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Losing My Religion: Can Jeffree Star Keep The Faith With New Pink Religion Collection?

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Losing My Religion: Can Jeffree Star Keep The Faith With New Pink Religion Collection?

Alright Champagne Dreamers, you know what time it is: time to bait the trolls!

We’re back again with another review of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, although this time we’re reviewing products that we bought on purpose!  The mystery boxes are fun, and I’m glad I got to try the Star Ranch palette before the full (unrevealed) collection comes out later this year, but I have to say that I was pretty intrigued when I saw the reveal video for the Pink Religion collection.  I haven’t been really excited about a JSC release for a while.  The F@#k Proof Mascara release was a yawn; a plain black mascara in bondage packaging is still just a plain black mascara.  There have been a few shade extensions in the liquid lipsticks, but the only full lip launch recently was the Supreme Gloss…and we know how I felt about that mess.

But the Pink Religion collection intrigued me.  The liquid lipsticks are fine, but I think that JSC is best when it’s doing eyeshadows.  The Blood Money palette is one of my favorite palettes ever, not just because it’s entirely devoted to my favorite color, but because the shades in there are so beautiful and rich and easy to work with.  My second favorite color makeup-wise is definitely pink, so I was ready for this collection.  I decided to go in pretty heavy and I picked up the palette bundle that included both the Pink Religion eyeshadow palette and the Sacred Glass highlighter palette.  I am a clown and have purchased all of the $50 single highlighters in the Extreme Frost lineup, and I was more than willing to pay $62 for the trio of smaller pans, but the bundle allowed you to get both palettes at a savings of $15.

I also decided to go ahead and pick up all 8 shades of the Velvet Trap lipstick.  A bundle deal got me again!  I was in love with pretty much all of the pinks, and I’m always intrigued by the idea of having a white lipstick to blend and play.  I was probably going to end up with 6 of the 8 lipsticks for $108, so I figured it wasn’t anything to spend $12 more to get the other two as well.  I was originally planning to include Communion Wine in an upcoming giveaway for Pride, but I liked the symmetry of having 8 shades, so I decided to swatch them all.  It’s definitely a shade I don’t have represented in my collection, but we’ll see if it makes it through next year’s declutter.  Who knows?  I may discover a whole new vampy side of myself!

And of course, there has to be a mirror here!  I thought I had given up on my obsession with the mirrors, and I really do need to declutter a few out of my collection, but this damn stained glass mirror was just too cute – I had to have it!  This brand so closely matches my personal aesthetic that sometimes it’s scary.  This is definitely one of those times.

Pretty packaging aside, let’s get into some swatches and see if these products are heaven sent…or sending me straight to makeup hell!

Ok, I lied: one more note about the packaging before we move on!  I love this faux-bible packaging.  The embossed detailing, the subtle iridescent elements, the page detailing on the side – this thing is exquisite!  Yes, I get that it’s not going to be for everyone, and yes, I get that some people are going to feel that this disrespects their religious beliefs.  But as someone who belongs to a group that is routinely disrespected by so-called Christians, I don’t really have any fucks to give about how they feel about this collection.  This a an eyeshadow palette that uses some of their iconography irreverently; they are trying to take away my rights to vote, to have a job, to get married, to live, shit like that.  Cry me a fucking river.  Disrespectful doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t exist, it just means that if you don’t like it you shouldn’t buy it, and it can be a place to start a conversation.  Try to have that conversation without yelling, m’kay?

The collection of pinks and purples is primarily matte, with only three metallic shimmers.  All swatches are done over the Ulta Matte Eye Primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Princess Crown, Saint Star, Frosting Cult

Princess Cut is a white-based shimmer metallic with pink shimmer and pearl reflects.  This one is a little bit more sheer, and would perform best over another shade or over a white base to get better opacity.  Saint Star is a beautiful baby pink matte, nicely pigmented and blends out well at the edges.  Frosting Cult is a baby pink metallic shimmer with silvery reflects.  This one is a thicker, creamier consistency, so you get much more opacity from the base color, but it can also tend to chunk up a bit.  It’s definitely a gorgeous shade!

L to R: Pink Religion, Strawberry Youth, Sugar Savior

Pink Religion is an intensely blue-based pink almost tipping over into an orchid purple.  It’s pretty solid, though it can get a little fuzzy around the edges.  Strawberry Youth is a bright pop of electric coral pink.  This one is a stiffer, grittier formula and it reminds me a lot of the electric blue from Blue Blood, Blue Monday.  It’s got that same stiffness and it’s a little tough to work with, but it gives you a gorgeous neon appearance once you settle it on and get it blended out.  I think this even is a bit of an improvement on Blue Monday, so I wouldn’t mind seeing more of these neon shades in the future.  Sugar Savior is a bright bubblegum pink matte.

L to R: Prom Night, Diva, Lollipop Luxury

Prom Night is a bright Barbie pink, a bit deeper and slightly more blue-toned than Sugar Savior.  Diva is a bright raspberry pink matte.very nice opacity and easy to work with.  Except for the darker shades at the bottom, this one probably left the most staining as I was using it.  Lollipop Luxury is a lighter peachy pink, very yellow-leaning but gorgeous brightness and very consistent.

L to R: Jeffree’s World, Candy Cathedral, Pink Fever

Jeffree’s World is where the pinks start to topple over into purple a little bit.  This is a gorgeous blue-based pink, but it’s definitely almost an orchid purple.  It’s really pretty, and would go either way – pink or purple – depending on how you wanted to pair it.  Candy Cathedral is the last shimmer metallic in the palette, and it’s a gorgeous bright blue-based pink with some silvery pink relfect.  This one is very metallic and has the least appearance of glitter of the three shimmers.  Pink Fever is a bright blue-toned pink, similar to Pink Religion but not quite as much blue.

L to R: Beauty Killer, Holy Fire, Fashion Faith

This is where things fall apart a little bit for me.  In the reveal video, nothing was mentioned about their being multiple kinds of mattes – just that there were 3 shimmer metallics and the rest were mattes.  These three performed differently than all of the mattes I swatched previously.  They were a lot less pigmented at the base and went on semi-sheer, and they ended up with sort of a satin sheen to them.  Beauty Killer is a bright fuchsia pink that builds up nicely but definitely struggled a bit to get there.  Holy Fire is a bright coral red in the pan, but it looks more of a blood orange on the skin.  This one needed the least work to be built up, but it was still pretty sheer when first applied.  Fashion Faith is a bright grape purple, and this one has some inconsistency in the color that you can see, especially in the photo with the flash.  It’s a little patchy around the edges and struggled a bit.  Perhaps these will work well for darkening up other shades, but it’s hard to say.  I need to do some experimenting!

L to R: Handbag Queen, Dollhouse Ln, Vatican Vanity

This row was also a little bit struggle bus, though overall it was better than the row above.  Handbag queen is a deep wine burgundy, though it needed to be built up to get that level of color.  You can wear it a bit more sheer if you want more of a bright berry stain on the eyes.  Dollhouse Ln is a real orchid purple, very close to fuchsia but deeper and definitely more blue.  This performed the best of the three, but as you can see it doesn’t necessarily photograph well with a flash, so be aware of that depending on what you are using it for.  Vatican Vanity was another struggle shade.  This is weird because there have been a lot of purple shades in JSC palettes over the years, and they are usually pretty good!  This one wasn’t as bad as the purple above it, but it still had some inconsistency and really had to be worked to get what I got.

Overall, I really do like this palette.  There are a few shades that struggled a bit, but most of them were gorgeous.  It does fall victim to a problem that affects more monochromatic palettes of this size: I kept thinking that I had already seen a shade earlier in the palette, but I would go back and compare and they were actually different.  It’s sort of the “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation: you can either put in a great variety of accent shades and have people complain that it’s not pink enough, or keep it like this and have people say that it’s too pink.  I think that there are some shades that are somewhat similar, and certain shades, if paired together, probably won’t give you much contrast on the eye, but I do feel like all of the shades are different enough to work.  I also prefer a more monochromatic approach then some of the more disparate palettes (like Blood Lust).  I’m definitely looking forward to playing with this more!

Now let’s take a look at this gorgeous baby!  The Sacred Gloss Extreme Frost highlighter palette includes three pans of sparkly deliciousness!  Instead of the Ulta eye primer, these swatches were done over the Uoma Beauty Say What?! foundation in Fair Lady T3C with a finger swatch on the left to show the color more intense and built up with a more diffused brush swatch on the right.  The lighting is the same as described above.

L to R: Pearly Gates, Pink Purity, The Glass Supper

These are really gorgeous.  not only as they the same sort of glittery highlights as the other Extreme Frosts, but the two outside shades almost seem to have a duochrome or multichrome effect.  Pearly gates is sort of a champagne pearl when really built up but diffuses out to a pinkish peach champagne shifty wonder.  Pink Purity is a bright blue-based pink with lots of pink glitter and flashes of blue or lavender undertones.  The Glass Supper is more of a rose gold peachy pink with golden yellow tones, another shifting wonder.  I really love these colors, and I love that they’ve got so much depth and dimension when applied.  If you’ve wanted to try to Extreme Frost formula but were scared off by the price, this might be a good way to dip in.  $62 isn’t cheap by any means, for for that you get three shades instead of just one, and these pans are still pretty large and will last for a long time.  This is easily my favorite part of this collection.


Next up are the Velvet Trap lipsticks.  Even though I prefer a liquid lipstick when I’m working an event, I still enjoy traditional lipsticks from time to time, and I kinda liked the updated lipstick formula from JSC.  I’ve definitely stepped away from the regular Face Friday posts on this site, but I should try to get back into them so that I can put more of these gorgeous shades to work outside of just makeup playtime.

The lipstick swatches are applied directly from the product onto bare skin with no primer or foundation.  The lighting is the same as described above.

L to R: God’s Gift, Always Faithful, Holy Fashion, Pink Messiah

God’s Gift is a stark white that has pretty nice pigmentation.  You could wear this alone, though be careful of bringing up unfortunately blackface connotations!  This was pitched in the reveal as a lightening/mixing shade, and I’m excited to lay around with that.  I have the Makeup by Mario lipstick mixing palette (that I swear is going to get reviewed…eventually!) and I’ve been in the mood to play around with mixing up some custom shades for a while!  Always Faithful is a bright orchid purple.  Holy Fashion is a muted mauve pink shade.  Pink Messiah is a very bright candy pink shade.  All four shades had good opacity.  I gave each shade two swipes to make sure they were opaque and consistent, but these are really easy to use.

L to R: Cult of Roses, Pink Religion, Confessional, Communion Wine

Cult of Roses is a bright bubblegum pink with a hint of coral warming it up.  Pink Religion is a true bright fuchsia pink.  Confessional is a bright cherry red with some nice depth and great pigmentation.  Communion Wine is a blackened red.  This doesn’t go on completely opaque on first swipe, and it tends to get a little wispy at the edges, so I would definitely recommend a lip liner with this shade.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with these lipsticks, and I think they complement the palette perfectly.  There is a nice range of pink into purple, and you can use the white shade to get almost any variation in between.  The two reds are a little bit of an odd choice, but I’ve never been one to think that you can’t mix red and pink – it’s like Valentine’s all over your face!  Wait…maybe that was the Orgy palette.

Yeah, I’ll show myself out.

To put the cherry on top of my clownery, I also picked up the rainbow soft touch mirror when it was restocked (and 25% off, so at least that’s something…right?!).

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with this collection.  The palette is a fun collection of shades, and with a few wobbly shades it’s a nice, solid effort.  It’s not for everyone – some people need to ration their sugar with more neutral shades! – but this is a great entry into the brand’s collection and a pretty good palette for all of us pink lovers out there.  The lipsticks are not only good quality, but they complement the palette really well.  The highlighter palette is the real treasure for me, and if I were to go back and only buy one product from the collection this would definitely be it.

I don’t think that Jeffree Star Cosmetics has quite the cult following that they used to have, but this collection gives me faith that if they stick to what they know, they can deliver some high quality, exciting products for color lovers everywhere.

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