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JStar’s Northern Lights Definitely Has An Aurora (Borealis) Vibe

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JStar’s Northern Lights Definitely Has An Aurora (Borealis) Vibe

NOTE: As of July 2020, the World of Champagne will no longer be reviewing or featuring Jeffree Star Cosmetics on the site.  For more information on why we’ve made this decision and what this means for the site and its content, please check out Miss Jaye’s post, Goodbye, JSC.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics has been pumping out products like never before, and 2019 promises to continue that trend with more palettes, concealers, foundations, and undoubtedly some shade extensions to the existing product lines.  2018 saw the release of two new highlighter formulas, a liquid formula aptly titled Liquid Frost and a new pressed formula called Supreme frost.  For the holidays, JStar decided to return once again to the realm of highlighter palettes with the new formula and gave us this:

The Northern Lights Supreme Frost Pro palette is a 6-pan palette of highlighters in the new Supreme Frost formula.  The packaging is gorgeous (and green!) and a lot thicker than the previous Skin Frost palettes.

There is a shade for each color of the rainbow, but they have slightly different shifts so you won’t be recreating your unicorn highlighters any time soon.  The formula is softer than the original Skin Frost formula and the application is generally more pigmented and tends to have more actual glitter in it.  Here are the swatches, over ColourPop All Star face primer.

L to R: Alaskan Ice, Thawed Out, Below Freezing, Frozen Gold, Anchorage, Arctic Sky

Alaskan Ice is the most unique, and I’m not just saying that because it is partially green!  It has a pinky white base with a green shift; if reminds me a bit of the Opal Flashes Jade highlighter from Becca, but lighter in overall tone.  Thawed Out is an icy pink highlight, very shimmery and silver.  Below Freezing is a deep blue, similar to the shade in the Fenty holiday highlighter palette.  Frozen Gold is a bright yellow gold metallic.  Anchorage is a peachy highlight with gold shift.  Arctic Sky is a lavender shade with silver shimmer.

Let’s get this comparison out of the way right away – this palette looks an awful lot like the Aurora Glow Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

The colors, especially the blue, as more saturated and maybe a little deeper, but Anchorage, Below Freezing, Frozen Gold, and Arctic Sky are pretty well duped out by Lyra, Orion, Helia, and Spectra respectively.  If you already have Aurora, do you need this palette?  Maybe not, as most of the colors are pretty close.  However, I would say that I like the Jeffree Star formula and color payoff better.  ABH highlighters are gorgeous, and I love my Glow Kits, but this one is a little bit more saturated and you get some really great payoff with these.  If I had to choose one or the other, I would go with the Northern Lights (in fact, I’m thinking about decluttering my Aurora Glow Kit now that I have this one!) and I think the formula looks really nice.  And I also appreciate being able to try out 6 shades in this formula for only $54 before shelling out $32 for an individual shade from the regular line.  There are a couple of the individual shades I want to try out, but I’ve been waiting as that price for a single highlighter, especially with a remarkably smaller pan size than the $29 Skin Frosts, just seems excessive.  But now, having seen these shades, I think I’m going to add one or two of the singles to my collection as well.

What do you think about this highlighter release?  Does it have you wanting to glow for the gawds?  Or are you turning the lights down low on this palette?  What are your thoughts on the upcoming releases that have been teased for JSC?  Let me know your thoughts down in the comments!

Love him or hate him, Jeffree Star Cosmetics has been killing it with their new product releases.  The packaging has been going through upgrades, and the shade selections are always smart, on trend, and have quality to back them up.  If these releases continue to be of the same caliber, 2019 is going to be a very beautiful – and broke ass! – year in the World of Champagne!

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