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Joining The Tribe: Indie Darling Blush Tribe’s Hasina 2 and Pastel Tribe Palettes

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Joining The Tribe: Indie Darling Blush Tribe’s Hasina 2 and Pastel Tribe Palettes

Ok, so this isn’t technically the first time that I’ve reviewed a palette from Blush Tribe: a couple of weeks ago, I did the Neon Love palette comparison featuring Blush Tribe’s Neon Dreams Revamped and Peachy Queen’s Alien Queen palette.  It was a good palette, but I preferred the Peachy Queen palette because of the additional shades and added versatility.  It was still a really good palette, but I never think it’s a good idea to judge a whole brand by a palette of neons (or any one palette either, really!) as they can be notoriously tricky.  I wanted more experience with the brand before I decided how I felt about them.

Luckily, when I placed my order, it was for two of their beautiful, colorful palettes; in fact, the Neon Dreams palette was an unexpected surprise that the brand threw in for free!  There was a delay with my order and I think they included it as a thank you for waiting.  Regardless, what I had really been after were two palettes filled with bright, boisterous color, nary a neutral to be seen: Hasina 2 and the Pastel Tribe.

The Hasina 2 is the one I’d been lusting after for a while.  Blush Tribe seems to be the darling of the micro-influencer beauty community on YouTube lately, and almost everyone who had reviewed their palettes raved about them – except Makeup Struggles, and it still breaks my heart that I can’t share her video because she packed up her fabulousness and left YouTube, presumably forever.  She wasn’t a big fan of Hasina two and found it a little powdery and inconsistent.  Foreshadowing…or maybe I should try to be cute and call it fore-eye-shadowing?!  Yeah, I hate me too.

The swatches are done over the Crayon Case Glue Stick eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is my studio lighting without a flash and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Monique, Iris, Ree, Erin, Mahia

Monique is a bright lilac shimmer, almost silvery and super smooth.  The shimmers overall were pretty great, and this one is one of the best.  Iris was a nice light orchid matte, a little darkened around the edge of the swatch where it was fighting the primer a bit, but overall not too bad.  Ree is a deep, deep teal matte, a little patchy and inconsistent.  Erin was a problem child: it stuck to the primer, but usually even if that happens I can layer it and get a swatch that’s consistent in the middle with darkening around the edges.  Not this baby.  Erin was patchy even after a couple of layers, and it was that way with both the brush and the finger swatches.  You can play around with it, but it’s not going to be the best on its own.  Mahia is similar, but darker and a little less trouble to work with.  People always say purples are hard to do, but I feel like recently I have way more struggles with bright, true greens than I do with any purples!

L to R: Destiny, Mohan, Anika, Shay, Manii

Destiny is a lovely light violet shimmer, somewhat similar to Monique but with a slightly more pinky-mauve sort of shade, whereas Monique is a true light lilac.  Mohan is a deep blue-purple matte, fairly patchy and difficult to work with.  It turned out a little better with a brush, which is how I would typically apply it, but it was still kind of a mess and the finger swatch was hot garbage.  Anika was also a bit fussy, a bright blue matte that had trouble with the primer no matter how it was applied.  I actually found it harder to apply with the brush, so that’s not a good sign.  Shay is a lovely deep jade shimmer shadow, and like all of the shimmers it applied like a dream.  All of these shimmers looked more opaque in the swatches with the brush, which is somewhat strange for shimmers.  I think what happens is that because these blend so easily with the fingers, the finger swatches have lighter, more diffused edges where the brush swatches just applied the product and there wasn’t any diffusing.  Either way is gorgeous and easy to work with, but something to keep in mind if there is a specific type of look you had in mind. Manii is a deep forest green matte, a little tricky to work with but much better than the two lighter matte greens.

L to R: Grainne, Faye, Myna, Jade, Ash

Grainne is a vibrant royal purple shimmer, lovely.  No complaints on this one at all, as with all the shimmers.  Overall they were very good!  Faye is a baby blue silvery shimmer.  Myna is a bright blue shimmer, a nice pair to Anika.  Jade is a light minty green shimmer.  Ash is a matte black, not great with a finger swatch, but I would never just fingerbang a black shadow onto my lid, and the brush swatch is more than acceptable.  A fairly good pigmented black.  If you’re one of those people who like blackest black, you’ll be disappointed, but also don’t expect this to be one of those blacks where you secretly want it to be a very deep gray.  This is definitely black and blends out nicely.

Overall, this palette isn’t bad; the shimmers are all creamy and smooth and the mattes, while problematic, aren’t the worst I’ve ever tried.  I’m just disappointed because 1. I love green shadows and I just really wanted these to be better than they are and 2. I feel like I’ve been hearing every micro-influencer sucking this palette’s dick for at least a year.  It’s not bad, but it’s not great.  Especially if you like greens, you may want to opt for a Juvia’s Place palette instead to get that green fix.  I’m really tempted to try their newer, mostly green palette that came out recently, but I’m a little worried now…

Luckily, Pastel Tribe rides in to save my overall impression of this brand.

L to R: Marcy, Sheridan, Katelynn, Danielle

Marcy is a nice bubblegum pink matte.  Unlike the mattes in the previous palette, these were softer and felt less dry, and they applied smoothly if a little sheer sometimes.  Sheer, but buildable.  Sheridan is a bright coral red matte, very pigmented and lovely.  I love this shade, it’s pretty unique in my collection.  Katelynn is a bright yellow, sort of a mustard yellow, but like full on French’s on a hot dog mustard, not what people usually mean when they say mustard.  Danielle is an icy green mint shimmer, lighter and slightly cooler than the Jade shade in the Hasina 2.

L to R: Gaile, Tonya, Onika, Nat

Gaille is a bright, very pigmented orchid violet.  It’s a little sheer around the edges because the color blends out really, really well.  I love this color!  Tonya is a bright orange matte, lovely.  Onika is a deep golden champagne shimmer, very shiny and reflective.  Nat is a turquoise metallic with almost a little bit of a gold shift.  It’s really pretty and smooth, reminds me of sunlight on water for some reason.  I don’t know why I all of a sudden got poetic about it, but I just feel things with that shade.  I want it all over me!

L to R: Kim, Imrana, Mimo, Dana

Kim is an ultrabright baby pink matte, pretty well saturated but a little patchy when applied.  You can work with it pretty easily though.  Imrana is a mac’n’cheese sort of yellowy orange, matte, and definitely fought with my primer!  It’s a bit of a problem to work with, and the worst shade in the palette for me, but you can get it to work with some effort.  Mimo is a spring green metallic, very yellow in tone and saturated pigment, lots of reflect.  Dana is a true blue matte. I wish that the bright blue matte in Hasina 2 had been this good!  This is nice and solid in terms of pigment and performance, and it blended nicely when I worked it with other shadows.

Overall, I’m still interested in this brand (their Neon Dreams palette was definitely a winner for me – I’m not sure why that one isn’t permanent!) but I don’t necessarily get the hype that they are getting from smaller channels down on the YT.  It’s good, but it’s not mind-blowing.  I’ve been wanting to explore more UK and international makeup brands, and while I like their quality on its own, it just sort of wilts a bit when I think about a company like Juvia’s Place who does equally bright palettes, usually bigger pan sizes (I know some people hate it or don’t care, and none of us are going to hit pan on 85% plus of our palettes anyway so who cares, right?!), and their mattes are just as impressive as their shimmers, and the prices are lower.  When you consider them in that light, it makes it a little less enticing.  There are some color stories that they have that I’m still interested to try, but now I know that the hype isn’t necessarily going to be borne out in the performance.

What do you think – are you living to be part of the Blush Tribe?  What palettes have you tried, or which ones are on your wish list?  Why do you think they have so much appeal for smaller influencers on YouTube?  Let me know all of your thoughts down below!

I’ll probably going to be back to the Blush Tribe site with an order at some point, but I’m glad that I know a little bit more about what to expect from the brand.  I am in love with the murky green color story of the Laila 2 palette, but seeing how the greens in the Hasina 2 palette performed, I’m definitely not in a big hurry.  I’ll wait for a sale or a bundle or some other incentive.  But I’m glad that they’re out there, bringing us some beautiful, colorful palettes from across the pond!


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