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Jeffree Star Gives Us A (Blood) Lust For Purples

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Jeffree Star Gives Us A (Blood) Lust For Purples

NOTE: As of July 2020, the World of Champagne will no longer be reviewing or featuring Jeffree Star Cosmetics on the site.  For more information on why we’ve made this decision and what this means for the site and its content, please check out Miss Jaye’s post, Goodbye, JSC.

February was a tough month for my budget: I started off the month hurting from the Jeffree Star Valentines Mystery Boxes (check out that post HERE), then I headed to Atlanta for Days of the Dead (several galleries of images from that trip are in the Galleries section, with more from my shoots with Brooklyn Ewing of Dirt Candy Productions coming soon! Ahhh, shameless self-promotion!), and now I’m finishing out the month with yet another Jeffree Star launch: the Blood Lust palette and collection.

Damn, can my wallet get a break?!

I’m a monster that can’t be stopped, so in addition to the palette, I also decided to pick up 3 of the glosses, another mirror (because can you ever really have too many JStar hand mirrors?!  Don’t answer that…Mom), and the new shade of the Extreme Frost highlighter, Choking On Ice.  Yep.  I don’t know what it is about purple, but this color convinced me to spend $50 of a goddamn highlighter.  Who am I?!

Regarding the mirror, it should be noted that it’s a brand new shape, so I don’t have any mirrors that look like that.  And I consider it a personal triumph that I didn’t end up with any more of the star mirrors – I had about three of them in my cart at different times!  I know…I’m so strong.

I was less strong when it came to the Extreme Frost highlighter.  I honestly can’t explain what happened.  When he launched those near the holidays with three shades, I laughed.  I literally laughed out loud!  I was like, “Who does Jeffree Star think that he is to try to convince me to spend $50 on a highlighter?  On a glitter highlighter!”  And I didn’t, even though there was a shade with green duochrome flash.  But then I saw that purple shade and I lost my damn mind.

The shade is called Choking On Ice, and like the other ones (from what I could tell in swatch videos and images), it’s pretty much a sheer base with a strong, shifty glitter highlight.  It’s not actually that much different than the Supreme Frost highlighters, though the glitter/reflect is more intense and stays together where the Supreme is a little more diffused.  I’m not sure that it’s worth the extra $18 compared to the Supreme, but it is pretty.  To be fair, I only have the two shades of Supreme Frost that I received in mystery boxes, Caramel Kiss and Candy Apple Drip, which are both fairly dark so it’s not a perfect comparison, but if anything I think the lighter shades of the Supreme Frost may look more like the Extreme Frost, not less.

On the left is a finger application and the right is a brush application.  The brush diffuses it a little more, but it still has pretty solid, consistent coverage.  It’s better and more impactful that the Supreme Frost, but not really enough to justify the extra cost.  Get rid of the ridiculous “vegan leather” box and bring the price down a bit.  Also, where are all the plastic police?  People are out there complaining about single shadows coming in plastic clamshells that actually serve a purpose (to hold and protect the shadow during shipping, and is much less plastic than a single shadow component) but no one is saying anything about this “display” box?  Did no one tell them that “vegan leather” is just a fancy way of saying plastic?

I’m not sorry that I purchased it, and if I’m honest with myself I’m probably going to end up with the green one on a future restock, but I won’t be crazy collecting them the way that I do with some JStar products.

The three glosses that I ordered are, left to right, Iridescent Throne, Lord Star, and Sorcery.  I decided against Wizard’s Glass and Sickening after seeing swatches in a couple of the PR videos, but I’m actually kicking myself that I didn’t get Wizard’s Glass!  I saw someone (I think it was Paige Koren, but I can’t remember for sure) who did a look with the teal and gold/green shade in the palette and that gloss looked amazing with those colors.  If it comes back (I don’t think these are limited edition, but I’m not sure) I will probably pick it up.  Sickening is actually my favorite color in the tube, but all of the swatches look super sheer so I won’t pick that one up unless I really go mad.  And as Norman Bates says, “We all go a little mad sometimes” so who knows what I’ll do.

I like these glosses and I’m excited to use them in some looks, but the two lighter glosses look almost identical when you actually have them on: very sheer with a strong purple/blue shift.  Sorcery has a slightly pink base, but you don’t really see it on the lips, and the glitter is also a little pink but it reads really blue when spread out.  If you want a bright flash of blue, Iridescent Throne is the one for you, and choose Sorcery if you want blue but a little bit softer and not as in your face.  Lord Star is a gorgeous fuchsia base with strong blue shift, and it has the most base pigment of the glosses.  I’m excited to pair this with an eye look for IG.

Now, on to the palette!

Before we get started, let’s talk a little bit about the complaints that it’s “not purple enough.”  First of all, if someone is claiming that there aren’t enough purples compared to his other two Blood palettes, then they aren’t looking very closely at the actual colors.  Blood Sugar, the red palette, had one full row with a range of reds along the bottom, and one hot pink (which is sort of a variation of red, if we’re being picky), but roughly a third of the palette is some variation and tone of red.  Blue Blood seems to have a bit more blue…but that’s because they include some variations on teal and turquoise, as well as blue-toned grays.  If you break it down to shades that are tonal variations of true blue, again you’re looking at about a third of the palette.  And compared to that, the Blood Lust palette is pretty much on par, if not a little ahead, of the other palettes: there are 9 shades that are variations of purple, and a couple that toe the line between purple and pink.  Plus, there is a black shade with a super strong purple glitter shift.  So if someone tries to claim that it’s just not purple, then they haven’t actually looked at the palette and compared it to the others in the line.

Now, if people are complaining about the depth of the purples in the palette…well, that’s a different story.  Blood Queen is a deep purple, but most of the other purples are in the mid to light tone range.  But if you look at the other palettes in the Jeffree Star line, this shouldn’t be a total surprise: he already has a number of deep, rich, royal purples in other palettes.  There is Area 51 in the Alien palette, 4 out of the 9 shades in the Mini Breaker palette are purple, and there are purple shades in Jawbreaker, Mini Conspiracy, Beauty Killer, Androgyny, and even Blood Sugar.  And most of those purple in other palettes are medium to deep in tone.  I know that beauty enthusiasts tend to be prima donnas who act like picking up a second palette will break their fucking arm, but those same people would also complain if shades were getting repeated from palette to palette, so there’s really no way to win.  Personally, I don’t mind using more than one palette at a time (why buy makeup if you aren’t going to use it?!) and I would rather have a wider variety of shades.  If I want more deep options, I have no problem subbing in one of those other great purple options.

Now let’s get to the swatches.  All of the swatches are done over the ABH primer (which I’m actually starting to like more than I thought I would, especially for finicky matte shadows that struggle on a tacky base) with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top pic is under my studio lighting with no flash; the bottom pic is the same lighting with a flash.  This palette is gorgeous, but it’s a pain in the ass to figure out how to divide up shades, so I did them in groups of 6: the top two rows, the middle row, and the bottom two rows.

L to R: Your Majesty, Take The Crown, Deviant, Beauty Sleep, Wet Jewel, Royal Pain

Your Majesty is a matte eggshell shade, very cool-toned.  Sort of a bone color; in the 80s, we probably would have called it ecru.  Do people still call things ecru?  It’s a nice cool-toned option for highlighting (in the theatrical, highlight and contour sense, not in the shimmer sense).  Take the Crown is a light lavender shimmer.  Pastel and pretty, but packs a punch!  Silvery shimmer to it that sets it apart from Beauty Sleep.  Next up is Deviant; it’s a pigmented lilac matte that applies really nicely.  Beauty Sleep is gorgeous, and I’m not sure why no one I’ve seen do looks with this palette have dipped into it yet!  I need to watch Annette’s Makeup Corner’s 10 looks video to see what she thought.  It’s a similar lavender base to Take the Crown, but it’s got more of a pinky gold shimmer flash.  Wet Jewel is one of the ultra glittery shadows.  It’s really pretty, but it’s not all that innovative.  It’s one of those shimmery, flaky shades that looks super metallic when it’s wet, only a little more glittery than the usual interpretation of that formula.  Royal Pain is a dusty rose pink (another 80s throwback – Designing Women ain’t got nothing on this shade!).  All of the mattes are pretty good and have a strong pigmentation.  They work well over the ABH primer, even with a finger swatch (which can be challenging with mattes, but I never care because I don’t ever fingerbang mattes onto my eyelid like a crazy person!).

L to R: Dungeon, Scandal Water, Sworn Enemy, Pink Magic, Bleeding Heart, Executioner

Dungeon is a deep purple with a grayed out cool tone.  It’s a nice matte, but a little patchier than some of the others.  It wasn’t a huge problem, but I did have to fuss with it more than most of the others.  Scandal Water is a lovely periwinkle shade, a light, very blue-toned purple matte.  Sworn Enemy is a burnished gold metallic shimmer with sort of an olive green undertone.  Pink Magic is another one of those flaky metallics, this one sort of a metallic fuchsia and purple mixed.  Bleeding Heart is a bright red shimmer, and this is a fairly fussy shade.  I’ve seen a lot of people have trouble with this shade in videos, and I had a similar experience.  It looks in the pan like it’s going to be a glittery shimmer, but it’s much more of a metallic, satin finish and just needs a little TLC to really perform.  Not unusable, but definitely not beginner friendly.  Executioner is a gorgeous black matte with purple glitter suspended in it.  I’ve seen some gorgeous swatches of this, but like a lot of shades in this sort of formula, the glitter tends to blend away really easily.  As you blend it, the base shade also becomes more of a sooty charcoal than a true black.  Not terrible, but be aware of what you’re getting into before you rush in thinking it’s going to be a true black that holds onto all of that gorgeous purple glitter!

One set of swatches left:

L to R: High King, Vivid Mood, Monarchy, Blood Queen, Vile Serpent, Betrayal

High King is a medium red-toned purple matte.  This shade will help bridge the gap between the purples and the pinkier shades.  Vivid Mood is a slightly deeper lavender matte.  It’s definitely deeper than Deviant, but I don’t know that it’s enough different to warrant both of them in the same palette.  Monarchy is a cool-toned light brown, kind of a taupe shade but not quite as stark.  Blood Queen is the one true, royal purple moment in the palette, and though it was a little tricky with a finger it was pretty good overall.  Vile Serpent is a lovely deep teal matte and adds a pop of variety to this palette.  This shade and Sworn Enemy together are a gorgeous combo!  Betrayal is a lovely purple duochrome with pinky shift.

I’m not going to lie – I was really hoping we were going to get a green palette this time around.  Apparently JStar has trademarked the name Blood Money for a potential product, so I’m still hoping that shades of green will get the JSC treatment!  That may still be coming later this year, but for now we’ll have to settle for purples, and I’m personally all the way here for it.  I don’t use a lot of purples, but I’ve been thinking about trying to work more of them into my show looks.  I wore a purple zombie-themed gown in Atlanta and I loved the way it looked, so I think purples will get more attention in my looks moving forward.  And the Blood Lust palette has definitely contributed to this newly acquired desire.

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