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Longing For The Weekend: BH Cosmetics Brings It For The Face

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Longing For The Weekend: BH Cosmetics Brings It For The Face

Clearly I’ve been on a BH Cosmetics kick lately.  They have been putting out a lot of products, and with a few exceptions (I”m looking at YOU, Halloween collection!) they’ve been pretty solid releases.  In fact, I predicted in a recent video that BH Cosmetics is poised to become the new NYX Cosmetics.  Let’s hope they keep it up…

Recently, I reviewed the Weekend Vibes eye palettes from BH Cosmetics: Blueberry Muffin, Avocado Toast, and Mimosa.  While I was putting that together, I realized that there were three face palettes in the Weekend Vibes collection as well: Bellini, Frose’, and Belgian Waffle.  I buy most of my BH Cosmetics products from Ulta, so it’s easy for me to miss out on seeing the whole collection at once.  I decided to give the face palettes a try and see if they had the same sort of quality as the eye palettes.

Bellini is a blush palette, Frose’ is a highlighter palette, and Belgian Waffle is a combined palette of three highlighter/contour and bronzer shades and 3 shimmer highlights.  The palettes are the same size as the others, and they are also the same size as BH’s line of travel palettes (I’ve got a review coming up with some of those palettes as well!) for easy storage in your collection.

For swatches, I always like to create the conditions of actual use as much as possible, so I put down a light layer of my Uoma Beauty Say What Foundation before swatching with a finger swatch on the left to show color and opacity if applied heavily or built up, and with a diffused brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

Let’s start with Bellini!

L to R: Georgia Peach, Just Peachy, Peachy Keen

L to R: Peach of Cake, Life’s A Peach, Peach Please

These blushes are a really lovely silky powder formula that applies gorgeously!  They diffuse nicely without blending away to nothing, but they can be build up to get a much more intense look that never appears powdery.  All of these shades are delightful, peachy pink deepening down into a light orange.  I’ve been so in love with peach blushes and I think they don’t get the credit they deserve for being as flattering as they are, and these are great.  I’m seriously impressed with BH’s blush formula, and I’m definitely looking forward to trying more of their color products for the face!

Next up: Frose’ highlighter palette!

L to R: Bubbly, Icy, Cheers

L to R: Puree, Boozy, Slushie

The highlighters are also fantastic!  This collection, so far, is a total hit to me.  These shades have a beautiful metallic shine that can be built up to an almost eyeshadow level of pigmentation, but they diffuse nicely to a more subtle metallic shine.   They aren’t probably very good for people who want that subtle “wet look” sort of highlighter; even diffused, these shades have a real presence and the shine is serious business.  There is a nice range of shades, but they are all on the cooler side of things, so people who want a more golden, warm-toned highlight should skip this palette.

In fact, they may want to look into the Belgian Waffle palette!

L to R: Buttermilk, Batter, Cinnamon

These highlight/contour and bronzer shades skew pretty light, so I’m not sure that this will be very useful for deeper skintones, though they may be able to use the deeper shades to do some highlighting.  The powders are all dry and silky and have a sort of satin finish that will work for bronzing or contour.  Buttermilk is the highlight shade, Batter is a lighter, cool-toned contour or bronzer, and Cinnamon is a slightly deeper brown shade that would work as a contour bronzer on lighter to medium skintones, and might be a nice highlight for deeper skintones.

L to R: Powdered Sugar, Syrup, Maple

The three shimmer highlights in the bottom row are much more warm-toned, so golden complexions will love these.  If you’re bummed that you only get three shimmer highlights compared to the Frose’, BH does have other warm-toned shimmer highlight palettes: in the travel series, Illuminating in Ireland is a gorgeous golden collection (and yes, that is one of the palettes that will be in my Travel Series review!).

I’m super impressed with these palettes, and I can’t wait to see what else BH Cosmetics has in store for this year!  I’m really hoping they keep it up: these palettes have large pans, interesting and beautiful shades, great performance, and each palette is less than $20!  In a world where drugstore brands can be very hit or miss, it’s nice to see a brand offer quality at a lower price and have many more items in the hits column than the misses!  Beauty and makeup can be fun and creative and inspiring, and for people who want to explore it, they should be able to do that on any sort of budget.  BH is helping make that a possibility for a lot of consumers, and I’m here for it.

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