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Kesha Rose Is Raisin’ Hell In The Beauty World

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Kesha Rose Is Raisin’ Hell In The Beauty World

Kesha is getting ready to release a new album, but that’s not the only creative endeavor the pop icon has been working on: she recently released a small collection…or brand…or collab with indie brand Hip Dot.  Actually, I’m not really sure what it is – she announced it as if it was its own brand, but it’s only available through Hip Dot and comes in Hip Dot branded packaging.  But whatever it is, the palette in the collection includes 12 gorgeous shades and I was all the way here for it.  The rest of the collection included a couple of liners and a red lipstick so I gave them a pass, but the Kesha Rose Beauty FTW palette was a must have!

The palette, like the singer herself, is…a lot.  It’s a little chaotic, it has a lot of different elements, but strangely it seems to really work.  I don’t love round palettes from a storage perspective, but the image on the front has both embossed metallic and flocked velvet detailing and there is a fringed tassel attached to the hinge.

The shades inside are a mix of mattes and shimmers, and there are some great bright options here.  There are three green shades, so obviously I was on board with that, but the red is really bright and beautiful, the deep blue is lovely, and the shimmers are all pretty and functional.  This one was hard to decide to swatch; there are 12 shades, but they aren’t arranged in a way that is easily photographed in halves.  So the first set of swatches are the 5 shades in the top half and the second set are the 7 in the bottom half.  You’ll see what I mean.

I swatched these shades with a brush only (I wasn’t feeling the finger swatches with this formula and it’s hard to space out with different number of shades – that’s life!) over the Crayon Case Glue Stick Eye Primer.  Top photo is my studio lighting with no flash; bottom photo is my same studio lighting with a flash.

L to R: Woman, Spaceship, Boogie Feet, Cannibal, Blow

Woman is a lovely orchid shimmer, consistent but stained a little bit.  Spaceship is a really pretty spring green with a slightly silver shimmer.  Boogie Feet is a matte pumpkin orange; it gripped the primer and darkened more than I like, but it’s not a bad shade.  Cannibal is a gorgeous cool-toned cherry red.  Blow is a deep blue that has some silvery shimmer. It is getting close to a “blurple” kind of shade, but definitely blue.  Really pretty!

L to R: Pageantry, Honey, Tik Tok, Tonight, Dinosaur, Godzilla, Backstabber

Pageantry is a light mauve pastel matte, a little sheer and not that impressive, but it’s the exception to the rule.  It’s workable, but for a pale shade like that I’m not sure how much effort I want to put in.  Honey is a lovely pale rose gold shimmer, lots of pink sparkly notes.  Tik Tok is the only shade I hate in this palette.  It’s a cool-toned palest gold pressed glitter, and the glitter is sparkly and pretty but it just makes a mess.  Tonight is a deep satiny black with some shimmery sparkle.  Dinosaur is a pea soup green matte, a little inconsistent, but workable.  Godzilla is a truly lovely emerald green shimmer.  Backstabber is a deep wine matte that is a little inconsistent, but it’s another one that can be wrangled if you put in the effort.

I adore Kesha and I love that she named all of the shades after her songs.  Not only does it call to mind some of my favorites (“I’m a motherfucking woman!”) but it teases titles to songs from her upcoming release.  This is my first experience with Hip Dot (sort of, I guess?!) and while the quality isn’t top tier, I’m generally pretty pleased with how this palette turned out, the bright and interesting color story, and the way the shadows performed.  But can pressed glitters please just die the death they deserve already?  Please?!

I’ll be keeping an eye on Hip Dot’s upcoming releases as well.  They are a brand that pops up for me often on IG, and I just haven’t taken the plunge until this collection.  But now that I know they can do a decent palette, I’ll be eyeing their color stories a little more closely!

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