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Lethal Cosmetics Hits 90s Grunge Glam Perfection With Velvet Dusk Palette

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Lethal Cosmetics Hits 90s Grunge Glam Perfection With Velvet Dusk Palette

Lethal Cosmetics is really out here doing the damn thing!

A while back I reviewed their After Dark palette, and it was amazing.  That color story really captured the look of the early 90s: people were still into bright colors, but the electric neons of the 80s were starting to transition into more pastels with whites and gray and slightly more muted tones.  Then came Nirvana and the rise of garage bands and grunge aesthetic, and things became super muted, taking the bright jeweltones that were often used in the 80s and making them dirtier and grittier.  Instead of red, you had cranberry or maroon or brick.  Instead of yellow, you had mustard.  That’s the vibe that Lethal’s newest palette, Velvet Dusk, captures just as perfectly.

This palette is such a throwback to my high school and undergrad days; I almost expect to hear the Cranberries or Pearl Jam or Sophie Hawkins start playing every time I open the palette.  This selection of colors is beautiful, though as a lover of shimmers I’m sad that there are only 5 of them and 7 matte shades.  However, Lethal’s matte formula is such buttery perfection, it’s hard to stay mad about it for long!  Let’s get to the swatches.

Swatches were done with my new phone camera which I’m still figuring out, so be gentle.  They are done over the Morphe eyelid primer in Translucent with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lights with no flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Limbo, Covet, Runaway, Deceit

Limbo is a gorgeous champagne shimmer with maybe just a touch of a peachy tone.  This is gorgeous and lovely, and I want it all the time.  I know that’s not helpful in describing it, but I’ve never been this turned on by any sort of neutral shade, and I just needed to express.  Covet is another stunner, a coppery pink metallic shimmer that flashes a little bit golden.  Runaway is a swampy matte green, a little inconsistent with the finger but barely noticeable and applies like a dream with a brush.  Deceit is an amazing indigo blue matte, very deep but still with a surprising vibrancy and richness to the shade.

L to R: Hollow, Inertia, Esteem, Revolve

Hollow is a medium brown matte.  It’s fairly basic, as I tend to think all brown shadows are, but next to that teal shade it practically glows!  Inertia is “that teal shade” and it’s lovely, pigmented and very blendable.  Esteem is a mustard yellow camel shade, another one with great pigmentation and blendability.  Revolve is a rich jeweled purple with silver and purple metallic shimmer reflect.

L to R: Lithium, Cryptic, Undone, Corrosion

Lithium is a stunning duochrome shimmer with a brownish base and golden olive metallic shimmer.  Cryptic is a bright acid green shimmer.  Undone is a bright royal purple matte shade, a beautiful complement to Revolve for a monochromatic look!  Corrosion is a deep mulled wine matte with brownish tones.  An interesting option for deepening besides just giving us a deep chocolate brown.

I mean, c’mon: if you can’t tell that I am absolutely entranced with this palette, you’re just not paying attention!  The color story is an amazing tribute to the mid/late 90s vibe, the shimmers are metallic AF and feature some really interesting and layered tones.  The mattes are pigmented and blendable and you get a nice mix of depth from light to dark.  This palette is absolutely a home run for me, and I can’t wait to see what Lethal does next.  They are so consistent and beautiful, and I really need to spend some quality time with them!

If you want to see more of my Lethal Cosmetics collection, check out THIS Face Friday post where I used the After Dark palette with the Midas X Smokey Glow palette to create a pastel fantasy, and then watch my “What’s In My Magnetic Palettes?” video below, which was inspired by the single that I picked up from the brand when I decided to make 2020 “The Year of the Single Shadow!”

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