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Kaleidos Week, Part Two: Dancing At Club Nebula Is Divine…If You Can Survive The Wait!

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Kaleidos Week, Part Two: Dancing At Club Nebula Is Divine…If You Can Survive The Wait!

Hello again Champagne Dreamers, and welcome to Part Two of Kaleidos week here in the LifeStyle section!  This is the part I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for: the Club Nebula palette released in collaboration with YouTuber and color lover Angelica Nyqvist from Sweden!

The packaging is similar in size and construction to the Escape Pod palette, but this one is a deep blue with a lovely abstract outer space nightclub design!  In addition to the palette, I ordered the deck of cards that they included with the release, and since I’m a big ol’ queen I decided to show off the four queens in the deck so that you could get a sense of the art style!  It also came with a collector card that invited you to the Club Nebula for it’s very limited engagement!

I’ve had this palette for a little while, and you might be wondering why I haven’t reviewed it before now.  I never mind reviewing old products, including limited edition or discontinued products, because I think the information is still good if someone is researching a brand, wants to know about a product they may have received secondhand, etc.  Since this site isn’t monetized, I don’t have to schedule reviews around traffic patterns (though if something is the new hot thing, I will definitely prioritize it!).  I mentioned in my previous post that it takes a long time to get things from Kaleidos, and sometimes I feel like North Dakota is last on everyone’s lists!  I didn’t receive this palette until the day after the restock happened, and at that time, it seemed like that restock was it!  Even the people who got it in PR only received it right around (or even right after!) the first launch and didn’t have time to do very in depth reviews.  I de-prioritized the review of this palette because I didn’t get it in with enough time to review it while it was available, so other things that were available or that were more current launches had to take precedence.

Luckily Angelica has mentioned that this palette will be getting another restock sometime this spring, so I decided to put this back on the priority list so I could get this review out in time for any of you Champagne Dreamers who might be hoping that the third time’s the charm and try to pick it up when it comes back again.  It’s not entirely clear if this will be the final restock, but there is a good chance, so if you’ve missed it the last two times, definitely follow Angelica and Kaleidos on IG so that you can keep up to date with restock info.

Now, on to the swatches!

Swatches were done over the Kaleidos Tone Activator eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Firefly, 7 of 9, Gravity, Queen of Blades, Void

Firefly is a sheer base with a light mint green shimmer sparkle.  7 of 9 is a bright turquoise matte.  Gravity is a bright swampy green matte, though it does seem to darken a bit on the primer.  A white base would probably help this be even brighter, but the color is still lovely.  Queen of Blades is a deep forest green matte, super opaque and consistent in application.  Void is a deep navy that is pigmented and rich, though I did have a little trouble blending out the edges when I played around with it.  Not terrible, but just a little fussy, so go light and that will help keep it from getting out of control.

L to R: You’re My Only Hope, Naaru, Astro, Rockhopper, Cylon

You’re My Only Hope is a pale lavender with silver metallic shine.  Naaru is a cool taupe matte that looks deeper and more cool-toned on the skin than it does in the pan, unless it just really reacted to the Kaleidos primer.  I was surprised by how much this one shifted, but I love a cool taupe, so I wasn’t mad about it.  Astro is a bright peacock blue metallic with some subtle green notes at the base.  Rockhopper is a gray-purple matte with a rich opacity and nice blendability.  Cylon is a more reddish deep purple matte, a little bit tough to work in places but not bad.  Like the escape pod, these mattes are dry and silky, so you generally get nice rich application but there can be some fallout and flakiness.

L to R: Celestial, Nova, Samus, Nebula, Red Giant

Celestial is a bright peach/pink duochrome with some silvery shift to it.  Nova is a sheer base with a strong blue shift and some glitter.  Samus is a bright orange matte.  Nebula is a bright peachy orange shimmer with a red shimmer shift.  Red Giant is a deep brick red matte.

I love this palette, and I think it gives us a very unique color story.  In some ways, it’s like it takes the best of ABH’s Subculture, makes the colors more vibrant and interesting (that palette was a cool concept, but the shades were a little too murky for my liking!), and then adds in a few peachy orange shades to round it out.

I did this purple and pink look for a recent filming day (you can see that look in several of my recent videos!).  Does this palette have everything I want for a fully purple look?  No, but the colors in this palette pair really beautifully with the shades in the Escape Pod (or the Futurism VI: Lunar Lavendar, since that palette has a very similar vibe on the purple front).  The Escape Pod easily fills in what I think this palette is lacking: brighter, more vibrant medium shades.  There are some amazing deep shades, and some lovely light shimmers and blending mattes, but the middle is a bit thin.  Luckily the Escape Pod has a lot of medium shades to help round things out, so I would definitely recommend that one as well if you don’t already have it.  It will give you even more options of what you can do with the Club Nebula.

In case you want to see additional swatches or hear from Angelica herself about how she chose the shade names, I’ll include her reveal video below:

And of course, this review wouldn’t be complete unless I had one of the highlighters!

The Space Age Prophecy is advertised as a multichrome highlight; powder products like shadows and highlights are pretty interchangeable, so I’m surprised that no one has really tried this before.  Devinah has a ton of duochrome highlighters (which are amazing, by the way), so it was only a matter of time before indie brands started to find ways to capitalize on the current obsession with multichromes in new ways!  This highlighter is a sheer white base with peachy orange, golden, pink and even green notes.  The one question I have is about how that shift is going to pair with eye looks – that’s quite a range of shades, and not all of them are going to match with everything.  So far, everyone that I’ve seen try it in videos looks pretty good, but I’m excited to play around more and see how well it pairs with different looks.

These swatches were done over bare skin with the same lighting noted above.

You get mostly the peachy orange into the yellow, but the green and the red show up on the edges as you move and the light shifts.  I also took a short video since multichromes are best seen “in action.”

Don’t mind Mars Melter just hanging out there in the corner….and gotta love some Adele music in the background!

I am in love with both of these products.  If I had one piece of advice for the brand, it would be to think more carefully about the timing of their releases and restocks: make sure that the people receiving PR have time to play with it and make content before your releases, and it it’s a hot item like Club Nebula, give a little time for people to receive and review it before the restock.  I am never one to say that reviews from PR aren’t trustworthy, but I still like to hear from people who paid for it as well.  And Kaleidos is generally making good product, so finessing the timing to allow more reviews to come out should help them more than anything, because they are’t trying to hide junk products in a haze of PR marketing!

And I wouldn’t say no to a better method of shipping/tracking.  The tracking on this palette still said it was at customs two days after I received it!

Alright kids, that’s it for the Makeup Monday reviews for Kaleidos Week!  Don’t forget to check out this week’s Face Friday post where I use some Kaleidos products in the mix (including the Sashimi City palette and a highlighter not featured in either of these reviews!), and I’m hoping to have a Get Ratchet With Me video for the purple/pink look above out by the weekend!

As always, feel free to leave a comment or to hit me up on my socials if you have any suggestions for future themes, or products and brands you’d like to see featured!

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