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Kick Off The Year Of Glitter (A Little Early) With Lemonhead LA!

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Kick Off The Year Of Glitter (A Little Early) With Lemonhead LA!

Ok, so last year about this time, I declared that 2018 was going to be the year of glitter.  And I tried, I really did.  But there were so many great matte products and metallic finishes that I just lost track of my glittery declaration.  I did rock some mermaid scales a la tarte on a few occasions, but I wasn’t nearly as glittery as I had intended.

But now I’m here and I’m ready to take my glitter obsession into outer space, with Space Paste. Space Jam, and Glow Jam glitters from Lemonhead LA!

It took me a while to pull the trigger on this stuff; as much as I truly do love glitter, this stuff is a little on the pricy side.  Space Paste, a glitter gel with smaller, more regular pieces of glitter, is $22.  The Glow Jams, which include UV reactive pieces and a mix of colors, are $24 each, and the Space Pastes, my personal favorites, are a gel with chunky glitter in different sizes and color mixes, including large dots, stars, diamonds, etc. that retail for $28.

Now, I lived through the 90s so I’m familiar with glitter gels, which is why I was leery about the prices.  The old school glitter gel would dry down and glitter would immediately start flaking off all over the place.  These are not them.  These are in a gel base that is safe for face and hair (though the glitters are not advertised as safe for the immediate eye area, because of potential safety hazards from the glitter particles) that when it dries down keeps the particles on your skin…for the most part.  Which I did see some shedding with these, the “herpes of the drag world” situation that you used to see is legitimately a thing of the past with this product.  I was super impressed.

The other thing that’s impressive is the removal.  These are water-soluble, and they remove like a dream.  Very little leftover glitter, and it almost seems like any little pieces that might be left over lose most of their coloring in washing (I could be imagining that, but I swear it’s true!).  Here is a quick video I jankily took on my phone to show you how easy and virtually mess free it is.

As you can see, when I rubbed against it, there was nothing on my hand although there were some of the bigger pieces that flaked off into the sink.  When I ran it under water and gently rubbed it, it came off almost completely, and a little extra attention took off what was left over.  Even if there are a few small pieces, the amount of leftover glitter is so much less than what I’m used to.  I was amazed!

As one of my favorite YouTuber’s, Makeup Struggles, has said, “Bitches love bundles!” and it was a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale and the availability of some affordable bundles that finally convinced me to pick up a whole bunch of these pastes, and I’m super glad I did!  For $36, you can get a duet that includes one of two highlight shades (either Adult Film, a rainbow opalescent, or Houdini, a bright blue-purple iridescent flash) plus one of their standard Space Paste shades.  I got two bundles so that I had both highlights and selected Private School (a bright turquoise) and Violet Hour ( a lovely bright lavender shade) as my glitters.

I also got a lip bundle trio that includes smaller versions of three lip-safe shades in pinks and reds: Roosevelt (bright true red), Wine Safari (deep fuchsia pink), and the as-yet-unreleased shade Pleasures (a light rose pink with some low key holographic sparkle).  These are 5 ml containers, compared to the usual 15 ml, but you get all 3 shades for only $18 to create a number of looks.

I also picked up a bundle of all 5 glow jams: Hollyweird (pink), Commando (orange), Electric Daze (yellow), Palms (green), and Marina (blue).  The bundle is already a $20 savings ($100 compared to buying all 5 separately for $120) but with the Cyber Weekend sale I saved another $20 and got the whole squad for $80.  I’m not sure how often they have sales or coupons, but if you love UV, these are definitely super reactive and can achieve some amazing looks.

Finally, I was most excited about the Space Jams.  These are the big chunky ones, have the most holographic sparkle (depending on the shade selected) and they have fun glitter pieces in a variety of shapes.  They are also the most expensive, and didn’t have any bundles available, so I picked up the three I was most curious about: Paradise Cove (which I think used to be called Paradise Beef? Not sure what the name change is about), a bright gold with green and fuchsia glitters and a little bit of silver holographic; Crystal Tokyo, a gold and silver holographic mix that includes large diamond shape pieces; and Seapunk, a minty blue-tinged green with some holographic sparkle and large yellowy green iridescent chunks.  They were also having a special that ever order over $75 got a free “full size” product.  I’m not sure exactly what that means, as the product that I got was a space jam in the shade Midnight Society, a holographic silver with large round dots, that at 30 ml was actually double the size of their regular products!  Double bonus!

As I was unboxing all of this glorious glittery magic on a Facebook LiveStream, it was all I could do not to paint my whole body in glitter!  This stuff is so much fun and so great to apply.  It’s not nearly as opaque as some of the promo videos I’ve watched made it seem (I think they are cheating!) but you definitely get great coverage and judging from my experiments around my hotel room, I think the lasting power is really great.  Here are some swatches.  I’m a hotel in weird lighting, and my phone was giving me problems when I tried to do the collage pictures, so I just took a lot of pics – two different lights (the kitchen area with overhead lighting and the bathroom with a brighter but more diffused lighting from the vanity) and with and without flash.

The previous gallery includes, from top to bottom, Houdini, Violet Hour, Private School, and Adult Film.  This next gallery is for the lip trip and includes, from top to bottom, Roosevelt, Pleasures, and Wine Safari.

Up next are the Glow Jams: Hollyweird, Commando, Electric Daze, Palms, and Marina.  The package came with a small keychain blacklight, so I also got some shots in darkness with the blacklight.  One thing I noticed is that Palms and Electric Daze almost seem to switch under the UV light – Palms looks bright yellow and Electric Daze is a bit more muted and looks more green.

And finally the Space Jams.  These swatches, top to bottom, are Midnight Society, Paradise Cove, Seapunk, and Crystal Tokyo.

Now I’m not saying that these glitter gels will change your life…but they will certainly change the way you think about glitter gels!  These have very little mess and are so easy to remove, two of the major complaints that I’ve heard about glitter in the past.  You know a bitch like me is still going to bathe in the stuff, removal be damned, but if those are your primary complaints about glitter I would suggest giving Lemonheads LA a try.  Glitter gel is kinda the hot new thing right now, and I did order some of the glitters from ColourPop’s holiday release, but I’m going to talk about them – and the “copycat controversy” – in another post.  I wanted this post to be a chance for Lemonhead LA to really shine!

So I’m declaring it here and now: 2019 shall be the Year of Glitter!

And I mean it this time.

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