself about the number of products I can buy in a month, gave myself a couple of little “cheat” opportunities, and am working to control my spending.  So far I haven’t gone over, but when I had used up 4 of my slots by January 5th and used up the last one plus my birthday slot by the 15th, I knew that this Low Buy was going to be a bigger adjustment than I initially expected.

So what did I get for the month of January?

The very first purchase of 2019 was, no surprise, an eyeshadow palette.  I have a weakness for palettes, and this one had been tempting me for almost a month.  That’s the Too Faced Pretty Rich palette.

I’m pretty sure this is limited edition, which means that at some point I could probably get this at 50% off, but I had been thinking about it for about a month, my made up deadline for percolating a product before buying so I don’t have to call it an “impulse purchase.”  The thrifty bitch in me is a little salty that I didn’t wait, but I just kept looking and looking, and eventually had to give in.  Review coming soon!

Next up, I bought two more Too Faced products: a foundation and a concealer.

I liked most of the Too Faced Tutti Fruitti collection that launched last year exclusively in Ulta, but I hadn’t yet tried out the Dew Me foundation.  I prefer a matte finish and this one is described as “dewy,” so that made me a little nervous.  But I’m interested to see how the finish differs from the matte formula, and if nothing else I’ve been wanting to try the Urban Decay Velvetizer, so this might be a perfect candidate for that.  I got it in the closest shade to my skintone, Nude.

I also picked up the new sculpting concealer in Porcelain.  There were only two shades lower on the scale below nude that were cool or neutral, and I worried that Swan might be too light, so I went with Porcelain.  I’m not mad at it, but it’s definitely not the shade I need if I really want to use it for significant highlighting.  It will work for a subtle glow up, and I can build on it, but I should have gone with my gut and gotten Swan instead.  I probably would have exchanged it out, but I have the Born This Way foundation in Swan, so in a pinch, I can always use that.  Now I’ve got two color options.

I’m sensing a theme here – my fourth product for January was also a Too Faced product!  I had my $10 birthday coupon from Ulta for being Platinum, so I decided to finally break down and try out the Matte-Tallic lip transformer shade.

I haven’t tried any of the Matte-Tallic lipsticks, mostly because I’m annoyed at the egregious use of “matte” to describe a metallic lipstick.  Doesn’t anyone know what matte actually means anymore?!  But I had the coupon and $8 worth of points, so it only cost me $3 and change, so that definitely fits into my goals for the Low Buy: to spend less damn money!

For the last item and my birthday treat, I just couldn’t resist the newest release from Lime Crime!

My fifth product is the Wet Cherry gloss in Cherry Slime.  I like these glosses, and they smell heavenly, and I can’t wait to try this green glitter gloss over a green liquid lipstick like GI Jane or Equality.

And because of my obsession with green, I decided to treat myself to the new Venus XL 2 palette!

This collection of sage greens and earthy tones is more neutral than I typically like, but it’s a different sort of color story and I’m here for it.  I like the Venus formula, and I’m excited to try out these new shades and see what kind of looks I can create.

Now I just have to hope I don’t lose my mind between now and the end of the month.

Though if there is a makeup vendor at Days of the Dead in Atlanta, the rules may need some adjusting…

Let me know what you think of my first month’s Low Buy purchases in the comments below!

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