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June Has Come & Gone, But Miss Jaye Is Still Living In The Past (& Reviewing It!)

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June Has Come & Gone, But Miss Jaye Is Still Living In The Past (& Reviewing It!)

Alright, I’m about to be that bitch that gives you a review on something that is no longer available for purchase: the June Decadence Box from The Collective Cosmetics.  I’ve had some super heavy projects at work and stuff going on personally as well (is it possible to be a hoarder of projects and time wasters? Asking for a friend…) so I didn’t get around to reviewing this before the month was over.  Hell, I’m barely getting to this before August, but better late than never…maybe?

Hopefully you’ll forgive me when you see this lovely collection: Voulu.  And it’s also a great lesson in keeping an eye on this box if you think you might want a specific collection, because once they are gone, they are gone!

The Decadence box for Voulu included 5 pressed shadows, a pressed highlighter, a lip gloss, and the accessory item was a small hand mirror with a floral design.  The mirror is a pretty lightweight plastic, so I wouldn’t throw it in a bag or anything, but the quality of the glass in the mirror is really nice and it’s a great little hand mirror to have around for a quick check.  There is always an assortment of different styles or colors with the accessories, but I love the sort of antiqued gold look of the one that I got; it has a fun, vintage look to it that I vibe with.

The gloss doesn’t have a name on it, and because I’m late AF the site has already been updated with the new collection, so let’s just call it Voulu after the collection!  It’s a gorgeous lavender gloss with a bright pearly shimmer.  You can sheer it out to just a wet, glossy look, or if applied more thickly you get more of that color and the pearl is nice and reflective.  It’s a thicker gloss but I didn’t find it sticky or unpleasant.

Alright, on to the shadows!  They were swatched over the Ulta Matte Eye Primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.

Fetch is a bright cyan with silvery reflect.  It sheered out a lot with finger application, so that’s the way to go if you don’t want as much blue or if you want to start light and build up, but the brush was a little thicker.  The trade off is that you get more of the silvery sparkle with the finger application, so play around and see which technique gives you the results you want.

Am I ever not going to love a green shade?  1991 is a stunning bright yellow-leaning green with a slightly golden shift to it.  It’s really opaque and beautiful.

King is a deep purple.  This one was a bit more patchy with the brush application and also came out a slightly lighter more grape color than the finger application.  This one is a little fussy, but it blends out well, so it’s worth the little bit of extra effort.

Criminal is a fun, oddball kind of shade.  It’s a brownish peach base with some silvery glitter as well as some purple or blue tones in the right angle/lighting.  I love this combination!  Straight on it looks sort of basic neutral, but as you apply it or look at it from different angles, you get a whole new experience!

Ember is stunning and I wish the photo captured it better!  One thing I often say with these collections is that there are always surprises hidden in the pan that come out when applied.  This is one of those shades.  When I looked at it straight out of the box, I was like, “Isn’t that the exact same shade we got in the January box?”  And when I’m just looking at the pans, it does look to me like an exact dupe of Anvil Crawler.  But when applied, they are so much different!  Check out the post to see pictures, but Anvil Crawler is a deep mustard yellow brown, very matte.  This one has some mustard tones when applied but is much lighter (and came out much brighter with the brush than with a finger) and it has this really lovely rich red glitter sparckle that makes it really unique and unexpected!  This is a really pretty shade, and the glitter is like magic!  I swear I don’t see any hint of it in the pan, and then it just blossoms!

The highlighter is swatched over the Uoma Beauty Say What?! foundation in Fair Lady T3C with a finger swatch on the left to show the color built up and the a more diffused brush swatch on the right.  The lighting is the same as described above.

Who, Me? is a lovely slightly lavender pearl highlighter that gets more of a pinky purple tone as you build it up, but can be sheered out for more of a wet, pearlescent glow.  I love The Collective’s highlighters and this is another gorgeous one for my collection!

This box is gone, and if this review is giving you major FOMO, then I definitely suggest you look into subscribing to The Collective Cosmetics’ monthly subscription box.  There is always one shadow that is part of their permanent collection, but everything else is exclusive to the box!  They have interesting, creative themes, color stories that you don’t see from larger brands, and the products have a handmade feel that can be a little tricky for beginners but will give you unique and dynamic colors and combinations if you put in the effort to get to know them.

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