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Living That Malibu Dream Life: Barbie X ColourPop Collection

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Living That Malibu Dream Life: Barbie X ColourPop Collection

Clearly I would not be the big queer monster that I am if it were not for the utter glam and fabulousness of Barbie, especially the iconic Barbies that came out during my childhood like Peaches ‘N Cream Barbie and Crystal Barbie.  There have been a lot of Barbie collections to come out in the last couple of years, but the recent collab between Barbie and ColourPop, to me, is the most accurate and best represents the sort of color and aesthetic that I associate with the most famous fashion doll in the world.

ColourPop is starting to inch up there in terms of prices, but they are still a pretty affordable brand, so I decided to just go ahead and order the whole collection.  This included a 15-pan eyeshadow palette, three lipstick and liner duos, a super shock highlighter, a pair of lashes, and a mini hand mirror.

The eyeshadows were swatched over the Ulta Matte eye primer with a brush.  I was in the middle of a marathon swatching day, and since there were so many things I just decided to skip the finger swatches.  My apologies to those who love a good finger.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Cali Girl, Vintage Doll, Come On, Let’s Go Party, Shine On


Cali Girl is a really pretty pink-tinged champagne shimmer.  Vintage Doll is a bright baby pink shimmer with subtle golden undertones.  Come On is a brassy gold with pink notes.  Let’s Go Party is a bright peach coral matte.  Shine One is a cooler more taupe-infused bronze.

L to R: West Coast, Best Coast, Follow The Sun, Malibu Memories, Zuma Beach

West Coast is a bright marigold yellow matte.  Best Coast is a raspberry matte, very blue-toned but still more berry than fuchsia.  Follow The Sun is a gorgeous bright bubblegum pink shimmer.  Malibu Memories is a bright cyan matte. Zuma Beach is a medium brown matte, very basic, but works nicely with the other shades in the palette.

L to R: Make Waves, Board Walk, Surf’s Up, 1971, So-Cal

Make Waves is a bright peachy beige matte.  Board Walk is a dusty rose pink matte.  Surf’s Up is a bright and sparkling cyan shimmer.  1971 is a brownish bronze matte.  So-Cal is a bright orange matte.

All of these shades perform very well, and they are blendable and work well together.  I think that this palette so perfectly captures the colors that I associate with Barbie and all of her accessories, though I will say that it would have been nice to have a couple more pinks.  The pinks that are here are right on target, but I associate Barbie so much with pink that I just wanted there to be…more.  The bronze/gold/brown shimmers are all different, but a bit repetitive, and i think they could have really gotten this perfect if they had swapped out one or two shades for additional tones of pink.

The hand mirror is adorable and that packaging has me absolutely gagged!  I’m fairly certain I had a coloring book as a kid in the 80s that looked almost exactly like this!  It’s a nice little hand mirror, great for keeping in your purse, though for getting ready it’s a bit too small for me and my clown face.  This is great for touchups and spot checks.

There are three lip duos that come with a lipstick and a lip liner, and I think the shades are absolutely gorgeous!  The lipsticks and highlighter were swatched over bare skin, but the lighting is the same as described above.

Dream House is a bright rosey pink.  The lip liner and the lipstick are pretty perfectly coordinated, and I love that the lip liner is stiff enough that you don’t immediately break it while applying, but still creamy enough to go on comfortably.  The lipstick is a soft, creamy formula.  I prefer something a little stiffer and more matte, but if you like a creamy lipstick that gives you full opacity with a satin shine, this will be a great match for you.

Malibu Sunset is a gorgeous hot red berry lipstick and lip liner.  This is not quite popsicle red, there is definitely more of a berry tone to it, but it’s not quite fuchsia.  This is a lovely bright red for someone who likes really cool berry pinks.

Golden Beach is a bright beige nude.  This is pretty basic, but the color is pretty and it’s got great opacity for being such a light shade.

The packaging on these lipsticks is super cute – I lvoe the clear plastic bullets with the classic Barbie logo!

So, obviously these lashes aren’t what I’m typically looking for, but they are a nice full “everyday” lash for someone who isn’t a gigantic hooker clown like me!  I haven’t tried them so I can’t speak to the quality, but maybe I’ll try to work them into a look as bottom lashes at some point.  They look a little plastic-y in the tray, but I’m holding out hope.

Finally, the last item in the collection is the Beach Party Super Shock Highlighter.  It’s a marbled pan that combines to a soft champagne gold with strong yellow tones.  This is a lovely highlighter and it’s definitely in line with the Barbie aesthetic.  I don’t love the Super Shock formula, but this is pretty and I’m willing to play around with it.

You’ll have to let me know on my socials if you’re interested in a barbie-themed look using this collection!

I love Barbie – she is iconic and the way she changes with the times is really interesting to watch!  I’m glad that ColourPop finally did a collection that does the brand justice!

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