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Letter From The Editor: 7 Years & Still A Beautiful Disaster!

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Letter From The Editor: 7 Years & Still A Beautiful Disaster!

Dear Champagne Dreamers,

Well, August came and went without my annual letter to the editor, talking about what the last year had been like and what I was looking forward to in the year to come.  It was actually pretty representative of the last year that I’ve had running the World of Champagne as well as all of my other side projects – hectic and behind schedule!  I’m fairly certain that last year’s letter talked about the launch of the YouTube channel, and here we are again at another anniversary and the channel is still just a series of planned posts in a notebook and a digital camera in a locked drawer in my office.  2019 has felt like the year of playing a constant game of “Catch Up,” and never winning.

That’s not to say that there hasn’t been some wins! In November of last year, I launched my new limited series podcast, Miss Jaye: The Renovation, and although production on that has taken much longer than anticipated, I am really proud of it.  I had a very different, very light-hearted and snarky approach that I had in mind for the series when I started, but as I started production, and began to think about what self-help meant to me and where I was in my life, I realized that the series could be more than what I originally envisioned.  It still has some humor and a little bit of snark, but it also has much more depth than I ever thought I would put into it.  There are some moments that surprised me with how raw and vulnerable they were, and I don’t mind taking longer to produce these episodes.

The website is still coming along, and while I’m continually frustrated with some aspects of it (including the process for commenting, which currently requires all comments to be approved and doesn’t seem to have the same spam-filtering function that the last version of the site had) I really love the way that the new design is more streamlined and attractive – there are so many great opportunities to showcase some of my favorite images from Miranda Roen and Brooklyn Ewing!  This has been a fantastic year for the Image Galleries: I’ve had two shoots with Brooklyn this year, at Days of the Dead events in Atlanta and Indianapolis, and one with Miranda (and we’re hoping to squeeze in another before the year is out!).  We’re getting ready to open pre-orders on 2020 calendars and there are so many great images to choose from, and we’ve already got some plans in the works for next year as well!  I’ve started gathering props and costume pieces for the first in a series of horror-themed shoots; we’re looking at bringing to life a gender-swapped Ghostface or Michael Myers (or heck, maybe both!) before the year is out!

This year we rebranded my jewelry collections from Fit For A Queen Designs to House of Champagne Originals, and celebrated the launch of the new Enchantments collection: a selection of jewelry pieces and sets that use natural materials (stones, shells, etc.) with specific intentions to create pieces that are not only lovely to wear but also can be incorporated into your meditative practices or other stone or energy work that you may do.  I’ve always loved making pieces with natural stone elements, and this was a way for me to expand on that for people who like to incorporate stone energies into their personal spiritual practices.

Finally, we’ve continued to host Miss Jaye’s Friday Night Frights events at the Fire Hall Theatre; part of the reason why this post is so late is that we just hosted our largest event so far (over 50 people in attendance!) as part of Grand Forks Pride!  The night showcased a special “sneak peek” presentation of the brand new doclumentary Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street, the story of Nightmare on Elm Street 2 star Mark Patton and how that film forever changed the course of his life, followed by a short talkback and then a screening of Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge.  We’ve got a lot of fantastic indie horror hits on the list for future events, and recently we added a Facebook community, also called Miss Jaye’s Friday Night Frights, to our social media stable as a place for horror fans to gather, share information about great horror movies, promote fund-raising campaigns, exchange practical advice, and just revel in their love of the genre.

Speaking of social media, we’ve really been putting in an effort to up our social media game.  Usually I get bogged down in other projects and forget to post, and I have a number of different pages and groups focusing on different things.  Thank the goddess for the “schedule post” feature!  Expect to see more regular and targeted posts coming from the Champagne Dreams Productions social media pages, as well as some fun themed posts like Saturday Morning Shorts, two posts on Saturday mornings on the MJFNF page celebrating some of my favorite horror short films!  I’m still going to be doing my infamous chatty Facebook live videos but I’m also shifting some of the live broadcasts over to the various pages to try to get them to the people who might be the most interested!  I’m doing weekly reviews of the new episodes of Dragula season 3 over on Miss Jaye’s Friday Night Frights, and I want to start doing a tarot talk series on my Reading Room page as well.  And if you’re interested in the tarot and spiritually side of what I do, look for some very fun announcements coming soon about tarot workshops I’ll be offering throughout the month of October!

As always, I’ve got a million ideas and just not enough time in the day to make them all happen!  I’m just glad that after another year – I can’t believe I’ve been running this website for 7 years! – I’ve still got this wonderful community of fans and friends who are along for the crazy, chaotic ride with me!  I’m a disaster most of the time, but just because it’s a mess doesn’t mean it can’t be a pretty mess!  Thanks for another amazing year of love and support and I can’t wait to keep bringing you more fabulous Champagne Dreams!


Miss Jaye

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