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Let It Glow, Let It Glow, Let It Glow! Give Me Glow’s Highlighters Bring The Shine

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Let It Glow, Let It Glow, Let It Glow!  Give Me Glow’s Highlighters Bring The Shine

I finally got my grubby little hands on it!

I’ve been low key lurking on the 9XGlow highlighter palette from Give Me Glow Cosmetics since I saw Lacie from Spooky Lips & Fat Hips show it off and talk about how great it was (close to two years ago I think?!) but at $75 it’s definitely an investment.  Any time I would have the cash in hand and be looking for it, it was out of stock.  That’s one of the challenges with a lot of indie brands, but it’s totally worth the effort to track down the products when they do become available.  And if you saw my Black Friday shopping video, you know that I finally got my chance!

I’ve had a sense that I was going to love this group of highlighters; in addition to Lacie’s gushing praise, I was also able to pick up the shadow single of Halo, one of the highlighter shades, when I was buying singles from Give Me Glow.  I’ve not sure what exactly the difference is in formulas between the shadow version and the highlighter version (if there is a difference) but the single was creamy and shimmery and delicious, so I was ready to grab this palette and use these shades to help brighten up my looks!

For these swatches, I did them on bare skin with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  With cheek products, especially ones like this that are pigmented enough to be used on the eyes, I like to include the finger swatch so you get a better sense of the color of the product as well as a sense of how it will look when used more densely on the eyes, and the brush swatch shows what it will look like when it’s a little more diffused.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Sepia Sunflower, Golden Peach, White Noise

Sepia Sunflower is an antique gold with a lot of metallic shine.  This one would be great if you wanted to add some shimmer over top of a matte bronzer.  Golden Peach is a deep shimmery peach with some silvery reflect.  White noise is a bright pearl white shimmer.

L to R: Porcelain Peach, Pinky Peach, Champagne & Lilies

Porcelain Peach is a light peach with a strong pearl shimmer.  Pinky Peach is a peachy coral with some gold shimmer.  Champagne & Lilies is a bright golden champagne.

L to R: Transcendent, Halo, Platinum Lilac

The bottom row of the palette are the real stars, for me.  Transcendent is a gorgeous peach-tinged rose gold.  This is a pretty unique shade, even in my expansive highlighter collection.  Halo is a pale yellow gold highlight that has a sort of bluish duochrome shift from certain angles.  Platinum Lilac is a pastel lilac purple with a muted silver sort of shine, very cool toned and also fairly unique in my collection.

As expected, I really love this palette!  The shades do have enough pigmentation that you could include them in an eye look, especially for an inner corner or brow highlight, but the range of colors is unique and gives you a pretty nice selection of different tones.  There are a lot of variations of peach, which I love, and the range of colors will allow you to not only use them as highlighters but also as shades that can be used to give some glow to your bronzer or blush.  The pans are huge, so it’s probably more highlight than you’ll ever need in your lifetime, but I do think that most of the shades are different from what you typically find in a range of highlighters.  Platinum Lilac is a great example; I would say that Ofra’s Neptune and Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ Lavendar Snow are probably fairly similar if not dupes, but that’s not a color you see very often.  I don’t mind big palettes, so this one is definitely going to get a featured spot in my collection.

Just for fun, I also picked up one of their single highlighters, California Dreamin’, that I think came out with their summer collection – because this bitch can never have too much highlight!

I love this color – it’s a peachy pink base with lots of golden shimmer.  This is the type of shade that I love to use with either pink or peach blush looks and just blend everything into a wash of glowy radiance across my face.  This has the same quality and pigmentation of the shades in the palette, and I can’t wait to use this in some upcoming Face Friday looks!

There is a chance that you might see the 9XGlow palette pop up in an upcoming video about the best beauty that I reviewed this year!  I know that it’s a new addition, but the love is already strong.  Sometimes, if the love is real, you just know…


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