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JenLuvsReviews X Ofra Collab Invites You To Customize Your World

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JenLuvsReviews X Ofra Collab Invites You To Customize Your World

I admit it: I have such a soft spot for JenLuvsReviews!  She’s one of those creators that just has great energy and is always lifting people up in the beauty space on YouTube.  So when I heard that she was going to be having a collab, I was pretty sure that I would pick it up no matter what it was.  When I found out that it was liquid lipsticks from Ofra, I was intrigued.  I reviewed the Ofra liquid lipsticks once on the old version of this site, and was generally unimpressed.  After they did their full rebranding and repackaging, I picked up three liquid lipsticks from their “Storming Area 51” capsule collection, and while they were better than the previous lipsticks that I had they still weren’t standouts for me.

But I do love an underdog, and I adore JenLuvsReviews, so I decided to pick up the Metamorphosis Lip Set featuring three “transforming” shades of liquid lipstick: Revive, Refine, and Reimagine.

L to R: Revive, Refine, Reimagine

Here are the color descriptions from the box:

-Revive: a pale neutral with peach and pink undertones
-Refine: a neutral mocha nude with mauve undertones
-Reimagine: a deep neutral mocha brown

These are liquid lipsticks, and they can be worn on their own, but as Jen described in her reveal video, she developed the colors with the intention that they could be mixed with any other lip products.  These are the kinds of shades she goes to when lip colors just aren’t quite right: Revive to lighten and brighten, Refine to neutralize colors that are a little too bright or lean too far one way or the other, and Reimagine to deepen and give some chocolatey warmth to.

As we get into swatches, I did do lip swatches of all three shades alone, and while they look great in terms of opacity and coverage, and dried to a comfortable finish, I am definitely much more excited about these shades for their potential to mix with other products.

L to R: Revive, Refine, Reimagine

Since the magic is in the mixing, I decided to pick up a few more Ofra lipsticks when I placed my order for the collection.  I already had the three shimmery (rather wild!) shades from the Area 51 collection, but I wanted a few others to sample.  I figured this would be a good chance to see if I liked the formula more now than I did the first time I reviewed it.  Plus, it was National Lipsticks Day and there were some great sales, so why not go wild?!  I picked up the NikkieTutorials collab set (regularly $50, on sale for $25, and only $20 after Jen’s discount code!) as well as one of their half off shades, Ruby.  Cancun was a shade that was included free with every order on National Lipstick Day, so that brought my total of “experimenting shades” to 8!

First up, I tried it with the Area 51 shades: Utopia, Emerald City, and Wonderland.  These are a little wild, and all of them are shimmer formula, but I thought this might be a good starting point: one of the pluses of Jen’s shades are that they can be used to tame down a color that might be a little too much for everyday wear (is there really such a thing?).  These were the perfect shades to test out this theory on.  All of the following swatch pictures are laid out the same way: I put four dots of the test color on my arm.  The upper left is the original shade blended out with a finger.  The upper left adds in Revive.  In the bottom two dots, Reimagine is added to the bottom left and Refine is added to the bottom right.  All are blended out with a clean figure.  Obviously the colors will vary based on how much of the test color you use as well as how much of the transforming shade, but I figured this would give us a rough estimate.  I started with about 2/3 test shade and 1/3 of the transforming shade, but if the test shade was getting overwhelmed I would add a bit more; conversely, if I didn’t see much of a change I would add a little more of the transforming shade.  It’s not an exact science…but that’s the point!  The top photo is under my studio lights with no flash, and the bottom photo is the same light with a flash.

Utopia is a shimmery cool pink shade.  For the most part, it just took the transforming shade and made it a bit more pink and gave it a shimmery sheen.  It’s almost like this shade transformed the transformers instead of the other way around!  I like all three of the combinations and would definitely wear them with the right look.

Emerald City is a fun green/brown duochrome, and I thought that this would be the one I would hate with the transforming shades (well, except maybe Reimagine…).  How wrong I was!  Reimagine is my favorite, because the brown shade brings out the warm, rich tones of the base of this test shade, but I thought the other two combinations were fun as well!  I would be most likely the wear the lightest and the darkest combo, but I don’t hate the middle shade, it’s just a little more plain than the other two.

I think these transformer shades really shine when you’re using them with purple and pink base shades.  Wonderland is a pretty wild shimmer purple, but these transformers shades really make them into pretty, feminine, but much more subdued colors.  Revive turns it into a pale dusty rose pink with some subtle shimmer/  Refine maintains the most of the brightness but makes the base a little more of an opaque orchid with plenty of reflect.  Reimagine makes a beautiful plum brown, still maintaining a fair amount of the glittery flash.

Next up, I tried it out with three shades from the NikkieTutorials collab trio.

Nude Potion is pretty light already, so Revive just made it a bit lighter and upped the peachiness.  For Refine and Reimagine, it was another one of those situations like Utopia where it was almost like they were the base shade and Nude Potion made them lighter, slightly brighter versions of themselves.  All of these shades are lovely.

Coven is a very warm metallic brown.  Revive makes it a really interesting taupe shade!  This was unexpected and very beautiful.  Refine makes it into a grayed-out mauve brown shade.  Reimagine has the least change, obvi, but it does cool down the warmth significantly while maintaining the metallic shine.

Spell is a bright coral orange with a little bit of duochrome shift.  Adding Revive makes a much brighter, more peachy coral shade.  Refine takes the shade in a more terracotta direction, and Reimagine makes a sort of muddy brick orange/brown kind of color.  The two darker shades are definitely not my style, but they are not unwearable by any means – if you like medium to deep warm neutrals, you might love these shades!

Ruby was in the sale section for only $10, so I decided to take a shot and see what would happen when these shades met a much darker base shade.  Well, as you can see the base shade wasn’t nearly as dark on application as it looks in the tube!  It’s a bright ruby red, a little sheer, but very impactful.  Revive makes it a bright orchid-leaning pink.  Refine is a medium berry shade that is actually similar to the base of Cancun, the last shade on my list.  The combination of Ruby with Reimagine was really interesting to me: it made a gorgeous deep wine red that I wouldn’t have anticipated looking at the original shade.  It really toned it down and made it much more subdued and sophisticated.

Cancun was the free shade that you got with your order if you ordered on launch day, which was also National Lipstick Day.  It’s an interesting choice!  It’s a very particular kind of shade, a very bright fuchsia pink that can be a little intimidating for some…and even irritating to others!  But it’s also a great shade to include with this set, because it is a great example of how these shades can really transform a shade that someone might think is too much for them.  With Revive, Cancun turns into a bright bubblegum pink, maybe leaning a little purple. With Refine, it is a stunning bright mauve shade.  With Reimagine, it becomes a wine shade with some definite pinkish undertones, especially around the edges.  Any of these combos could be sold as its own shade and do very well!

Was there ever any doubt?  JenLuvsReviews is one of the real ones, and I never second-guessed that she would put out something that wasn’t just practical, but also fun!  Do you absolutely need these shades?  No, and she says as much in her launch video.  Do you need a special “transforming shade” to mix lipsticks together?  Of course not.  That’s exactly why Jen developed these: because she has been mixing lipsticks together and experimenting for years; it’s not that this is some sort of innovation of form, but rather that these are the kinds of shades she has always sought out to get the best results from her combinations.

What I love about this collab is that makeup is supposed to be fun.  And although I love vibrant colors and showy finishes (#hookerclown), I can also find fun in a product that starts from an interesting premise and really delivers the goods on that premise.  This is one of those products.  I thought that some of the combos would be horrendous, and I was kind of expecting it to have some degree of fail given the weird selection of lip colors that I had to test it with, but all of the combinations (even if they weren’t my personal style) were shades that I could see someone actually wearing.  This is a great product.  Jen is a great YouTuber.  It’s nice to see those things come together in a product that is usable, user-friendly, and tickles my creative spirit!

(If you want to hear me rave about Jen a bit more, be sure to check out my video doing the My Beauty Community Tag – she comes up more than once!)

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